Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Belated Wishes to Asin

On October 26, Asin celebrated her birthday happily. She is eagerly waiting for the Bollywood film London Dreams. The film will be released on Friday 30th October. Asin acted with Salman Khan and Ajay Devagan in the film. After the success of Ghajini, Asin is very eager the release of London Dreams. Asin was one the famous and minimum controversial stars in India.

Sources said that she got another new offer in Bollywood and the offer came from Ashutosh Gowarikar for Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey and the hero is Abhishek Bachan. So She is very happy and celebrated her birthday in a grand manner. Let us also wish her.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shilpa Shetty Engagement Stills/News

On 24th October Saturday Shilpa Shetty and her fiancĂ© Raj Kundra engagement ceremony took place at Raj Kundra’s flat at Juhu, Mumbai. Close friends and family members attended the function.

Raj Kunra is a businessman in London. They are friends for some time. The marriage will took place in December. Shilpa is very beautiful in her engagement red bordered pink sari.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Superstar in Srikanth's son reception

Recently, former Indian Cricket Captain Srikanth’s Son Adithyaa’s wedding reception took place. Earlier Adithyaa and Aishwarya marriage ceremony took place in a ritual manner. The reception was attended by famous film personalities, cricket legends, and politicians.

Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Ms.Jayalalitha attended the reception and blessed the couple. Famous film personalities attended the function are Superstar Rajinikanth with his wife and Ilayathalapathy Vijay. Cricket legend Kapil Dev, Cricketer Sreesanth are the other celebrities attended the reception.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Naga Temple at Mannarsala

The Hindus of Kerala worship serpents and tree. This is a Dravidian practice. The Naga temples of Mannarsala and Vettikode are famous. In the hierachy of Hindu Gods, the serpent has only a minor place.

Likewise tree worship is so popular that the Hindus consider the Pipal tree, the Kuvalam and the Tulasi as sacred. Ancestor and devil worship are also not uncommon among the Hindus. Several minor Gods are also worshiped by the Hindus are Brahma, Saraswati and Suryan.

Superb Pave Diamond Rings

Hi friends, in everyone’s life marriage ceremony is an important and unforgettable event. Before the marriage there are many prolonged affairs accompanied by elaborate ceremonies and the one important ceremony is engagement function. During this function rings are exchanged between the bride and bridegroom. As it is a memorable event and we should buy the best and superb design ring for this function. For purchasing antique engagement rings CleverEve are the best. In their site you will find different varieties of rings such as elegant diamond right hand rings, pave diamond rings, diamond side-stone rings, diamond engagement rings, etc. You will find the rate of the rings and retail price of rings also. You can choose from white gold to yellow gold and you can select the stones such as Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire also. You have the choice to choose the Platinum or gold or two tone model and the diamond carat weight and stones setting type etc. Before ordering you can contact through e-mail or in the toll free number provided in the site. They are in the field for more than thirty years of committed service to their customers. The rings are made with super quality diamonds and craftsman ship is wonderful. Their experts will always help the customers in their need. Purchase a ring and gift it to your lover during the engagement function will attract the attention of all persons present on the occasion. Your lover will be mesmerized by your selection.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yakshagana - dance drama in Karnataka

Yakshagana is the famous dance drama form of Coastal Karnataka with a tradition going to the 16th Century. There is mention of this style is Kannada Literature of the Tenth and the Twelfth century. In the 16th Century, the poet Ratnakar Varni speaks of their form in his composition "Bharateshavaibhava".

There into hundred Yakshagana opera plays written since the 16th Century. The plays are fantasies dealing with heroes gods and demons from our myths and legends. The medium of music dance and literature is fully exploited in this form.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Important tips for diet control

The general problem that people have is obesity and the best way to solve this is to do exercise and have a balanced diet. It is very easy to tell to have a controlled or balanced diet but to follow such a diet is not the easiest of things even to think. The alternative solution is to have protein bars which are delicious and have high protein. The calorie is low in these diet bars making you slim and sexy. The biggest advantage by using these diet bars is that they offer money back on all the purchase if you are not satisfied with their product.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sania crashes out of Japan Open

Sania Mirza lost the Japan Open.Sania lost her semi-final against Osaka in straight sets.Osaka was very furious right from the start of the game and her serves where rocketed at Sania Mirza and Sania had no answers for them. The match was a one sided contest and Osaka showed her dominance right from the start of the game.

