Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nature’s wonder - Bananas

Banana is a very useful fruit for all ages. It contains magnesium helps in absorption and chemical change of nutrient taken into the body. This is easily digestible and controls Blood Pressure and to certain extent reduces blood cholesterol.

The taste of Banana is liked by all and can be taken as a snack after a tired work. Sportsmen always take banana for energy boosting and keeping the strength. When some one has a vomiting sensation this fruit can reduce this feeling.
For elderly people these Bananas are very useful rich in Vitamin C and B6 and good fiber content which helps in constipation problems.

Universal shopping Mall

Hi friends, in the modern World everybody spends lot of time in front of computers. When doing some work in the computer, listening to music is entertaining. For this you need good Computer Speakers. For purchasing Computer Speakers, first you should go through this site, they provide all necessary information that are very useful to us.

Now a days, everybody like to watch T.V. It is a wonderful experience if you watch your favorite programmes in a big T.V. screen. For this you have to buy Plasma Television. There are many varieties of Plasma Televisions available in the market. Before buying you should know the popular companies, and its features and rates. For this purpose this is the best site you will find the information about Plasma Television like advantages, screen size, anti-glare, etc. Home Theater Systems are another feature available nowadays. In the Home theater in a box is a home entertainer with all necessary kits available to customer’s satisfaction. They provide you five Satellite Speakers and the best woofer and it gives you the feeling that you are watching the movie in a theater.

Listening Music is the best way to relax the mind. If you have Headphones it will not disturb others. It is the best way to listen music in traveling or at home. We should know the important things before buying a headphone. In this site they provide the information about Headphone’s features, models, comfort, etc. For all your electronic gadgets needs first you should go through this best site.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Prabhudeva wife Ramlath : I will slap Nayanthara

Prabhudeva wife Ramlath is very furious about the relationship between Nayanthara and her husband Prabhudeva.Ramlath said that she is very un certain about her future life and she is very much worried about Nayanthara since she is the main reason for all the problems.She spoke to a Tamil newspaper and she emotionally broke down when she told that she still loves her husband and she needs her husband badly and so does her children.

Ramlath also revelaed that she spoke to Nayanthara and asked her to end the relationship with her husband Prabhu Deva. Ramlath was so furious she said that the next time she sees Nayan in person she will slap her straight away on her face such was the agony that Ramlath is facing in her life.She had asked all the biggies of the industry to help her to sought and family problem so that she can get back her husband.

Aamir Khan allowed Kareena to enjoy her birthday

Aamir Khan gave permission to Kareena to have a blast on her birthday. Aamir Khan and Kareena are currently busy shooting for the film 3 Idiots.There was a lot of buzz that she might not celebrate her birthday since the shooting was on full swing. aamir Khan made arrangements and postponed the shoot for three days which made Kareena to enjoy her birthday.

Kareena and her beau Saif Ali Khna had a blast.The shooting of 3 Idiots is going in full swing and the movie is gearing for a December release.The movie is expected to be a huge hit in the year 2009 since the movie is based on the "Five Point Someone" novel by Chetan Bhagat.The movie has lot of expectations since Aamir Khan Kareena and Madhavan are in the lead roles.

Online gaming in US

Online gaming is making the latest buzz and it is driving people all over the world crazy. People of all age right from small children to aged ones are totally tangled by this online gaming. It is really a fantastic experience but you should not be totally addicted, since for each and everything that we do there should be a limit. Online Casino is one such type of online gaming which involves a lot of risk since it is affiliated with money. I know people who have earned thousands of dollars from this and few people who have become paupers. So it is better to know nuances of the game before you invest a large amount of money.

Online Casinos for US Players is the site which gives you all up-to-date news about all types of online gaming. Each month there are so many new online sites about gaming and so it is very tough to decide which site is best for US players and where you can play safely. The new players in this site get a very huge bonus amount and also there is a lot of tips on how to play the game efficiently and this site on the whole seem to be very informative and useful. Believe me that they are one of best sites for online gaming.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tips to avoid Premature Graying

Premature Graying: Sometimes, a wrong diet, a deficiency of Vitamin B complex, an emotional upset or sometimes even the usage of highly perfumed preparation on the hair could be responsible for this condition. Give the hair the care to hair also. One could use the hair rinse to cover the grey hair as at a young age one may not like to look grey. Hair dyes should be used with discretion and as a last resort.

