Monday, June 29, 2009

Wimbledon 2009: Roger Federer vs. Robin Soldering

Roger Federer looks to be in great form and he might well be in the course to clinch yet another Wimbledon title and regain his crown and become the World No1.The match between Roger Federer and Robin Soderling was a hard fought one though the scores might not suggest so.Fedx showed his class against Soderling with his forehand and his placements here spot on.

Federer clinched the first set 6-4.The second set was equally poised and they reached a 6-6 and went to tiebreaker.Roger Federer showed his class and won the set in 7-6 score.The third set also went on to a tie-breaker and Fedx clinched the set and the game with 7-6 score again.Federer now has reached the quater finals and it looks as if he will be the Champion this time.


Federer wins against Soderling

6-4 ,7-6 ,7-6

India voted as the best travel destination


India has been voted as th best tourist spot in the world.The scenic beauty and the hospitality provided by the Indians is the reason for India being touted as the No 1 tourist spot.People basically love Indian culture and that is the reason for India reaching such a high position.Another important aspect is people love Indian food.

This is the list of the top five hottest and best destinations all over the world.

4)Australia and
5)New Zealand.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wedding Pictures of famous Pakistani Cricketers

wasim akram marriage photos
waquar younis marriage photos

Inzamam_marriage picture
azhar mehmood_marriage picture
imran_farath_with his wife
This post contains the wedding pictures of the famous Pakistani cricketers. All the famous cricketers are with their wife's.All you need to do is take a look at the pictures and tell me who is the most pretty pair.

Dont worry,the next list is coming very soon.Can anyone name the cricketer in the each picture.I am updating the famous cricketers in this list.The next list will very soon here.Comment if you like this post.

Wimbledon Finals Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick

Platform to express your ideas and thoughts

Each and every person in this world has his own views and thoughts. Well very few express that to others while most people keep it within themselves. Can you figure out the reason why we people are silent, well do you think we are afraid to express our ideas or is their something else that makes us reluctant. Many of you might think is this article so important for me, fine for those people I have some questions that you need to ask yourself. When do you have an idea do you tell that to others? Do you think people will not listen to you. Are you are not sure which is the right medium for you to express your ideas? Try asking these questions to yourself and get a better idea about yourself.

Most people have expressive ideas but something that stops them from expressing these ideas. Don’t worry here is the solution for all of you people. All you need to do is start to Blog. This might look a very mean solution, but Blog is a platform where you have the freedom to express your thoughts. When I tell you a solution it should be complete so I would give you a link where you can host a Free Blog .This sight is powered by the famous All you need to just sign up and start to share your views and ideas about this world. Another impressive feature is they allow you to search on certain topics that you might be interested. The most important thing is they don’t charge you even a single dollar and this site is absolutely free. Start sharing your views and welcome to the world of blogging. All the very best!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How and when did Michael Jackson die : Mystery in Michael Jackson's death

Michael Jackson the "King of Pop" who was known as the Living legend is no more.It is said that he died due to a cardiac arrest in his house.The King of Pop was all set to make a come back in the world of music,mainly to meet is debt.The death of Micheal Jackson is not very clear and some people feel there might be something fishy.

The exact picture and the mystery behind Michael Jackson's death would be only revealed only when the autopsy are done.As of now it is believed that it is a natural death due to cardiac arrest.We have to wait for some more hours to rub aside all the speculations.The incident took place in the morning and the present age of Jackson is 50.

Sivamani - Music Album Mahaleela II

Sivamani is going to concentrate on music after spending time with Chennai Super Kings in the IPL Trophy. After continuously engaged with Cricket away from home, he is planning for his 2nd Album Mahaleela II. He will be visiting Manasarovar for some different sounds recording. Sivamani was very upset for not been able to part of Oscar presentation along with A.R.Rahman. Only through his sister he came to know that Rahman got Oscars and with a pleasant news that Tamil Nadu Government to honour him with Kalaimamani.

Sivamani will be joining Rahman for musical extravaganza slated at Dubai, Kolkata and Chennai. He is extremely working hard with his troops for the big events. He is going to find his luck in Music Direction in Bollywood which will be coming-out shortly. We wish him all success in his new endeavour.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oscar 2010 : 10 Best Picture nominees

The Oscar 2010 will see ten best picture nominees.This is a big change since generally only five films will be short-listed.This is a big change where in we will see 10 films in the best picture nominees.

