Thursday, February 4, 2016

Engagement Ring of Some Bollywood Stars

Raj Kundra gifted Shilpa Shetty a 20-Carat Diamond worth 3 crore rupees and definitely Shilpa wont say No to Raj.

Kareena Kapoor got 5 Carat Platinum Band Diamond Ring from Saif.

Genelia displays Solid Solitaire a gift from Riteish. 

Super Star Rajni inspired very much after watching Tamil Film Visaaranai

Visaaranai the new Tamil Film according to Rajni is so brilliant and considered as one among the best movies of World cinemas.The film is directed by national award winning film maker Vetrimaaran.

The story is about Police arrogance and brutal force in the jail and the film is based on a story called Lock up.It is written by an Auto driver M.Chandrakumar.The stars include Samuthrakani ,Dinesh, Murugadoss and Kishore.

Brazilian agent asks Neymar to wipe out charges

The Brazilian company recently informed that compensation has been given for Neymar's transfer to Barcelona and also advised the player to wipe out all charges against him that he is currently facing in Spain.

Pakistan Army decides to help to trace missing Indian Army personnel

On Thursday Pakistan Army is ready to extend his help in finding out the 10 Indian Army personnel as they lost the way due to an Avalanche stroked their military camp.

The Army Director General Military Operations Major General Aamer Riaz inquired his counterpart Lt Gen Ranbir Singh and conveyed that they will also join the rescue operation.

In 2012 also the Army camp Gayari sector was hit by an avalanche and 140 soldiers and civilians including the Pakistani's were killed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Somalian pilot lands plane safely when 'bomb' blows that creates hole in fuselage

In a strange  explosion occurred on a plane A321 that created a hole in fuselage caused one passenger's death.But the Somalian pilot returned the plane to Mogadishu to safety. The Plane is being operated by Hermes Airlines started its journey from Mogadishu and heading for Djibouti .On board there  were 74 passengers  

Mobile phone explodes when boy attends call on charge

At Mathuranthakam a class 4 student suffered burns immediately he attended a incoming call due to phone explosion.Later it is revealed that the boy answered the call while it was on charge. He got severe burn injuries to the right hand,face and eyes.Now he is undergoing treatment in Government Ophthalmic Hospital.His left eye is injured and the right eye cornea is much damaged.