Consider the point that for the rest of your life you will have to carry on with hair dyes; so be extra careful, as hair dyes could give you a dry and scanty growth. However, if rinses are not effective, then the hair dye has to be used, which you should not attempt yourself. Before the very first application of a hair dye, it will be to your advantage that you have a sensitivity test performed before you can safely use it. You should trust the job to an experienced hair dresser for the first time. Hair rinses, however, do not require any such test. Select the color suitable to your hair as the rinse comes in various shades. There is no dearth of hair dyes of a very good quality in the market.

Priyamani's Ninaithale Inikkum

National award winner Priyamani is waiting response from the viewers of her film Ninaithale Inikkum. It is a reproduction of Malayalam movie classmates that came in 1990. In the Tamil Version the actress appears in modern dress in par with college student.
The script is such that audience will redeem their way back thoughts. The actress similarly feels here old college days, elections, canvassing, votes and so on. When acting for this film Priyamani is all at ease as she also studied in co-ed. school. The debutant director was very co-operative in answering the entire unit whenever they above any doubts. Ninaithale Inikkum is a very good movie and enjoyed by all.

Future Generation Cars - Plastic Cars

Automobiles have changed drastically from their early establishment in 1970’s.All the automobiles and especially cars where made out of steel entirely. The focus of this post is about the replacement of traditional metal parts with plastic parts and the advantages of doing so. Engineers knew lighter weight cars can do wonders with performance and speed. The most important aspect is to provide safety when using Plastic Auto Parts. Plastic tanks are considered to be safe during crash since they are seamless and also plastic has the ability to retain its original shape. The versatility of plastic has revolutionized the design of car totally. Engineers are making valid attempt to use plastic parts in cars, mainly to improve fuel efficiency.

The American Chemistry Council for Plastics has designed “Cars for Tomorrow” which are created mainly with plastic components and this idea if implemented successfully will create a new revolution in the car industry. There is a video about Plastic Cars and the revolution that they might make in the near future. So I would suggest you all to have a look at that to know more about the future generation plastic cars. Moreover there are a lot of advantages by using plastic parts when compared to steel parts. I am listing here some of the most important advantages like increase in fuel efficiency with no compromise in safety. The most important is reliability of vehicle’s lifetime increases since plastics are durable.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top 10 beauties in the World - Aishwarya Bachan in the 9th place.

Recently the International Queen Magazine announced the list of hundred beautiful women in the World. Angelina Jolie, actress of Hollywood got the first place and the second place goes to Christy Turlington, Model girl. The great news is Aishwarya Bachan got the ninth place.

Ash got the Miss World title in 1994. But still she is popular Internationally. She is acting number of films in Hindi and Tamil. Everybody wants to know about the Aishwarya Bachan. She is really reigning the Universe.

Jeeva's next film "Singam Puli"

Jeeva’s next film is Singam Puli. First time he is going to do a dual role for this film. Sai Ramani is the Director for the film. Jeeva is doing some thing different in every film. His earlier hit movies are Ram, Ee.

In the film Singam Puli, Jeeva’s characters are lawyer and fish seller. Heroine for this film is Divya. Everyone in the shooting spot astonished to see the performance of Jeeva as he simultaneously did the both roles. Let us wait and see.

Snowmobile the game you might not know

Snow mobile is one of the enthralling sports and don’t miss any of the action and excitement associated with the game. Sledtv is the best site for all the collection related to snowmobile. I was amazed to find the tips and tricks offered by them. One thing for sure is no other site has so much of information about snow mobile. All the country’s top riders are regular visitors to this site. The discussions in the forums are very informative. This site also has the facility to give snow forecast. You need to create an account for yourself and you can be part of all the discussions going on here.

Gardens in Delhi - Mughal Garden

There are many gardens in Delhi that everybody likes to visit. Here I will give some important gardens and the details:

Lodi Garden: In this garden you will see all flowers in the months between January and March.

Mughal Garden: This is a beautiful and well maintained garden where India’s Rashtrapathi live. Rashtrapathi Bavan is open to the general public in the months February and March.

Zoological Garden: Situated between Purana Qila and Humayun’s tomb, it was designed by West German Zoo specialist Hergenback.