For sure we can expect Dark Knight in the list.As of now I am not able to guess which all films will make it.If you people have any guess just update the list as an comment.Hope I get a list soon.Thanks in advance!!

Samsung Laptops and their prices

Laptops have become very common and people need them in this fast moving world. In the near future laptops will become lynch pin and people would need laptops for performing even a very basic task. The most common question people get is what laptop should I buy? Some people juts don’t stop with a single question. They ask what size should I go for, what about the so called configuration and do I need that and finally what about the rate. Sometimes discussing too much of tech stuff might confuse people. So I would like to give some jargon free tips based on my personal experience. There are so many laptops in the market but not all are worth to buy. I am generally fond of gadgets and my affinity towards them is so high that I can’t explain that with words. Fine when it comes to laptop I would suggest my personal experience with you all. Samsung R470 is the laptop is would suggest you to go for. Initially even I was reluctant to for this model, but it was my friend who insisted that I get this model. I am generally a person who asks a lot of questions. The questions that I have written at the starting of the post are what that came to my mind. So I finally decided to do a ground work and started to read Samsung R470 Review and finally decided to get the model.

Guys believe me this is worth a buy. This laptop looks cool and it is weight less and so it is easily portable. The most important thing that fascinates me about this Samsung model is they have excellent battery life. The price is also reasonable. No more hesitation. You can get this model for guarantee. Samsung Laptop N110 has long lasting Battery up to 10 hrs/ SRS sound with 2.1 channel speakers/ultra portable/Easy typing – full keyboard, this is another model which is as good as Samsung R470.What makes Samsung 470 better than this model is it has additional features when compared to this model.

If you people are not still convinced you can take a look of the some of the other sites which have written a Review about Samsung laptops to get a better idea. If you still think that this review can contain more information feel free to share your thoughts as comments, and more over if you had got the same model and feel that I had left out something in this post about R470 please feel free to share it as a comment. Thanks in advance.

Kandasamy movie release date on July 17th

Kandasamy movie release date as been confirmed as as July 17th.the much awaited and the hyped movie will be released world wide on July 17th.I guess 17th must be a lucky number for Vikram since even the audio release date wat on May 17th.The function was a grand one with all the big shots attending the function.The movie is expected to make leap and bounds.

Kandasamy Vikram is a Super-Hero who will fly in this movie.The movie is expected to be big entertainer with a message in it.I will surely see the movie.I am just waiting for th release of the movie.Actor Vikram would be hoping that the movie creates a huge impact.As of now I keep my fingers crossed on the success of the movie.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Web Hosting made easy

Web hosting is type of service that allows both the individuals and even the companies to share or publish about them via Internet. There are actually web hosting companies which provide some space in their server for the clients. Clients can use this to host the data that they need. The reliability of the data, speed and cost at which they provide the service is very important. The reliability in particular refers to the accuracy in data that is transferred. I would like to suggest you people the Top Web Hosting services, before which you must first no what, are the different types of Web hosting services.


There are a lot of Web Hosting services that are available…

1) Free Web Hosting services:
When people use this kind of services they can avail only limited offers from the company.

2) Shared Web Hosting services:
In this type of service the companies share common server. Many sites chare the same server and they access data from that particular server. So the access speed is relatively low when compared to dedicated web hosting.

3) Dedicated Web Hosting :
These types of services are provided to companies that need extreme speed and they have high end data. Generally banking sites need this kind of service, mainly due to the large amount of data that need to be processed.

Swine Flu has hit West Indies : Indian Cricketers might return back home

The tour of India to West Indies is under a scare because West Indies has been hit by Swine Flu.The Indian team management keeps its fingers crossed since this series is of prime importance for India since they need to do well,after their mean performance in the T20 World Cup.

The matches are of prime importance since already a war of words have been exchanged by both the captains.West Indies Chris Gayle has said that they can sting like bee.Dhoni has told in the press that he is ready for any challenge and if the match happens it could be a very tight contents.The match is scheduled to start on 26th of this month.

What is social networking ?