Osaka is ranked 26 in the world and Sania Mirza rank is 61. Sania Mirza told that she felt very sad that she could not reach the final but Sania accepted that she was totally outplayed by her opponent Osaka.


Sania lost the match in straight sets. (2-6, 1-6)

Nice holidaying resorts

Hi friends, here is the comforting news particularly to those looking for holiday resorts. One such place is called Myrtle Beach Resort. The beach resort with its long structure protruding from the land over the sea does make anyone spell bound for its glorious outfit. They are providing rooms with fully furnished and with the way the concerned staff maintaining the cleanliness are to be really appreciated.

The restaurants are getting delicious meals and rendering a very good customer service. The guest rooms where people can enjoy the decoration offered to the every corner of the construction. For entertaining one has got the facility of Television sets in all the rooms, the Internet checking which is an added feature to the guests.

This new sea view restaurant rooms is the center of attraction for all and with a view to enjoying a holiday trip. There are number of entertaining shopping’s and swimming places for the on goers near the Myrtle Beach Resorts. The most high light of the beach, prince resort Pier ie. the long structure that is protruding over the sea about 985 feet long from the restaurant is to be seen and believed. Myrtle Beach Accomodations are available at affordable rates when compared with others are customer friendly and they are providing King size beds, fully furnished kitchen etc.

Varkala sea side Resort, Trivandrum

Varkala is a famous sea-side resort and pilgrim center, about 48 kms. north off Trivandrum, famous throughout India for its ancient temple dedicated to Janardana (Lord Vishnu). An inscription says that the temple was renovated in AD 1252. It is believed that the temple is more than 2000 years old.

Here is one of the most panoramic beaches of India. High cliffs order the beach. Mineral water springs gushing out from these cliffs are well known for their curative properly. Regular bath here is considered to be a remedy for skin diseases. The sea is shallow. After a sea bath, one can take a fresh water wash at these springs. The beach is called Papanasam, the destroyer of sins. The sea and the springs are considered to be holy theerthams.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Website hosting explained

Hello everybody let me get little technical and explain you what is Web hosting so that people those who have plans of starting a new website can go ahead with their dream. The process of creating a website is quite simple and you need not be a tech savvy for that, well all that you need is adequate amount of technical knowledge. I am here to provide you that knowledge.

The first and the foremost knowledge that you need to start a website is you must know about website hosting since only then you can choose the service provider that will best suit your requirement. The definition of web hosting in simple terms is a company offers you space in their servers so that you can save all your data their and the whole world can access that provided the server of the service provider is up. The rates at which the web hosting companies provide this is very nominal and I have listed the top 10 web hosting sites based on some of the important criteria’s like server up time cost and most important thing the service provider reliability. The more information of what type of service will suit you is discussed in blog section . So the ball is in your court you can select the service that is apt to you and enjoy writing up and live up to your dreams.

Friday, October 16, 2009

TCS Q2 results announced Rs 1,642 crores profit

TCS the India's largest company announced its Q2 results and the profit was a whooping Rs 1642 crores.The new CEO of TCS N.Chandrasekaran addressed the media and he said that there is a considerable improvement in the global market and this is encouraging news and things will soon get back to normal.

The net profit of TCS is 7.1 percent more than the previous quarter and the overall growth is 29.9 percent.Chandrasekaran was very happy and said that TCS will continuously work towards achieving these kind of results over a long period of time and he also said that TCS is planning to increase the head count by 8000 more employees.This means that the market stability is retaining its normal state and this is good news for all the graduates who are searching for job.