Mehrauli: Venue of the annual festival “Phool Waalon ki Sair” held in Ocotbe, it is fullof grassy slopes near the Qutub Complex on the outskirts of Mehrauli Village.

Tips to lose weight

If you plan to lose weight, you will have to be careful about many things. Ignorance in dieting can be very injurious to health, and permanently handicap a person. It can affect your health in general. Out of sheer disgust you can be tempted to go in for a course of sever crash dieting; but it never pays in the long run. as the loss of weight will be temporary, and show more on the face than on the body which was not the aim in the first place.

The most sensible way to diet is to first study what you require by way of nourishment to keep your body health. Select our food according to vitamins, proteins, minerals and starches. Make sure you eat at least one food item of each to see that there is no deficiency of any form. Eating less of everything is not harmful, but eliminating the essentials from your diet is ad. Dieting is a difficult process, for you have to be more careful about the quality of food you eat. Despite dieting your body should be able to perform it normal, healthy functions. So start by cutting down ( and please note that I am not suggesting cutting out) on sweets, starches, nuts, sweet drinks, coffee, tea, cake, pastries, potatoes, rice and fried items in between meals. So once you have formed this habit, you will stabilize your weight. Now introduce some exercises to your daily routine, but do this very gradually, increasing them to about 15 minutes a day. Follow the exercises without fail. You must weigh yourself before starting on a diet so that you are encouraged by the results from time to time.

Enjoy playing games

Hi friends, one of the most common online activities that many people keep themselves engages in is social networking. Though there are a lot of social networking web sites, not each and every one of them is really nice. If you are looking for a brilliant networking web site, then you are at the right place now. Mecca Bingo presents to you the Bingo Hideout community through which you can do social networking. Do you know what bingo is? You can do a lot of things like adding new friends, discussion with them, leaving messages and also uploading stills and videos. Through Bingo Hideout all the Bingo members can interact with each other and share a lot of useful and interesting information. All you need to do is just sign up and create an account with this great service. You can start your interaction immediately.

These online bingo sites ensure that the information you give in order to play with real money is strictly confidential and not shared. If you are someone who is interested in playing on land based bingo but a shortage of funds is holding you back you can always log onto one of the many bingo sites that allow you to play free bingo online. Bingo Hideout also has a very active and happening social network and community forum. It is an ideal place to meet many like minded people to discuss everything about bingo. Online Bingo is undoubtedly one of the most popular online casino games and this site is the most popular of all UK based online Bingo sites.

To win the prizes, users must fund an account, but free bingo games are also available offering players a way to win some amounts of money with no risk of gambling. Some online bingo sites offer no deposit bingo with sandbox game. This will allow the player to get the hang of the system without a cash investment, but no monetary value can be gained.

So,just visit this superb web site Mecca Bingo an enigma and have a nice time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mysore Palace Best Tourist Spot during Navaratri celebration

Mysore Palace.jpg

Navaratri and Dussera are a colorful festival in the South too. In Mysore, the palace is decorated with lights and it is a beauty to our eyes. A procession of caparisoned elephants carry the deity worshiped by the Maharajas - Chamundi - through the city Mysore. The Mysore celebrations are held on such a fantastic scale that hundreds of thousands tourists flock to see the procession.

In Tamil Nadu, Navaratri is a family festival in which women adorn a display of resplendently dressed dolls and exchange gifts and sweets, betel-nuts coconuts and kumkum.

In the North, dussera is associated with the return of Lord Ram and Sita from their punishment of 14 years. Huge figures of the demon Ravana are burnt on winter nights and open air plays based o the Ramayan are staged late into the nights

Tips for losing weight

Hi friends if you plan to lose weight, first weigh yourself in a particular weighing machine and start your diet programme. Keep a note of your body measurements, as this will also give you a idea bout spot reductions,and how effective they have been. If the measurements do not show much difference, increase your exercises slightly and make sure each exercise is taken in the proper manner. Exercise in the morning on an empty stomach.

For general calculation, memorize a few caloric values so that you can keep a count of what has already been consumed and what is left for the day. You should keep track of the details every day. Here are a few items to remember.