Social networking is quite common and almost people from all countries are into it.Hi folks here is a good news for all people who are interested in meeting new buddies, sharing your views and thoughts with others, making some nice friends online and writing articles about the things that you like. The news is that an active social conversation site called has been started. Here you some of the most interactive communities that you can find on web. The best thing about these communities is that you need not agree with other people’s ideas and you have the right to thump your views and authority. is 100 % free online conversation community which offers unlimited storage space, photos, videos, pod cast sharing and even we have live news discussions. The process of creating an account is very simple and is totally free. It takes just to minutes to sign in and I would suggest you to do that so that you can meet new interesting people and make some good friends over the Internet. Some might be not convinced and they must be reluctant still. Take a look at their web site where you have Take a Tour button which explains you each and every process in detail. Don’t wait. You have the freedom to write about your family and friends as well. So do Sign-in and enjoy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Satyam Computers renamed Mahindra Satyam gets new CEO Gurnani

The Satyam Computers which was started by B.Ramalinga Raju.The company was started in the year 1987.It was India's fourth largest company and recently Ramalinga Raju was arrested and was later handed over to CBI for a corporate fraud of 1.5 billion USD.

The employees had a very bad time and after Mahindra taking over the company situation has improved a little bit.Nearly 400 employees who were in the virtual pool have been called back for work.

Tech Mahindra have not given new name for Satyam.They have opted for a different stratergy which means that the name of Satyam computer will still remain and they have gone for the experienced campaigner Gurnani as the CEO of Mahindra Satyam

Transition from Internet to Satellite Internet

Applications of Internet
World is so fast moving that Internet has become a very basic need. Internet is almost used in all fields and people in the near future cannot live without Internet. Some of the common places where Internet is used are
1) Home users.

2) Business transactions.

3) Educational purpose.

4) E-mail and chat rooms.

5) In companies and industries has storage back up.

Fine this is the present scenario. What will happen in the future? Will the need for Internet increase are will it decrease drastically. I don’t feel so the need for Internet will get reduced. I sense that people will like to use Internet in more and more places even in the places where we have not thought about. What can be the solution for this?
Satellite_Internet working explained here
Satellite internet is the simple answer for this, using which we can connect customers all over the world. The rural areas where high speed Internet cannot be affordable have connection can use satellite internet to enjoy unbelievable speeds. There are so many satellite internet providers who offer solution for this problem, but none are able to achieve the speed that wild blue are able to give. The most important thing about them is they provide technical support 24 hours a day and in all the seven days.

Barack Obama has been invited for Fifa World Cup

The FIFA World Cup fever has already started.The teams are ready to give it a bang.The latest news is that American President Barack Obama has bebn invited for this prestigious even.The news was confirmed by the FIFA President Blatter.

Barack Obama told that he accepts the offer gratefully and promised the FIFA Presidnet that is time permist him he will surely attend the function.I dont feel that Obama will have time to go their in spite of his busy schedule.

Saina Nehwal wins Indonesian Open title

<br />Saina Nehwal wins Indonesian open
Saina Nehwal has brought laurels to the country.She looks to be a complete player.She was outplayed in the first set and she got only 12 points but in the second and third set she bounced back to win the title.Wang her opponent is ranked as World No 3 was totally shocked by this defeat admitted that Saina Nehwal looks to be a very complete player.

Saina Nehwal is just 19 years and she is already making big rounds in the Badminton circuit.India's badminton authorities are very happy by this victory and they announced a prize money of 200,000 rupees as reward for her.

Padukone had a word of praise for Saina Nehwal.The laurels and accolades should not drive her away from her focus and hard work.If she can concentrate on her game she will surely become No1 in the near future, considering her age there is a lot of chances for this to happen

Information about Plumbing

Plumbing is very essential in each and every one’s house. Bad plumbing work can lead to many problems and can create a lot of chaos. So it is better to choose the best plumbing sites and to have a look at the services that they provide. Here is a list of sites that I found worth mentioning. The main reasons for selecting these people from a big list of plumbing sites is mainly because of the services that they provide, the quality that they maintain and the customer satisfaction that they provide. Above all the most important is that they provide these services at a very affordable rate. The list is..

1) San Antonio plumbing

2) Huntsville plumbing

3) Las Vegas plumbing.