Tips to host a new site

People today like to have a platform so that they can share their knowledge with people around them I would encourage more and more people to do this but for that you need to start a web site since that is best way to spread the knowledge that you have to this whole world. This is a very simple process and the amount that you need to spend for this is very low. There are sites which offer you this service for free, but friends believe me they are not worth since whatever you get for free of cost is not worth. This is what I learnt out of my personal experience and I felt like sharing that with you. well in order to start a new site you need to contact a web hosting company so that they will allocate a some space for you in their data servers so what ever you publish on your site will go their in there site.

The web hosting sites are plenty in net and so there will be a lot of hindrance for you to select which one is suitable for you. Well the best way to go about to select a web hosting site is to see what all the services that they provide and the up time of their server and the rest is normal with all the sites.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Online Gaming explained

The casino games are the latest version of online gaming and there are three types of online games. They are web based, download based and the third one is the live games. The web based is where the user can play from his local system without downloading the software. The next is the download based software where you need to download the software to your local system in order to play the game. The third is the live based where the players in the game can interact with each other and play the game. The online bonus is other attractive offer to new players so that users will prefer their site.

Online Gambling are done mainly to earn money and these type of games are played either as a tournament or as a ring type. This to provide you a better idea of how they function and now it is up to you to select the game that will best suit you. I would advice you all to read the sites and gather information before going and investing in to the game. Play some free games so that you can become well versed. Once you earn more you can take some calculated risk and for that you must know all the tips and tricks of the game.

Ponting best Ian Chappell

Ian Chappel feels that Ricky Ponting is the best player in the world right now. Ian Chappell said that Ponting is better than India's Sachin Tendulkar.Ponting has performed exceptionally well especially after the Ashes loss to England.Ponting was under severe scrutiny after the loss in the Ashes series but Australia and Ponting silenced the critics with a 6-1 win in the ODI series and then to clinch the Champions Trophy in style.

Ricky Ponting said that he still has some years of cricket left in him. Ponting retired from the T@0 games very recently vut he still feels that he has the capacity and capability to play in ODI's and Tests.

Gaming industry news

The gaming has been taken to the next level with visual effects and 3D sounds. People enjoy the games and have a virtual feel and this gives a real gaming environment feel.Casino Online is a type of online game where you can play casino games as if you play them in real world. This virtual feel is really great and more and more gamers have now turned to this type of online gaming since you can have the same action and thrills from home. These games involves huge amount of cash and so care should be taken while selecting the game that will suit you. The wrong selection of a game can hurt you badly. The process of selecting a game that is suitable for you is not an easy job and requires experience and expertise.

Either you need to have contact with an expert or else you need to be an expert in order to make some stellar performances in this game, but some of the games involve some amount of luck too. If you are going to try your hand, which I would recommend you all to do, see the best sites available in net and then decide the site and have some thrilling experience. All the best!!!

Sudeep Tyagi in the Indian squad

Sudeep Tyagi gets is chance to play in national colors for the Indian team against the Australians in the on going series.Tyagi plays for Uttar Pradesh in the first class level and he bowled exceptionally well in the Rajini season and got more than 40 wickets and his performance was indeed a stellar one.

Sudeep Tyagi also plays for Chennai Superb Kings in th IPL and he bowled really well in the IPL season 2 is well.Hence Tyagi gets a nod ahead of most players who are performing well.I feel since Dhoni is the captain of CSK ( Chennai Superb Kings ) Dhoni might be impressed with him and that is the reason why Tyagi is in the squad.

The media people asked Sudeep Tyagi and he told that he want to perform like Zahher Khan for India. This is a tribute for Zack and I personally like the way Zack has bowled in the past two years.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gaming Unleashed

The World of Online Gaming is fast catching up people of all generations and I am no exception from this. I just love to play online games and off late my interest has shifted from online games to casino games. There are so many such types of games but since money is involved in this we must be very careful with the game that we choose. Each game is different from the other and it is up to us to decide what game would suit us. Certain things in life are very easy to say but extremely tough to implement. Same is the case here since it is very tough to find what game will suit us. Guys I had the same problem once I started with gaming but then after some browsing in the net got a site where we get all the news and updates related to gaming. The name of this site is Gamblecraft where they provide online gaming tutorials and also help us to come with strategies which with we can win games.