Milk (one glass) 100 calories
One egg 80 calories
One slice bread 50 calories
One teaspoon sugar 20 calories
One chapati 25 calories
Vegetable (one helping 50 gms)80 calories
Fruit (except mango,bananas) 80 calories

While dieting, take mixed vegetables and fruits. Avoid bananas, grapes, mangoes, potatoes and nuts. Consult your doctor about the type of multivitamin tonic you should take, as this is to make sure there is no deficiency in the intake of vital vitamins while dieting.

Best Insurance Company

Hi friends if we love our family we want to protect them in critical times, first we must insure ourselves. This is very important. There are many insurance companies available and variety of insurance policies are offered. So first decide what type of insurance you need and decide the insurance company which is best in business. In my opinion term life insurance is the best because they are providing quality service and have a matchless experience in the business. Their website will give all the necessary information you need. If you want to invest in long term insurance policy permanent life insurance is the best option. Buying a life insurance is very quick and convenient. Instant Term Life quotes is a very good option here you can fill the required details and get the quotes immediately. Life Insurance Calculator is another option in which you can think about your family in filling the form and can decide how much you need and what type of insurance is best suits you. This is very useful for the customers.

If you are interested in short term insurance they have a vide variety of option for the period of one year to thirty years. All your doubts will be cleared by their representatives immediately. Forbes Magazine rated them as best in the Industry. They help the people and businessmen in their time of crisis.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Vishwakarma Pooja - Story about Vishwakarma

Hindus all over the World Celebrate “Vishwakarma Pooja “ every year on September 16th or 17th. Lord Vishwakarma is god for arts and he is the son of God Brahma. All construction workers celebrate this day with enthusiasm.

There are many stories about the architecture ability of Vishwakarma. He built many wonders such as Golden Lanka, Hasthinapuram, Dwaraka , etc. Here I will explain the story behind Golden Lanka. After the marriage of Lord Paramasivan with Parvathy, Vishwakarma built a superb palace made by pure gold for them. The demon Ravana was invited to do the rituals for Grahapravesam. After the ceremony Siva told Ravana that he can ask anything as Dakshina. Impressed by the beauty of the Palace Ravanan asked the palace of Gold as Dakshina. Shivaan granted Ravanan’s wish thus the Golden Lanka came to the hands of Ravana.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

World's Largest Hotel - The Palazzo Resort, Las Vegas, USA

The Palazzo Resort Hotel at Las Vegas, United States of America is World’s Largest Hotel. The other name for this Hotel is “Green” Building. This is not only a hotel it is looking like mini city with casino, restaurants, water pools etc. The Palazzo Resort Hotel’s 50 floor tower has more than 3000 suites. All suits are designed to meet all the needs of their guests like touch control curtains, remote controlled operations, etc. Each suit’s area is around 700 sq. ft. consisting of 2 beds, writing desk, fax machine, dining table, speaker phones, multi-function area, etc. The 60 foot glass dome and the two storied fountains in the lobby are very superb. The hotel garden with palm trees and very well shaped topiaries and the landscape is worth to see and mesmerizing one.

A theater is also function here. In this luxury hotel, Palazzo Casino Resort is also functioning. The famous restaurants such as Emeril Lagasee and Mario Batal and more than 60 International boutiques are functions. The stay in this hotel is a memorable one in your life.

Superior Sporting Channels

Hi friends, Direct TV is telecasting variety of sports channels that are pleasing to watch and enjoy. Especially in this Satellite Directv, the coverage of the sports events such as NFL Sunday Ticket where National Football League matches are shown throughout the peak season. Through this DirectTV entire sports events are brought to home and if a DVR is available the same can be enjoyed at a convenient period of time.

There are number of sports channels like ESPN, ESPN Classic, the Tennis Channel, Goal TV, Direct Kick, MLB Network and so on are available in the Direct Satellite TV. Any sports lover would like to have ESPN which is providing day and night programmes featuring various games and sports which are aired throughout the day. The more channel ESPN classic showing all the thrilling matches of close finish, media interviews of sporting personalities thus keeping its viewers enthralling.

Regarding Tennis channel where one can watch direct telecast of grand slam matches all through the year. They telecast about tennis legends is quite interesting where they show the contribution of the tennis stars in those years. This is one of the most popular channels. For the Football lovers here is the good news to sit and relax, the channel is named Direct Kick with so much of breath taking actions.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

History of Indian Cinema

In the history of Indian Cinema, the honor of being Father of Indian Cinema, however goes to Dhundiraj Govind alias Dada Sahib Phalke, the producer of first Indian feature film called "Raja Harishchandra", inspired by "Life of Christ".