The numbering does not differentiate them as one, two or three. All the three are best according to me and each one of them as some additional features which might be suitable for different customers. San Antonio plumbers provide emergency services. This is mainly because of the man power they have. Huntsville plumbing services provide discount for first time customers up to 10 % and senior citizens get 15 % discount. Las Vegas plumbers are quite experienced and thy have been serving for the past ten years. Choose th one which suites you and enjoy their services.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wimbledon 2009 :Rafael Nadal to miss Wimbledon with knee injury

Nadal injured to miss Wimbledon

The Wimbledon defending champion Rafael Nadal has pulled out of the Wimdledon 2009.The star player is not completely fit and his nursing a knee injury.The defending champion offically announced this in the press conference that he is not 100 fit and so he has no other go but to pull of from Wimdledon.

Injured Nadal told that he was not ready for this tournament since he thinks that he is not 100 percent fit and so he believes that he cannot defend his title.So he has decicded to skip the Nadal.

Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal

the most expected match will not happen this time around.This is very bad news for the fans.This mens that if Roger Federer plays well he can regain the No1 spot again.

Usage of Internet in the field of medicine

Sporting season has reached its peak and players facing injuries during matches, its difficult for them to regain back from the injury for the next match. Keeping this in mind, a group of medical experts founded the Tramadolbluebook was started in the year 2006 with the intention of helping consumers and patients to save money on pain relievers and help them to relieves from pain. It provides you with a wide range of pharmacies to compare their prices with the other medical store prices. The question that generally everyone get is where to buy tramadol online? With Tramadol you can easily purchase medicines online by just clicking from home or office and wait for the shipment. Tramadol allows you to order medicines with out a prescription. All you have to do is just place your order and fill in the description form and our team of physicians will review your request immediately and will do the needy. Payments can be made via credit cards too. Our secure server allows the transactions to be safe and procure. Well all those who are suffering from intense pain then its time to get it treated with tramadol HCL . This pain reliever gives immediate relief however patients with kidney and liver disorders are not recommended with this drug. However you can consult our physician online through phone or e-mail. Others who are not recommended the above drug can use Rx Tramadol HCl Information after consulting with the physician regarding the disorder and dosage to be followed.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Latest Gossip : Sreesanth is dating actress Minissha Lamba

sreesanth dating minnisha lamba

The latest gossip that is created by the media is that Sreesanth is dating actress Minissha Lamba.This is making quite some rounds.The two were reported to have kissed in a night club.Actress Minissha has totally ignored this and told that the media are very smart in creating hoax rumors.Sreesanth and Minissha Lamba where first spotted together in the IIFA awards.They started to move well with each other and now both are in the dating process and will soon give a open statement about their relationship.This is the story that the media has created.

Sreesanth was invited to Macau to attend the IIFA awards.It is here that they became close and reports from media suggest that they both stayed in the same hotel and shared many personal things with each other.This might just normal friendship but this media is making it a big news to increase their TRP rating.This is what I feel,but who knows the media might also be right.Lets wait and see what happens.Mr.Tension Party Sreesanth is unpredictable.

KKR coach John Buchanan axed

The latest buzz is that Sharuk Khan has decided that it is time to send John Buchanan back to home.Yes John Buchanan is axed from Kolkata Knight Riders side.The bad performs of the team saw them to the last of the table.The buzz is that SRK is trying to rope in Steve Waugh as the coach for the next IPL.There is also speculation that Ganguly might not be in the playing eleven,which means Ganguly might have to call it a end to his international career as a player.

Sourav has also taken steps for that and his soon going to become a commentator.The team are looking for nice combinations and Ricky Ponting might be the new captain for that team next time when they come.Will Ponting able to re group this team as Adam Gilcrist did for Deccan Charges.This all depends upon how well they play,under the leadership of Ponting.As of now no official news has been announced that Ponting is the captain.The news could be soon expected.

Shahid Afridi guides Pakistan to World Cup T20 final

Shahid Afridi was the real start for Pakistan in the 1st Semi final of the T20 against the South Africa.South Africa were the hot favorites in the tournament,but they crashed in the hands of Pakistan in the semis.The agony of South Africa not reaching even one finals so far in the World Cup continues.

