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New year Greeting cards
New Year Greetings


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Dubai Shopping Festival 2011

Dubai Shopping Festival 2011
Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 dates are announced recently. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival for the year 2011 will begin on January 20th and ends on February 20th. The 32 day Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 will attract millions of tourists to Dubai. Tourists can purchase many items like perfumes, electronic goods, watches, jewelry, etc. at discounted rates. The theme of Dubai Shopping Festival 2011 is One World – One Family – One Festival and all the countries participate this Festival will set up their country’s pavilion in the Global village.

During this Dubai Shopping Festival 2011, all well known branded articles are available at discount rates and the discount range is from 5% to 50%. All shops and malls offer raffle tickets and free gifts to their customers and tourists can win many big prizes during this time. Many entertaining events like Cartoon Shows, Circus shows, Jazz dance performance will took place during this Dubai Shopping Festival 2011.

Secured Healthcare through medical flights

Hi friends, providing medical facilities to the patients under normal circumstances will be a natural service. But patients who suffer from chronic ailments are to be taken care always. In some cases patients may need immediate help by means of shifting them through air flights due to natural calamity. For the welfare of such patients we have the excellent services of which have been doing dedicated job of flying the patients through the jets and shifting them to other required hospitals.

The above site is experienced in that field from the year 1983. The crew members include flight nurses, respiratory therapist and paramedics. All the above staffs are well organized and expert in medical training in air craft. The air ambulance engages aircrafts that are duly operated by FAA air carriers. These flights are rightly allowed for air operation with ambulance facilities. Patients are also allowed to travel with their own doctor if so wished. The patient and his family can feel so satisfied with the services of air ambulance.

Washington National and State Parks

North Cascades National Park

Mt. Rainier National Park, ABOUT 85 MI SOUTHEAST OF Seattle, was named for Mt. Rainier – the fifth highest mountain (14411 ft. ) in the lower 48 states. The Jackson Memorial Visitor Center at paradise has exhibits, films and a 360 degree view of the summit and surrounding peaks. Olympic National Park is one of the most outstanding places of natural beauty in the United States, with its jagged wilderness coastline; a lush, temperate rain forest; 60 odd active glaciers and the alpine contours of Hurricane Ridge. North Cascades National Park, a beautiful and remote park about 120 mi northeast of Seattle, holds some of the state’s most rugged mountains, craggy peaks and jewel-like lakes.
Olympic National Park

Two beautiful State Parks are perched on either end of the narrow Long Beach peninsula. Ledbetter Paint State park on the northern tip, is a wildlife refuge that’s good for bird watching. The dues at the very tip are closed from April to August to protect the nesting snowy plover. Black brant, sandpipers, turnstones, yellowlegs, knots and plovers are among the 100 spices known to inhabit the point. Fort Canby State Park attracts beach combers, hikers, fishermen and military history enthusiasts.

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Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greetings
Christmas Greeting cards
Christmas gifts
Christmas decorations

Hi everybody, I wish all my friends, "Merry Christmas"

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Burj Dubai Photos

Burj Dubai Stills
Burj Dubai Photos
Burj Dubai Hotel Stills
Dubai Hotel

Raise of Technology and need of Gadgets

In today’s world “Computers” have become an integral part and I feel, soon they will become a basic need and can be found in each and everyone’s home. The only thing would be Computers are getting replaced by Laptops and soon some new technology would come to replace Laptops as well. This could be an apt example for the famous proverb which goes like this. “Nothing is permanent in this world, except Change”.

Next few decades Computers and Laptops are the ones, which are going to automate most of the works that are done manually now. Now I will suggest you a place where you can get branded Computers and Laptops at discount rates. Online shopping from this site makes life much easier since they have all the branded items at best rates. So I think you have found a place for cheap laptop computer deals where you can find all the branded items at best quality. So make it a point that you purchase one and make your kids use it.

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Houston shopping

Houston shopping
The city’s premier shopping area is the Galleria, or Uptown. Here, the Galleria mall is famous for high quality stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Tiffany & Co. The Pavilion on Post Oak is a mall north of the Galleria mall. Wertheimer Road, on the east side, expands the shopping area further with specialty retailers, superstores and galleries. The headquarters for boots and other western gear is Stelzig’s Western Wear. You will find Gift packs of sauces, cooking equipment, and stylish western wear are found at Goode Company BBQ Hall of Flame. The Village next to Rice to University was Houston’s first mall; it still has many small shops as well as some national names.

For antiques, vintage clothing, and folk at, try the stores in between Heights Boulevard and Yale Street, you will find everything from treasures to junk at Trader’s Village Flea Market and RV Park, a 60 acre sprawl of merchants and peddlers open on Saturday and Sunday only.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grass Art Stills

Grass Art Stills
Grass Art photos
Superb Grass Art Stills

Wonderful Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel
Crowne Plaza Schwerin is one of the most preferred hotels since it can be reached with ease via A24 highway from Berlin and A20 highway from Hamburg. The facilities are top class and they know the importance of customers comfort, and have taken all the necessary steps to make the customer feel as if they are at home.

Crown Plaza knows the importance of sleep and they have started a special program called SleepAdvantageTM which ensures complete relaxation for a person. This is a trademark of them and this initiative is most welcomed by the customer who keeps them completely fresh and energetic. Crown Plaza has excellent facilities for conducting meetings and they have exclusive packages and each customer can choose the desired package. This place is preferred by many people for meetings since they provide best facilities and take all the necessary steps to ensure that the meetings take place in a smooth and best possible way. Business Club initiative helps customers to sign up and start a new account. The customers who are under this scheme enjoy huge benefits like shopping vouchers, business club vouchers and also priority club points. You can request a quote from Crown Plaza Meetings and they give timely response. So I guess you have found one of the best hostels and so it is time to give it a try.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Portland, US Tourism

Rose Festival, Portland
Portland, one of America’s most important gateways to the Pacific Rim, has a reputation as a well-planned, charming city. With 2,265,000 people, Portland ranks as the 23rd largest metropolitan area in the nation and, straddling the banks of the wide Willamette River, it’s one of the largest inland ports on the West Coast. It also has flower filled parks, efficient mass transit, excellent hotels and restaurants and restored historic buildings. The Rose Festival held in early June is a month long series of parades and events drawing more than 2 million people each year from around the world.