The another important person in Indian Cinema is V.Shantaram. His Amar Jyoti, Ayodhyecha Raja, Manus, Kunku were great films by any standard. All of them were simultaneously produced in Hindi, the last two as, "Adami" and "Duniya Na Mane". V Shantaram was a cinematic genius although he did not have much of formal education.

World's most expensive Hotel - Emirate Palace at Abu Dhabi

World’s most expensive Hotel is Emirate Palace at Abu Dhabi. In 2005, this palace was opened. It was constructed at a cost of 3 billion dollars. This Emirate Palace is a landmark in Abu Dhabi and you will feel like an emperor in the hotel. You can see more than 1000 chandeliers and it was built using gold, silver and marble. This palace is situated in a private beach situated in 1.3 k.m and bounded by marvellously landscaped ground. In this palace more than 300 rooms and 92 suits are available for guests. Conference Halls are also available in this Hotel.

The stay in the Hotel will you give a cherished experience and you cannot forget the stay as it gives you a comfortable, luxury and royal experience.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Beauty is God's gift

Beauty is a gift and all people by birth don’t have that. Well to make it very simple beauty is a gift that God gives to very few people by nature. This sentence might be annoying for some people since everyone likes to be beautiful, but for each problem there is a solution. In order for you to look young and beautiful you need to do cosmetic surgery. This surgery helps you to achieve the look that you would like to get. Plastic surgery is another option that helps you to get a complete look which makes you feel young and beautiful. Women can look beautiful and cute if they do breast enlargement so that they will always look sexy. Generally in Internet there are so many sites about health care but none of the sites provides correct information apart from them. So better take a look at them to know more on health related aspects.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hollywood of India, Mumbai

Mumbai, the commercial capital of the country is often referred to as Hollywood of India or to put it in lighter vein, "Bollywood". Each of the South Indian States has often produced films far more in number than Mumbai and Maharashtra, Bengal has the reputation of producing films that excel in quality and cinematic art. Irrespective of these facts, however, charm and glitter of Mumbai Film Industry remains unmatched At times Mumbai film world,in terms of its mass appeal and popularity even surpasses Hollywood as, as everybody knows India is the largest film producing country in the World. In terms of production values best of Mumbai films could be compared with the best produced anywhere in the World.

Mumbai is the birth place of Indian Cinema. Film history began in India on July 7th, 1896, when a Time of India advertisement invited Mumbai residents to witnes the marvel of the century, "the wonder of the world" at Watsons Hotel that same day. The attration was described as "Living photographic pictures in the life sized reproduction", by Messrs Lumiee Brothers. The hows in Watson's hotel proved to be so popular that soon additional showings were arranged. This is beginning of Indian Cinema.

Surya and Jo Wedding Day

Today is Surya and Jyothika celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary today. There was not much of grand celebration and it was a low fair with only relatives being called for. Surya is in the peak of his career and all his films have some logic and he has his own set of fans.

After marriage Jyothika had never come out to any functions after her marriage in 2006. When things changed very recently when Jo came out for Vijay Award function with her hubby Suriya. Surya and Jyothika the most sought out pair in the film industry ;and their on screen chemistry has been fabulous and the prime example for that would be Kakha Kakha. All the Tamil Cine Fans want to see the real couple do a film together. But this is going to be only a dream since Jyothika confirmed that she would not act after marriage due to the persistence of Sivakumar. Friends feel free to wish Surya and Jyothika Happy Wedding Day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pay Commission G.O. College Teachers / UGC Scales for Colleges issued

Hi friends, Great news, Pay Commission G.O. for College Teachers working in Tamil Nadu issued. Their U.G.C Scales are announced. The C.M. of Tamil Nadu already announced Central Government Scales of Pay to its employees. Now the Lecturers working in Colleges/Universities governed by U.G.C. will also get their new Sales of Pay with effect from 1st January 2006 with monetary benefit from 1st January 2007. The Government Order issued on 9.9.2009. You can go through the G.O. here or you can find it in the following web site address: You will find all the necessary information about fixation, increment, date of superannuation, scale of pay, Grade pay, D.A., H.R.A., CCA, etc. The arrears will be given in three installments.