They provide the list of ten best games that can be a potential way to make money as well as, have fun with these games. The more you read from this site there is more probability that you will start winning games.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gmail vs Yahoo Mail

Gmail vs Ymail

Google Mail is now India's largest free email service provider with more than 18 million users. Yahoo mail was leading the race in India but very recently Gmail climbed to reach the No1 spot.The growth of Gmail has been very constant and the increase is 3 percent for every month and so some experts feel that this change in spot was always coming and was much expected one in India.

The experts have predicted that Gmail is fast growing in US is well and if Yahoo and MSN don't take necessary step then in the years to follow Gmail will reach a position that will be tough for the other competitors to catch up.

How to recover deleted mails

Today ‘s things are so fast moving that we need to get the right file at right time. This is very tough since we cannot get the data at the time when we need it. Sometimes we delete certain mails that might contain important data and after before we could realise the importance of those mails they might have got deleted even from our trash folder itself. So in such cases we might get really annoyed since our required data will not be even found in the trash folder. So we must not panic in these situations since I have the right solution for you, Remo Outlook Mail Recovery which helps you to restore the deleted mails easily without much pain. It also helps us in restoring the .pst file from Microsoft Outlook 2000, to the latest version that is the 2007 version. It features the best algorithms ever designed for recovering the data from Microsoft Outlook.

PST Repair done using the Remo software helps us to recover mails that have been deleted from trash is well. This software is available in this site and the demo version can be downloaded for free and once you use the demo I am sure you will buy the original version. So friends no more worries of deleted mails or corrupted data since you can recover them at anytime.

Asin denies rumors of refusing Farah Khan’s offer

Asin was very upset and asked the media people to stop these kind of rumors. Asin also pointed out that she never got an offer from Farah Khan’s offer and she would love to work with him since he is a very good friend of mine.Asin also pointed out another very important thing that "who will refuse to act opposite to SRK."

The buzz is that Asin refused to act opposite to SRK in the movie "Happy New Year". Asin told that these kind of false rumors are making are very much upset. Asin will be seen with Salman Khan in her next movie "London Dreams".

Enjoy Online Gaming

This post is to enlighten my viewers on the online games and their never ending craze. Online gaming is in a rise and in the last three or four years more and more users are in to this Gaming world. The Gaming world can be classified mainly in to two types. One is Computer games and the other is Gambling. Well both the game can be played during your leisure time but once you have become an expert in that you can play them for cash. This is welcomed news and most people must know about this, but you must be very careful in the games that you choose since there is certain amount of risk involved in these games.

The biggest brand in online gaming which was established in 1999 is Playtech. They provide gaming and software support and they also provide you the details of what are all the safe sites after doing some serious research. They provide great gaming features which makes them a stand out product from the rest of the products that are available in the market. The games have customizable option which means you have all the access to adjust the gaming preferences like sound, graphics options and even the difficulty level of the game.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dipika Pallika vs Joshna Chinappa


Dipika Pallika after giving a stiff fight lost to Joshna Chinappa. The natch was evenly poised at one stage with 8-8 in the first set but Dipika Pallika lost from there one and Joshna won the first set 11-8.WISPA Challenger-2 event was very much eager to see the match but the match lasted only for 25 minutes with Dipika Pallika losing the game in straight set's.

Joshna Chinappa showed her class and experience with her game and Dipika Pallika was no match to her and now Dipika Pallika has to wait to take her revenge back on Joshna.The finals will be tough for Joshna since she herself admitted that if she add to win match she must be more fit.Well the above image is just a mismatch to this post but I still dreamt that she could have won the match!!!

