Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wimbledon 2009: Roger Federer vs Rafel Nadal

One of the greatest and oldest championship in tennis is WIMBLEDON. It is one of the four grand slam tournament, still played in grass courts. It has witnessed large number of matches.It actually draws the players actual talent and his or her potential to win the game. Right from the period of Bjorne Borg to Roger Federer ,it has witnessed some astonishing matches. But the real master of this Wimbledon is Pete Sampras and Roger Federer. Sampras is a living legend who had fought so well especially in Wimbledon. Even though he dint won one single French Open (clay court) ,his real talent was witnessed by spectators in Wimbledon .
nadal vs federer
Roger Federer is the consistent performer in all .Last month ,he conquered France with his French Open. Now he is one step away from Sampras to become the highest number of grand slam winner. Pete Sampras had so many tough opponents in his time. Even though he tackled all of them and won 7 grand slams in Wimbledon . I personally feel that he is the living legend far better than Federer .As of now ,Federer has only one opponent., Perhaps the whole world knows that its Rafael Nadal. Last year Wimbledon was rated as the best final between the two masters of tennis . The match went to final set and Nadal grabbed the cup .It was a worst year for Federer. But now this year . Federer is fresh and his French open title boosts his confidence to win the Wimbledon .If he does it ,he would be considered the greatest .I think he can will do it. The great says goes like this “Records are meant to be broken”.

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