Friday, August 26, 2011

Surya's 7 am Arivu latest stills

Surya's 7 am Arivu latest stills

Surya and Shruthihassan 7 am Arivu latest stills

Surya's 7 am Arivu new stills

Surya and Shruthi 7 am Arivu latest stills

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Health advise

The world today is so fast moving and hence people have started preferring fast foods when compared to the traditional food items. The result acidity is a common complaint for almost everyone. The solutions for this to change the food habits and start eating hale and healthy food. Well again time is a factor here and hence an alternate for this buy prevacid which reduces the amount of acid present in the stomach. The side effects of this drug are very minimal.

Alternativ drug is to buy protonix which treats high quantity of acid in the stomach. This medicine is best taken with doctor advise. This drug is a big no to pregnant ladies and people who have any kidney or liver ailments.

Conjugated Estrogens a vital female organ and for this problem buy premarin. Some of the other common names for this drug under which it is available are Cenestin, Longaplex, Menostat, Biostrogen, Enjuvia. This drug should be consumed with full stomach and glass full o water to avoid any chances of stomach problem.