Fashion glasses

The trendy eye glasses are the latest taste among everyone and this three images are just a sample of those beautiful glasses which increase our looks.How You Can Start Spending Smart is a question that many people get and the answer for this is spend money to get new eye glasses and my $ 8 Rx eyeglasses suit me the most.The list of pictures above are My favorite high fashion eyeglasses

Aadhavan release date Oct 16 confirmed news

Surya's much awaited Aadhavan release date has been confirmed and the film is set to be a most awaited movie for this Diwali.Vijay pulling of from the race it is now Surya who looks to be in the lead. The movie is set to release world wide on October 16th on the eve of Diwali. The movie has Surya and Nayanthara in the lead roles and the music is done by Harris Jayaraj.The expectation of the movie is sky rocketing since the movie is directed by K.S.RaviKumar, who is well known for his Midas touch.

The major highlight if the movie is that Surya plays a ten year old guy and this footage will be screened in the movie for 10 to 15 minutes. The director K.S.RaviKumar and actor Surya where very reluctant to do this at the beginning but it has come out extraordinarily well.Surya also admitted that all the credit goes to a Mumbai based visual effect specialist who took so much care and the scenes have come out really very well.


Aadhavan story plot is that Surya is playing a negative role in the movie which will be much talked after the movie releases.Surya is a assassin in the movie who kills many politicians for the money. Surya looks cool in the stills with the gun,but Surya has admitted that the movie is a family entertainer and will liked by all the generations.Vadivelu is providing the comedy relief in th movie.

Friday, October 9, 2009

How to play online games

The word Online Casino Gambling is very popular and the most sorted game, among youngsters and it is becoming increasingly popular especially with the craze for these type of games among youngsters. The intensity of the game is really amazing and you get paid for the work that you do. Work in the sense the games that you play. These games are a fun to play but it requires a lot of expertise if you need to play with money, off course you need some amount of luck too. You need to play a lot of games to get better knowledge of what is happening in these games, and also you need to learn a lot and stay updated so that you can become a expert of this online gaming.

The other most important aspect is you must know the list of top 10 sites in this type of gaming to play and earn more and more. I have come across people who know the game well and have a certain amount of look earn a lot and some people who have lost a lot of money. So my kind advice to all of you is that don’t play the game for money unless you are sure about the rules of the game and most importantly the tips and tricks to play strategically and win most of the games. All the best.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Serena Williams naked brave act for ESPN magazine.

Serena Williams has gone nude for the ESPN magazine.The magazine is on Body Issue and Serene agreed to go nude or the magazine.This is the cover page of the magazine and this happens to be the talk of the town. There are totally six athletes who have gone nude and the other five along with Serena are all big names.

The magazine is about "Bodies We Want" and the Gary Belsky the chief writer said that the big is already a huge hit and this book will make a big impact in the market.Serena's muscular body is flaunted and will this help her when it comes to her public image. When I had a chat with my friends I got mixed reaction.So friends feel free to share your views.

Gaming to the core

Online gaming is the word that is most common among all the youngsters today and this trend is fast catching up in all the countries, and people are more and more in to online gaming. People who played games for passion have started taking it more seriously and are concentrating more on playing the games with more vigor and extreme intensity and some of them have even become professional gamers. The reason why people have taken it more seriously is mainly due to the money involved in it. Apart from money you can do what you like and you are paid for that.

The Casino Online games are one such games which involves a lot of money and too an extend some risk too. A newbie who does not have any experience in this might have to loose a lot of money in order to no the nuances of the game, but this should be avoided and equal chance should be given to all the players. This is can be done playing some games for free so that you can get to know about the game and reading some books on how to play the game with the right tactics and the approach. The near future is said that if you are a player from US then you are going to earn loads and loads of money from these games.

Complete guide to remove Security Tool Virus

The Security tool virus is a anti-spyware program but it is basically a malware prompted through pop ups in websites and trojans.My kind advice is never install this software since it gives you false alarm and gives you a list of files when you scan your system. the files which it shows are legitimate and valid files. when you try to clean those files it asks you to by the software.Friends never by this fake software,and it is not worth a penny.This is the screen shoot of how the software looks and never delete the files which it shows as infected. I remind you again all those files are legitimate files.