Shaid Afrdi was instrumental for Pakistan's win today.He was ruthless and he scored a half century with the bat and picked up two important wickets and gave away just 16 runs in his 4 overs.Obivous choice for the Man-of the Match was Afridi.

The presentation ceremony was on and Smith the South African captain praised Afridi and told that he was instrumental for Pakistan's win today.Smith proved that he is very humble by wishing Pakistan good luck in the finals.

This means that Pakistan will either taken on SriLanka or WestIndies.SriLanka are tipped as the favorites from but nothing is sure in this form of the game.I would go for West Indies."Expect the unexpected".

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

India lost to SouthAfrica : Dhoni's effigy burned

Dhoni Kirsten
India captain M.S.Dhoni who was the savior of team India 2 years ago is getting everything wrong nowadays.The man who had the Midas Touch,now does each and everything which results in chaos.Dhoni who was the linchpin of the Indian team is now happens to be a burden to the same team.Dhoni's own form with the bat is a concern and he has staged a poor show.Dhoni's record in this T20 World Cup with an average less than 15 says it all.No reasons are explanations can be given to India's exit in the T20 World Cup from the Superb Eight Stages without even wining a single game is sickening.

Gary Kirsten has lashed at the BCCI and has given a open statement that too much of Cricket for India is the reason.Most of the players should have skipped the IPL.This has created fatigue in the team and all the players have under performed.

The BCCI or the Indian players are not able to give reason for India's debacle.Jharkand the home town of Dhoni who treated him as hero till now have started burning his effigy.Adding fuel to the fire Sachin and Zaheer have pulled out of the upcoming tour for West Indies which starts at June 26th.

Tips to improve your health

Hi guys in this post I am going to discuss about hygiene and give you some health tips that will help you to keep yourself and your family hale and healthy. The importance of hygiene is so much that you need to give primary focus for how well you maintain your house. The surroundings in which we live have a great impact towards our health. Clean your house frequently and try to plant a lot of trees around your house so that you live in a very best atmosphere. Gardening can be a nice hobby as well it creates a pollution free environment. Is this enough to lead healthy life? Certainly not.

Maintaining your restroom is very important. Germs and bacteria mainly originate from there. Keeping your bathroom clean will prevent you from dangerous diseases. Fine so I would suggest you that this is high time to change your closet. Go for some trendy ones so that your restroom looks trendy and clean it regularly so that you can prevent yourself as well as your family from hazardous diseases. To improve your bathrooms I would suggest you a site. They provide you with all the trendy suites right from bathroom taps to bathroom tiles. There package is very reasonable and I guess you will like them very much since it is very trendy. Fine this change can give a new look and you will maintain your house which in turn helps you to lead a hale and healthy life.

Wimbledon 2009: Roger Federer vs Rafel Nadal

One of the greatest and oldest championship in tennis is WIMBLEDON. It is one of the four grand slam tournament, still played in grass courts. It has witnessed large number of matches.It actually draws the players actual talent and his or her potential to win the game. Right from the period of Bjorne Borg to Roger Federer ,it has witnessed some astonishing matches. But the real master of this Wimbledon is Pete Sampras and Roger Federer. Sampras is a living legend who had fought so well especially in Wimbledon. Even though he dint won one single French Open (clay court) ,his real talent was witnessed by spectators in Wimbledon .
nadal vs federer
Roger Federer is the consistent performer in all .Last month ,he conquered France with his French Open. Now he is one step away from Sampras to become the highest number of grand slam winner. Pete Sampras had so many tough opponents in his time. Even though he tackled all of them and won 7 grand slams in Wimbledon . I personally feel that he is the living legend far better than Federer .As of now ,Federer has only one opponent., Perhaps the whole world knows that its Rafael Nadal. Last year Wimbledon was rated as the best final between the two masters of tennis . The match went to final set and Nadal grabbed the cup .It was a worst year for Federer. But now this year . Federer is fresh and his French open title boosts his confidence to win the Wimbledon .If he does it ,he would be considered the greatest .I think he can will do it. The great says goes like this “Records are meant to be broken”.

