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King of Pop Michael Jackson photos

Michael Jackson with wife Rowe photo
King of Pop Michael Jackson Wax figure
King of Pop Michael Jackson photos

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Hampton Court Palace, England

Hampton Court Palace Garden, England

One of the tourist attractions in England is Hampton Court Palace.
This is one of the finest palaces in the World. The owners of the prestigious Palace are Cardinal Wolsey, Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. Tourists can visit this palace in summer between 10 hours and 18 hours. During Winter Season they are allowed only 16.30 hours.

Hampton Court Palace, England

In the palace, tourists are allowed to see an introductory exhibition. Tourists are offered to see the King’s room, Queen’s room and all they like to see the Great Hall which is decorated with spectacular tapestries. The famous Privy Garden and maze are other tourist attractions. Ticket price for Palace, gardens and maze are as follows: Adult are charged - £13.30 and Children between the age group of 5-16 - £6.65. Children under the age of 5 are admitted free.

Welcoming Halloween activities

Halloween Banners

The annual holiday that is being celebrated on October 31st primarily in parts of the Western countries and widely in Scotland and Ireland is called Halloween. On this particular day, children used to trick or treating by wearing costume dresses. They wear distinctive class of clothes and visiting many houses and ask for treat such as money or candy. Even children used to play pranks when they are not offered any sort of treat by the house owners. The Halloween costumes are so delightful and this particular day will be so entertaining and cheerful.

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UK Hotels

Hotel Prince  Wales
Hotel Southern Shield
UK Hotels
Best UK Hotels

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oklahoma Tourism

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum

The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History is the largest natural history museum in the world connected to a university. The paleontology exhibit contains the world’s largest Apatosaurus specimen. Other exhibits highlight extensive Native American artifacts, the Hall of Natural Wonders, and a hands-on Discovery Room.

Cruise 68 mi south of Norman for one of Oklahoma’s scenic wonders, Turner Falls Park. Surrounded by the ancient cliffs of the Arbuckle Mountains is the State’s largest waterfall, at 77 ft. Trails and caves are enjoyable, but on a hot summer day, people are drawn to the deliciously cool waters below the waterfall.

Twenty miles south of Oklahoma City is Norman, home to the University of Oklahoma and an interesting blend of cultural opportunities. Free walking tours are available of the lovely landscaped university grounds and historical buildings from the OU Visitor Center. This is closed on Sundays.

Wonderful Wolf-skin dressing materials

jack wolfskin clothing
Jack Wolf skin situated in Germany is one of the largest outdoor manufacturing industries who are supplying to over four thousand shops. All such goods are produced with extreme quality under outstanding supervision. All the clothing products are completely subjected for testing and come out successful after careful research scholars and likely innovators who are waiting to introduce new designs with quality awareness. The is holding enormous inventory of jack wolfskin clothing materials covering from normal varieties to leisure wearing up activities. For instance let us view jack wolfskin Ebony Rip Rap Hat which is sold at $ 15 made from 50% wool and acrylic. Its weight is 110 g and the size 56 to 61 cm.

The other enterprising Jack Wolfskin Mens 14th Peak Granite Jacket available at $290 is really fantastic. It is designed with weather protection necessary for a mountaineer or professional. The above jacket is meant for hard use as it is manufactured from JW’s proprietary Texapore three layers with nail head re-enforcement at key places. The design of the Jacket is so purposeful for mountain climbers as it has durability and water-proof.

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Alaska Restaurants

Alaska Restaurants

Marx Brothers Café: The second oldest house in Anchorage was originally constructed for the engineers who built the Alaska Railroad; now it is a restaurant serving sophisticated fare such as macadamia crusted halibut and for dessert, wild berry crisp with Alaskan birch syrup. The Restaurant is also known for its Caesar salads and its wine list, with more than 500 selections.

Seven Glaciers Restaurant
Seven Glaciers Restaurant: A high speed tram transports you to this alpine Restaurant, perched on the side of Mt. Alyssa at 2,300 ft. You are assured a culinary adventure that emphasizes Alaska fish and grilled meats. This Restaurant is closed during November to April.

Double Musky: It’s worth of 40 mi trip south of town and the wait once you arrive. The little building set among spruce trees is casually decorated with Mardi gras memorabilia, the better to prepare you for the fine Cajun dishes and huge, tender steaks to come.