Security Tool Virus

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware is the software which get rid of all the malware and so you can be safe and not loose your important data.


1) Download the software MalwareBytes Anti-Malware.Search in Google to get the link.

2) Install the setup file.

3) Now click the install button and don't edit any of the options.

4) Perform quick scan by selecting the scan tab.

5) Once the scan is complete press show results and you will see Security Tool Virus listed in this.

6) Now select the list and delete all the malware programs.

Relax while moving

Hi folks the process of relocating from a one house to other is very common and this has become very normal among people who stay in rented house. The process might be very common but the hindrance and annoyance is too much since you need to safe guard each and every article of yours especially the fragile articles. These kinds of articles are prone to be broken and so utmost care should be taken so that they are kept in tact during re-location from one place to other. Humboldt Storage and Moving are the best Moving Company in the world and they understand our worries and reduce our stress to the minimal.

The cost for the relocation is very nominal and you can get a free estimate about that by filling their online form. All you need to do is enter some basic details like name address and the place where you need to relocate and they specify a rough estimate for this. The services provided by them are excellent since they have trained people who are experts in the work and do a perfect job. You can also contact them by phone for all the moving and storage needs. The toll free number to reach out for them is Toll Free Dial: (800) 225-9845.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shane Watson and his girlfriend Lee Furlong

Shane Watson and his girlfriend Lee Furlong are seen in the Brisbane airport. Shane Watson started the ICC tournament with 4 ducks for Australia and then went on to make two consecutive hundreds in the semi finals and the finals which helped Australia to retain to the title of Champions Trophy.

Shane Watson was praised the Aussie captain Ricky Ponting. Ponting said that this is the Shane Watson that thy know and he has proved his presence in the ICC Champions Trophy.Shane Watson revived his career with IPL( Indian Premier League) or else Australia would have lost his services totally.

Online Football Gaming

The craze for Online gaming is increasing day by day since more and more people are in to the World of Internet. People have started taking more seriously while in the past years game was viewed with a general angel that it is only for fun. People now have realized that gaming with money is the best way to earn online now. The latest trend in this type of gaming is online sports betting. There are a lot of sports but the best way to earn is from football and the best site to do so is This site provides all the information that a user needs and how can you set key strategies and device plans to win online.

The site has a news section which brings you all the updates and the action in the world of sports so that you can be tuned with what is happening in the world. This site not only has information about football but also other famous sports like Cricket , Rugby , Motor Sport and even golf. They split users basically in to two categories one is the people who are new to online betting and the other are the people who are new to sports betting and based on this they provide all the help that is required for a person to master himself to play this game.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dhoni still No1 in ICC ODI Rankings

Indian Captain MS.Dhoni leads the ICC ODI Rankings for batsman. Earlier Dhoni was given the ICC ODI player of the year award. The other two Indians who are in the top 10 are Yuvraj and Sachin Tendulkar. Yuvraj is placed in at the second position and Sachin is at 9th place.

Indian team are placed behind the Aussies. The Australian team lead India by four points and this lead and significant difference in points is mainly because of their performance in the recent Champions Trophy.

Plush accessories

Hi friends want to shop for weekend. Looking for a new place where you can find all that you need at nominal rates. I would better suggest you all to contact the tool free number 877.203.7185 or visit the site. The site has wide collection right from key chains to Iphone. When you view the site online you also have the opportunity to make a search of the product you want from this site. You can select even the latest product by clicking the dropdown in the Order by menu. Select the favorite item and add that to cart. The customer rating for each product is available which helps us to get a rough idea about the product before we buy that. This is a very great feature since it is like a review about the project.