Business solutions

Hi friends, there are many number of web hosting sites available and it is up to the concerned person or organization to sort out the correct requirements. One such site that is very useful and providing all the data is cheap web hosting. Here the owner of the site need not have any concern about the personal domain as this site itself taking care in keeping the address fortified. Even with owing only one site the person or the organization is blessed with liberty of creating any number of web screens bearing the same account.

This site is a user friendly and well supportive to the customers. Thus they are monitoring very close distance to the customers. By acquiring this site the governing of high definition new sites will not pose any difficulty. This is enabled because of the languages they use in this site that are very informative. People can always approach this web for the equipments know how they install which are of high caliber.

This web site will be always at the customer service for any technical problems and they take every step on domain account to progress without any break. There should not be of any second thought except to join this web site where you are offered the best and more so if any one wants to come out within joining of first month the entire amount is returned and what else needed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Horrible jobs - Enjoy your job

Hi friends , just go through the photos above. See the difficulties faced by the electrician in China and Zoo Keeper’s problem in America, Horse Whisperer trouble in England and the Ditch Digger’s obstruction in Poland. Everybody in the World is facing problems in their life doing their work/job. So be happy in your job and do the work wholeheartedly.

Sachin Tendulkar's new home Dorba Villa

Sachin's long dream of getting a new house for him is been finally accomplished by the little master.Sachin got his new house in sub urban Mumbai in Carter Road, Bandra West.Dorab Villa was purchased by Sachin for Rs 35 crores.

Dorba Villa was orginally built in 1920 square feet of 10,000 and the house was occupied by a Parsi family.Sachin is very hapy man since his long dream has come true.Sachin Tendulkar has to play well since the tri series with Srilanka and NewZeland is under way and the experience of Sachin will be of key importance to the teams performance.

What is Merger and Acquisition

Hi friends this post is about Mergers and acquisitions. This term will be new for most of the people. Generally this phrase of Merger and Acquisition is called (M & A) and it is a corporate strategy used by companies which involves both buying and selling. I think it is better if I could explain you about each term in detail. Acquisition is the process where one company can buy or get another company. This is can be friendly and in that case negotiations are made and in the other case is when one company can get another without giving any prior info. The other term "merger" is quite self explanatory which means two companies combine together to form a bigger company. Generally merging is done on mutual agreement and it is done for the financial betterment of both the companies or to become a threat in business for some other leading company. Example Yahoo and Microsoft got in to a deal to overthrow Google dominance in the Internet World.

This is not so easy since there is so much of business strategy involved in this. So companies spend a lot of time in analyzing their new business strategies and will do the necessary feasibility analysis. Companies generally do pre-sale consulting which helps them to identify their weak areas and show some considerable improvement in those particular areas. They also suggest a lot of ideas to increase the transactional value of the company. The sale of the company is boosted after the Locke Bridge pre-sale consulting team's advice. They give us a better insight of what problems we are facing and also give us better idea how to improve the company from this stage and create a high value for the company in the market. The Locke Bridge have got the Consumer Services Deal of the Year which is not a joke and it is a very big award.

World’s longest and biggest swimming pool

World’s longest and biggest swimming pool is at San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, in Chile. This swimming pool is spread over 19 acres and 3,324 feet long. In 1977 Mr.Chilean created this San Alfonso del Mar Resort. He wanted to create a swimming pool in the Resort. But the water in Pacific Ocean is extremely cold and unhygienic. So he hunted for ideas to make a swimming pool in a safe and clean surroundings.

In 2006, he initiates a technology to keep the water clear and quality in less expenditure. In 2006, December with the technology, he treated the water and keeps the hotness of the water 26oC and completed it. Now people can enjoy here with water sports and swimming in the clean environment.

Manivannan daughter wedding / Rajinikanth sensational speech

Director cum Actor Manivannan daughter Jyothi’s marriage took place at Aishwarya Kalyana Mandapam, near Vadapalani on 7th September. Mangalasutra was handed over to Superstar by actor Sathyaraj and Rajinikanth gave to bridegroom Satish Raghunathan and he tied the knot.