Tips to protect your home

Robbery is so prevalent these days people should take care of themselves as well as their belongings. It is highly necessary for a person to protect himself as well his home. If people don’t do these they will suffer and the price they have to pay for this is very huge. Burglars are finding new hi-tech ways and new techie gadgets to get in to theft. Hey wait, don’t panic, since I was telling you about a problem I should obviously tell you the solution for that. Here is the solution.

The adt security system understands your problem and helps you to protect your home as well as your family .ADT is America‘s number one and they provide gadgets to monitor your house and protect your family as well as your sweet home. The adt security as advanced technologies which alert both ourselves as well as the police as soon as someone tries to break in to your house. These people care for our security and they provide timely and excellent services. The adt home alarm is used to monitor the house 24 hours a day. The system sends an alert to the ADT monitor and it in turn calls the owner via phone. If the person does not answer then it immediately alerts the local police station. Thus they help us to be safe not only from theft even from fire accidents are other mishaps. Don’t hesitate take a look at this website.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sachin's Book Tendulkar Opus to be released

There are so many books which made author as famous persons. But here is one book which is going to be famous for the person who is not the author , but about the person which author describes, He is named as THE GOD of CRICKET ,Little master and yes you are right (obviously The whole world would have guessed the person in this regard)he is none other than THE MASTER BLASTER Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar has achieved number of records. He doesn’t even know his limit. Perhaps we think that sky is the limit, but still he climbs above the sky and still climbing for another record . But this time, the record is not about runs but about his achievements in form of a book named as "Tendulkar opus".

A London based company will shortly will release this book. This book will be the largest so far and the most luxurious tribute that Sachin to get in his life time.“Tendulkar Opus” will have a weight of 35kgs and the book is expected to be 800 pages.The cost of the book is 3.2 lakhs.If you are Sachin fan and if this price is affordable for you better go for this , since this is priceless.

The specialty about the book is Sachin signs each and every book or you can get the DNA sample of Sachin Tendulkar.The other additional feature about this book is all the pictures in this book are selected by Sachin.

Gaming the latest trend

Gaming is the order of the day and people of all ages right from small children to adults are fond about gaming. There are some gaming geeks who have made it a profession, but for other people it is just a hobby and they do this just to while a way their time. The latest trend is online gaming and more and more people are in to it. Online gaming is played in two ways. One way of gaming is to keep you occupied, and mainly people play these games out of passion. The second type of gaming is where people play online for money. This is getting very famous, and more and more people are playing for money nowadays. I wouldn’t out rightly say that this type of gaming is bad.

Online gaming when played with care and caution is really good and you people can have a lot of fun. UK Casino is a site which provides excellent tips for beginners. Here you can get survival tips about casino which will help you to compete with the best gamers all over the world. Here you have reviews about different online casino sites which help you to know which site is best and safe. Just have a look at the site to get more information and start playing. All the very best. Cheers!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Trisha pairs with Akshay Kumar for her first Bollywood venture


Trisha the most sought out South Indian actress has been signed her first Bollywood movie with Akshay Kumar.Khatta Meeta is the title out of the movie and Akshay Kumar is producing the film under his own venture.This could be a huge break for Trisha since her market in Tamil movies have dipped drastically with the new comers and Tamana in particular has grabbed many roles and created a niche for herself.

Akshay Kumar wanted a new heroine for this film and when he asked suggestion veteran director Priyadarshan suggested Trisha.Akshay Kumar who was hesitant initially changed his mind completely after seeing Trisha's perfomance in Abhiyum Naanum.The news was confirmed by both Trisha and Priyadarshan.When the media people asked about how she feels now and will she continue to act in South Indian movies Trisha replied that she would do her work and leave the rest to destiny.

South Indian female lead are slowly make it to Bollwyood with Deepika the first one who was introduced by SRK then was Asin who was introduced by Aamir Khan and now the third in the list is Trisha who is introduced by Akshay Kumar.