The plush accessories are very famous and they are Perfect Back To School Gift! and this featured in all the top magazines recently. You can create an account with them free of cost and this is done to provide our personal information to them. The processing of order is very fast and it takes less than 48 hours. The shipping cost is based on weight and the quantity that is ordered. Get all your plush accessories from this site.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kerala Houses

Kerala in early times had independent homesteads spread all over the State. There was no cluster ofhouses, in a village system. Nalukettu was the conventional pattern of houses built to suit the needs of joint families. This was replaced later by terraced or tiled bungalows. Modern buildings are designed to house small families. Weaker sections put up buildings of mud walls, with thatched roof. Only affluent people build houses made of brick and wood.

Spectacular changes came over the design and architecture of buildings in Kerala in recent times. Concrete houses are coming up every where. The houses built here are in Baker Model, in which the traditional architectural style is combined with easily available local materials.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Use of LED lights

LED lights can be mainly used to save energy and they reduce your electricity bills drastically. The led lights offer several benefits when used in vehicles since they have great durability and zero maintenance. So it is better to change to LED lights for better performance at lower rates. There are so many sites which sell Led lights but cost wise it is better to go and purchase from this site. This site has a very good picture gallery of all the led products that they sell. The picture gallery gives us a clear idea about each and every product including size color and the price too. The rates are very nominal and the quality of the products is flawless. The other great feature about these led light emitter lights is that they run on any voltage ranging from 9 volts to 32 volts.

These led lights are used in various applications and in various environments showing their versatility. Industry , military and in security these led lights feature the most. They provide excellent customer services since they know the importance of customer satisfaction and they are one of the pioneers in the industry. You need to register with them to create a new account. Shop today to get all that you need.

Rajini speech about Kamal in Vijay TV

Rajini and Kamal were found together after a long time in Ulaganayagan Kamal 50 event.Rajini who is generally very choosy about the function that he attends agreed to come to Kamal's big event.Rajini was on time for the function and was present for the whole function which was more than 5 hours. Kamal and Rajini showed the industry what real friendship is and Rajini mainly spoke about their early days in film industry and their association with KB sir. "Kalai Ulagam Anna" was the name given to Kamal by Rajini in is speech.

Rajini also spoke that he could speak about Kamal for more than 2 days, so much is the achievement that Kamal has made to the cinema industry. He also said that when he came to film industry Kamal was already a established hero but Kamal never interfered in the role of Rajini that shows tha character of Kamal.He also added that he still remembers after Ninaithale Inikkum Kamal called Rajini and told it would be better if you act as a hero so that it could increase your growth in film industry,that was the real turning point in my life.

Kamal was called to say some few words. Kamal was emotionally moved by Rajini's speech said that no actor would be so frank as Rajini and he told that Rajini is his best friend and he would remain to be his best friend forever.

Diwali celebration

The queen of festivals, Diwali comes in the cool claimed month of October or November. This year Diwali falls on October 17th. By its very name – a row of lamps – it means illuminations, radiance and beauty.

Many mythical stories are associated with this festival. First that Lord Ram was coroneted on this day after his return from exile. Second, that Lord Vishnu killed the demon of hell, Narakasura, third, that Bali, the arrogant king of Kerala, was humbled by Lord Vishnu. All these stories, however, celebrate the victory of good over evil. The lamps, flickering on the dark Diwali nights, strengthen our determination to respect knowledge, family togetherness and a search for a radiant life.

Friday, October 2, 2009

How to apply for loans online

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Dhoni wins the ICC ODI Player award

Ms Dhoni the Indian captain wins the ICC Cricketer of the year Award. This is the second consecutive year the Dhoni wins this award. The Indian captains consistent performance is the main reason for him to get this award. Dhoni was not present on the occasion to collect the award . Indian team is going on a lean patch and for three consecutive times India have made an early exit in the ICC tournaments.

Dhoni has also been declared as the captain for the ICC ODI and Test teams. India ‘s Gautam Gambhir became the ICC best test player of the year. India needs more consistency to be the best team in the world and for that to happen they need to perform has a team and not as individuals.