Superstar speaking on the marriage said that Wife is the only person who follow her husband in critical times and Manivannan is the follower of Periyar and he came to know about this in the shooting of “Padayappa”. Rajinikanth who gave the mangalsutra to bridegroom blessed the couple for a happy and prosperous married life. Welcome address by Director Cheran and thanks by Seeman and function ended well.

Web Maneuvering

Hi friends, in this post I am going to give you information about what is web hosting and what are uses and benefits and other information about web hosting. Web hosting choice is a well accomplished guide for the people generally connected with business and who want to have their own web site. When approached for individual company sites there are number of web hosting sites to choose from. There is also free hosting sites available but the on line list of choices are minimal.

Of the so many sites top web hosting is one among them providing the best available on line facilities. Here they offer unlimited GB’s space, transfer, email accounts and so on. The site works on C Panel Control Panel which will be greatly welcomed by all the users. The coverage for so much of bandwidth and domain is really an excellent feature.

Regarding domain ie. the information pertaining to the individual or the owner of the site is kept secret and the concerned can go on re-registering the domain. About bandwidth which will be gauged in gigabytes which will be about 10 lakh bytes. This is usually decided by the site owner about the capacity of bandwidth really needed. So if you are in need of a web site, here you will find all information

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

World's Tallest Hotel - Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

In 1999, Burj Al Arab hotel, the World’s tallest hotel opened in Dubai. This is one of the most famous hotels in the World. The architecture design is very superb. In the artificial island, Burj Al Arab hotel’s 321 m. tower is a beautiful sight and from here you can watch beauty of the sea shore.

You can see the golden columns and gold leaf made in 22-carat gold to d├ęcor the restaurants and lobby. 30 varieties of Italian marble and granite from Brazil is used in the hotel. Carpets are beautiful and unique.

In the 18th floor of the Hotel, gym, steam room, saunas are available. You can go to private beach and water park Wild Wadi. Room service is available all the 24 hours with smile.

List of National Awards 2009

On September 7th , the Ministry of Information announced the National Awards for movies in Delhi. It is great news for Tamil Cinema. Kancheevaram received the Best Feature Film Award and Actor Prakash Raj announced as the Best Actor for his performance in the film Kancheevaram. “Periyar” selected as best regional film and for best visual effects the Superstar’s Film “Sivaji” has been selected.

The other Awardees are Adoor Gopalakrishnan as Best Director and Amir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par selected as Best Film on Family Welfare and Actress Umashree selected as Best Actress for her performance in the film “Gulabi Talkies”. Best Male Singer Award goes to Shankar Mahadevan for his song in Taare Zameen Par and the best female Singer Award goies to Shreya Ghoshal.

Snowboard Gaming : Best and thrilling

There are so many interesting games that are played but very few people know about the game of gliding in snow. This is a game that is filled with action and thrills that you might have not imagined in your life. The game is very popular in certain parts of the world where there are Snow Mountains and the equipment used for this is called snowboards. This equipment is used to glide on the snow. If you are considering this sport as a serious profession then you need to go for commercial snowboards with extra bindings so that you can stay in an upright position. The boards come in all size and the small boards are considered to be made for the youth.

I was inspired by this game and so was my friend. We wanted to try our hand in this sport and we were searching for some help online since this game involves little amount of risk. Actually we were amazed by this game and I believe same is the case with you. We got some sites giving some information related to snowboard and we were not completely convinced since we thought we needed a lot of practice before trying out this daring game. We were very sure and particular about one thing that we should get to videos related to snowboard to know the dos and don’ts so that we can have fun and at the same time be safe. That is when we decided to buy snowboard DVDs . It provides all the help that a newbie needs and gives you the confidence that you need to try out this game with booming confidence. The video not only gives us the confidence but also teaches the tricks that we need to adopt in snowboard. The rate at which they provide you this video is affordable provided the information in the site.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Surya's 25th film "Singam"

Surya’s 25th film is “Singam”. In this film Anushka is the heroine. Manorama, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Nazar are going to do the important roles. The director of this film is Hari. He is going to do his third film with Surya. The earlier ones are Super hit Vel and Aaru. Producer of this film is Ganavelraj in the banner of Studio Green.