The 1930s-era Portland Art Museum is one of several interesting buildings that line the South Park Blocks, a tree lined boulevard of parks with statues and fountains. The museum contains 35 centuries of Asian, European and Native American art and is a regional venue for large traveling exhibitions.

Magnificent Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Al Khobar
Dhahran and Dammam the busiest trading locations in Al Khobar, one would be very happy to find the extravaganza of the hotel called Holiday Inn Al Khobar. The Inn is situated very near to the exuberant Dhahran Shopping Complex and Alrashed Mall and the Khobar Corniche. The above Holiday Inn Al Khobar is the best suitable place for conducting various get-together meetings and business conferences. The dinner halls are so elegant with extraordinary facilities. There is also provision for video meetings. The meeting Hall can fill up to thousand persons so conveniently.

The customer who joins the business club in the above Inn will be gaining reward points whether he actually participates in the meeting or not. The loyalty programme enables the customer to secure points so that eventually he can win some wonderful articles through earning such points one can win ipod, DVD player and with better luck even attractive necklace. In the above hotel the customer can stay using the business club vouchers. After gaining business points the same can be used for comfortable stay in hotels anywhere in the World or even claim air miles. Before booking the above holiday Inn the general advice to the customers is to plan the travel chart, the touring spots and the connected events and the main aspect the weather. For the convenience they provide separate collection links on tour management.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Washington, D.C. Parks and Zoos

Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C

The 444 acre National Arboretum blooms with all manner of plants; clematis, ponies, rhododendrons and azaleas are among its showier inhabitants. The National Bonsai Collection, National Herb Garden, and an odd and striking hilltop construction of old marble columns from the U.S. Capitol are also well worth seeing.

National Zoological Park - Pandas
The 160 acre National Zoological Park is one of the top zoos in the world. Innovative compounds show animals in naturalistic settings, and the ambitious Amazonian recreates the ecosystem of a South American rain forest. Its most famous residents are a pair of giant pandas, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, who arrived from China in 2001.

Rock Creek Park is a cool silver of green jutting down in to the center of the city. Its 1800 acres include picnic sites and trails that wend through groves of dogwood, beech, oak and cedar.

Health is Wealth

Yoga Boston

Hi everybody, there is a very common saying that “Health is Wealth”. To keep a good health, we should do some regular exercise. In 1999, Kathy Van Patten, Gyrotonic Master Trainer started Boston Pilates Studio (the earlier name is Boston Body Works Studio) and offered the most effective and excellent physical exercise programs to suit each and everyone. GYROTONIC is a new exercise technique incorporating the principles of yoga, gymnastics, dance, tai-chi and swimming. In their studio, they train individuals to become GYROTONIC teachers, conduct workshops, offer certification courses and also they offers semi-private and private lessons, training and small group classes to suit individual needs.

Yoga Boston is the new GYROTONIC exercise, and this method is a combination of dance and Pilates with synchronized breathing exercise which gives you numerous benefits. The simultaneous working of cardiovascular, neurological and musculature systems is safe and enjoyable too. They offer various levels of training such as Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. New customers should undergo one to five introductory classes before moving to other classes. All these training classes are available on all seven days and you can fix an appointment to know more about these programs. Each and every training session helps you to achieve your goals with ease.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Parc Asterix, Paris

Parc Asterix, Paris

Parc Asterix, Paris is one of the best world class theme parks. All children love to visit Parc Asterix, Paris in addition to Disneyland Paris. The comic character Astérix in the French comic books is brought to life with many rides in the theme park Parc Asterix, Paris. This park is situated in the north of Paris in a beautiful, grand looking green setting and it has 7 adventure areas and many thrilling shows to entertain all age group people.

The wooden roller coaster viz. Tonnerre de Zeus is a magnificent roller coaster and it takes you 1200 meter race and in many places you will enjoy the ride off the ground over the tree tops. You can enjoy the race with twists and turns. There are many attractions and fun for young children. Parc Asterix, Paris open on all days during 3rd April to October 31st. The ticket cost for adult is £ 39 and children in age group of 3 to 11 are charged £ 29.

Best place to purchase NFL Jerseys

NFL Jerseys
Hi friends, are you looking for purchasing NFL Jerseys for your team? I will give the best site “Fan Shop Inc.” where you can get all football gifts, headband wigs, NFL team logos, NFL Fan faces etc. In the above site you will find various size NFL Jerseys to suit each and every customer needs. The NFL Uniform set has the following items:- double knit polyester team jersey and pants, shoulder pads, foam padding, face mask, adjustable chin straps and helmet. The above NFL Jerseys are cent percent polyester double knit and also the polyester trousers and pants, which are specially stitched with elastic waist band that are real worth buying.

Fan Shop Inc. is one of the leading best online shopping stores where you can get youth uniform sets for your kids. You can get the best NFL uniform sets in different colors from the famous manufacturer of Franklin. The different varieties of Jerseys available are Chicago Bears Youth Jersey, Atlanta Falcons Youth Jersey etc. You can select your favorite number and you can customize your NFL Jersey also. The team’s graphics are printed on the chests and sleeves which gives a very nice look. The products are sold at $39.99 and they will deliver the products within 3 days.

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