Mac games

Gaming is the order of the day and for all the gamers I have got some news to share with you. Mac games have acquired some popularity and this is mainly because the games are pretty interesting.If you are found of tennis and with Wimbledon round the corner play tennis games.For Macintosh users mac tennis games are exclusively created.You can download this games for free and play with the trial versions before getting the original one for affordable rates.The mac screensaver are my personal favorites and I would tell you to take a look at this.They are very colorful.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dinesh Karthik to replace injured Sehwag : IGNITION STARTS

DineshKarthik celebrates

Dinesh Karthik will be the one to replace India's dashing Indian opener Sehwag.Sehwag is nursing a shoulder injury and when he failed to pass the fitness test the BCCI has decided to send Sehwag back home.There is a speculation on Sehwag's exit and the rumor mills is that the rift between Dhoni and Sehwag has got up so worst that Dhoni had decided to send back Sehwag.

Dhoni usually know to be very cool was irked when the media person queried about the conspiracy behind the Sehwag's exit.Reports suggest that Dhoni's face turned pale before he could answer.Team manager had to step in to give an answer,or else is Dhoni becoming the scapegoat for all the media questions.This speculation. has not come to an end.

Dinesh Karthik was mainly selected as the replacement for Sehwag because of his good form in the recent IPL and more over he will be the second wicket keeper in the team.

Myself and my friend had a discussion about this and he suggested me that Sachin would have been a apt person for this , since he is the senior most and he can calm down the team. Sachin may have opted out of T20 but he is a team man and when the team needs him he with surely respond with a yes.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i:Latest 2009 Model

WIMBLEDON FINALS : Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick

Bajaj Auto which made heads turn with the their premium vehicle Pulsar is now back again with their new Pulsar 150. Bajaj Auto has officially launched their new model which has been given a full black theme.As far as the engine specifications and other stats are concerned it is the same as the previous versions.Only the looks have been refined by giving a black edition similar to Pulsar 180.The new black theme is simply stunning and more attractive.The name Pulsar on the tank has been given a metallic finish unlike the rubberized one in the Pulsar 180.

Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i has got stunning looks.If you are looking for a bike and you are a road freak then you must go for this bike.For further details about this special edition view my friends site,who happens to be such a freak.

ICC World Cup : Sehwag to return back home due to injury

The dashing opener from India is out of the T20 World Cup in England and is returning home.Sehwag's departure date is not confirmed.He is expected to return back home after consulting few doctors and experts on his injury.Tis incident lights up the spat between Sehwag and Dhoni the Indian Captain.The Mr.Cool Dhoni off-late as lost is cool and to walk out from the media without answering any of the questions is a big example for that.

India's new openers are Rohit Sharma and Gambhir. Will Rohit Sharma be able to the live up to the expectations even though he is in good form.This means that lot of pressure and burden on Rohit,since it is not so easy for some one to fill in the shoes of Sehwag.

What do you pepole really think is the Sehwag Dhoni spat really over.Is it because of Dhoni that Sehwag is not in the team.Share your views as comments.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prabudeva weds Nayanthara ?

Eversince Prabudeva and Nayanthara worked together in Vijay’s Villu the Kollywood grapevine backs that both are the hottest couple in town. Sources close to actress have denied the marriage news that was flashed in a Telugu channel. The Director is a married man with three children and had a saddest time in his life when he lost his eldest son. Actually it was Nayan who gave him strength to come out of his personal grief. The rumors about the affair have proved right when the actress tattooed “Prabu (P in English and rest in Tamil) a little above her wrist at a newly opened tattoo lounge in Hyderabad. Nayan also pierced her nose as Prabu likes it. Prabudeva also helped her in dance movements as he personally coached her that made her to improve leaps and bounds in the Vaada Mapillai-song in Villu. Recently, the Director created a fuss when he proceeded to Kumarakom at his expense and without demanding any fee choreographed couple of songs that were picturised on Nayanthara for a Malayalam film. Nowadays Nayan is also reluctant to parities that attribute her closeness to Prabhudeva. Sources close to actress feel they may be in love but marriage may not be in the near future as both are very busy with their schedule and concerned about their career.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mani Ratnam's Raavan-Vikram's Film

Chiyan Vikram has more reasons to be enjoying. After the audio lauch of his Kandasamy, the actor is extremely happy about the role in Mani Ratnam’s bilingual Raavan. If you ask the actor what he feels about the shooting, he says he used to wake up as early s 4 a.m. and go for shooting and return vary late in the night for rehearsals. He even browse through his dialogues after 11 p.m. for the next day shooting. His Hindi version of Raavan will unwind his unknown dark side which the actor call it as grey. It is challenging to portray two different shades for two versions. His co-star Abhishek Bachan holds him in high esteem and Vikram says modestly, he may admire but Vikram himself would still call him a friend. Bollywood Superstar Big B surprised the Tamil super hero that he was familiar with films of Vikram i.e. “Samy and Dhool” and even had the songs of his films in their car. He is also very exciled acting with Aishwarya Rai and it was nice working with her.

