Saturday, October 17, 2009

Website hosting explained

Hello everybody let me get little technical and explain you what is Web hosting so that people those who have plans of starting a new website can go ahead with their dream. The process of creating a website is quite simple and you need not be a tech savvy for that, well all that you need is adequate amount of technical knowledge. I am here to provide you that knowledge.

The first and the foremost knowledge that you need to start a website is you must know about website hosting since only then you can choose the service provider that will best suit your requirement. The definition of web hosting in simple terms is a company offers you space in their servers so that you can save all your data their and the whole world can access that provided the server of the service provider is up. The rates at which the web hosting companies provide this is very nominal and I have listed the top 10 web hosting sites based on some of the important criteria’s like server up time cost and most important thing the service provider reliability. The more information of what type of service will suit you is discussed in blog section . So the ball is in your court you can select the service that is apt to you and enjoy writing up and live up to your dreams.

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