In Police Officer character Surya’s film “Khaka Khaka” was well received by audience. Again he is going to the same character in the film “Singam”. Hari is earlier Police story film is “Saamy” and Vikaram as hero. The story of the film “Singam” is clash between smugglers and police which is happened at Rameshwaram.

Actress Jyothika inaugurated Arti Bagady

Jyothika the beautiful and much talented actress after her marriage recently inaugurated the exhibition of Arti Bagdy. The inauguration held at Hotel Chola Sheraton. Here you can purchase unique jewellery, clothes, gifts etc. For the upcoming festivals Dussera, Deepavali and Ramzan you will make your purchases here and get a memorable experience. The exhibition will be open from September 1st and timings are between 10 a.m and 11 p.m. The designers participating in the exhibition are Madavi Goenka, Divija, Rohit Creations etc.

Few days earlier Jyothika inaugurated the Meena Bazaar. Here you can purchase designer jewels, gift items, furnishing materials, designer saris, Chudithars, etc. Go for shopping and enjoy the festival.

Golden Rush

In the olden days the Romans used to pay the soldiers by giving Gold Coins and these gold coins are used in business by way of weighing and forming the roughly cut pieces to a desired shape. The Spain also manufactured Gold Crowns that were imported by Britain.

To buy gold, one of the precious metals that have akin values either to elderly people or people who lead life with plans. If you want to buy gold coin there is couple of certified Gold coins like Liberty Quarter Eagle and Saint Gaudens Double Eagle. This Liberty Quarter Eagle coin was designed way back in 1840 and design was kept up to 33 years in the American history. The next so talked coin Saint Gaudens eagle is a modified form of the originator Gobrecht Stamped on this coin.(Liberty Eagle). On one side of the coin showing Miss Liberty with a crown by name Liberty and the thirteen stars around her on the reverse of the coin an eagle with an olive branch and a shield printed on the chest and The United States of America around it.

Saint Gaudens Double Eagle coin is considered by one of the most precious and grand coins ever produced. President Theodor Roosevelt chose America’s great sculptor Augustus St. Gaudens to articulate and asked him to make this prestigious coin. Later this coin called as Double Eagle usually found a place on the investor’s documents for secrecy and record purposes. For investors who are wanting to have buy gold coins has to pay $ 900 to $ 1500.

There is variety of Gold Bullion Coins like American Buffalo which is the US ever 24 Karat Solid bullion coin produced. If you want to buy bullion coins you have many varieties.

Australia Gold Nugget manufactured by Perth Mint. Every year they are changing the design. Like these there are many such gold bullion coins available in the market for the customers. Customers who are willing to invest their huge money can buy gold bullion coins instead of depositing cash in banks as gold has got appreciation value always.

National monument - Shantivan, Delhi

Shantivan is the place situated at a distance of about 200 meters from Raj Ghat. On 28th May, 1964, the next day after our first Primer Minister Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru's death, his cremation was done. Since then the deserted placehas turned into a national monument and prayers are held on special occasions. The national shrine has been named Shantivan, as a tribute to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, who was known as the apostle of peace.

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru's birthday November 14th is celebrated as Children's Day all over the World. On his birthday and other important days Santivan is decorated with flowers. Don't miss to visit Shantivan when you are going to Delhi.

Raj Ghat - must see place in Delhi

Raj Ghat is must see place in Delhi. In Delhi, half a kilometer outside the Delhi Gate lies the Samadhi if Mahatma Gandhi. On 31st January, 1948, the cremation was done. Since then the deserted ground of Raj Ghat has turned up into a national monument.

The Samadhi likes within a charming and beautiful garden. On every Friday evening a prayer is held. There is a beautiful garden, around the Samadhi. Special prayers are held on the 2nd October and 31st January which are respectively the birth and death death dates of the Father of the Nation.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tourist Spot in Central America

Hi buddies the best place to chill out in Central America is costa rica resorts. It is a fact and I am not exaggerating and here is the proof why I call it a best. They have their villas in the jungle near sea shore and definitely you will enjoy your stay here and you will be amazed by the services that they provide you. The rates are nominal and affordable by all people. Your auspicious special events and important functions can be arranged at this place, so that it would be ever lasting experience and most cherished moment in your life. You might think that I am rating this Resort very high but believe me guys they have won many Awards including Spectrum Award which is of the highest honor in the Industry.