Friday, June 5, 2009

French Open Final : Roger Federer vs Robin Soldering


French Open finals would have been perfect if it had been between Roger Federer vs Rafel Nadal.But that is not the case anymore and the match is between Roger Federer and Robin Soderling.If Federer can pull of this it would be remarkable because he would reach the feat what Samparas has achieved. It is not going to be easy with Robin Soderling,but still I keep my fingers crossed and I would like Federer to win.

ROGER FEDERER WINS AGAINST ROBIN SODERLING IN STRAIT SETS : 6-1, 7-6, 6-4. Now Roger Federer has become the legend of Tennis.

Robin Soderling won against the World's No1 Nadal. The 4th round match was intensely fought in which Nadal lost to Soderling.In the semifinals Soderling when a marathon game which lasted for 5 sets against Fernando Gonzalez in which Robin won the first 2 sets and the next to was won by Fernando Gonzalez and in the final set Robin bounced back after trailing 1-4.

It is very hard to predict a winner,but I would like Federer to win it.He such a consistent performer and this would be a real compliment for him.Lets us hope that the Sunday's final is a nail biting one.

World Cup T20 : Netherland vs England Highlights


The opening match between Netherland and England was a nail bitter in which Netherland won the match by 4 wickets.Netherlands won the toss and out in England to bat.England scored 162/5 in the allotted 20 overs.Thanks to some great opening partnership by Luke Wright and Ravi Bopara.

Netherlands in reply played good and consistent cricket never allowed the asking rate to climb.Then in the last over they needed 7 runs. Struat Board bowled a tight over but Netherland batsman scored a run of each ball and eventually won the match.They scored 163/5 in the allotted 20 overs.

England will have to play very well from here on to beat Pakistan so that it have a ray of hope to reach the Super Eight.Paul Collingwood has so many things to be thought about after this lose.We have to wait and see whether they can recover from this huge setback.

Actor Jayam Ravi marriage photos

Actor Jayam Ravi's wedding was a grand function with all the Kollywood celebarties attending the function.The function was star studded with Rajini and Kamal the big shots of the industry turning up for the function.Jayam Ravi got married to Aarthi the daughter of an industrialist.Ravi and Aarthi where in love for quite some years now and they have finally decided to get married.

Jayam Ravi and Aarthi had plans of going for honeymoon to Australia but due to the racism problem there they have dropped the plan.Jayam Ravi thanked all the celebrates for attending the function

K.S.Ravikumar : Surya's Aadhavan to be released before Jaggubhai

Director K.S.Ravikumar has confirmed that Aadhavan release date would be before Jaggubhai.Aadhavan starring Surya and Nayanthara has a lot more expectation than Jaggubhai which has Sarathkumar and Shriya Saran.

Aadhavan shooting is nearing completion and it is right now in the post production stage.The expectations of the movie are very high and this mainly because of Surya who has given 3 continuous hits.Moreover in this film Surya is doing a negative role. the movie is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin of Red Giant Movies.

Ayan Surya's previous film is one of the biggest box office hits and this is mainly due to the marketing done by Sun T.V who are the distributors for the movie.This movie is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin of Red Giant Movies and so the marketing will be very vigorous to make the movie a hit.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Symonds out of the T20 World Cup

Symonds axed

Andrew Symonds has been axed from the Australian T20 squad. He was drunken and he failed to attend the net session.The Austarlain team had seen enough of the 33 year old all rounder and decided to send him back home.Ricky Ponting was very upset and termed that omission of Symond would tilt the balance of the team.He also added that they had no other go becuase such was the behavior of Symonds.

Cameron White has been named as the replacement for Symonds and he is due to fly to England to join the rest of the team.One of the worlds dangerous T20 player gone now Australia mainly depend on Shane Watson to do the role of all rounder.