Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Abdul Kalam's death is a false rumour

Abdul Kalam
Abdul Kalam , abdul Kalam's death, apj abdul kalam died ,dr.abdul kalam , latest news about Abdul Kalam are some of most searched keywords in Google today. The false news is spreading so fast and that too world wide and it is the top shared news in micro blogging sites like Twitter. Kalam was one of the top twitter trends today and the false news about his death is a wide spread rumor.

Dr Hafiz Saleh Muhammad Alladin Abdul Kalm's advisor was the person who died on Monday morning. He was one among the top 100 most famous astronomers in the world. Dr Hafiz Saleh Muhammad Alladin has published more than 50 research papers and his paper about Solar / Lunar Eclipse in 1894 is a very famous one. Long live Abdul Kalam with hale and healthy life

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mani Ratnam Ponniyin Selvan cast

Mani Ratnam is known for roping in multiple starts and creating a magic with them. This time we hear that Mani Ratnam has huge cast for his upcoming film Ponniyin Selvan. The movie has Vijay , Arya and Mahesh Babu in the male lead roles. Anushka is the female lead of the movie. The movie is right now in pre-production stage and is expected to kick of by the end of this year. Shooting of the movie is expected to start by October or November.

The budget of Mani Ratnam's Ponniyin Selvan is 200 crores. The movie has already started creating biffs and the expectations are sky high. Production house Eros are the finance of this project. Stay tuned to get more updates abut this multi-cast Mani Sir movie.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome to smart phones world : HTC mania

htc phones
The evolution of technology growth is very evident, with more and more people opting for smart phones. The transition from mobile phones to smart phones is seen worldwide and hence I felt I would write an article about that. iPhone, Nokia and HTC are the predominant giants who are ruling the mobile industry. I am a person who likes to recommend the use of open source softwares since I have an aversion towards shareware. So this post is exclusively for people who are like me. HTC is our piece of cake since they use Android OS.

HTC Company is one of the pioneers in the industry and their growth is just phenomenal over the years.HTC operates worldwide and have made a trademark name for them in smart phone industry. HTC innovative smart phones are surely jaw dropping. HTC have now joined hands with Google to use Android OS which has made the mobile lovers go crazy. HTC is innovating and are trying out to build a separate mobile operating system. HTC Companies main aim is to become the leader in mobile and smart phone industry. Critics feel that HTC’s success is mainly due to its combination with Google and to use free and open source operating system “Android”.

HTC phones that are predominantly found in India are HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire and HTC Droid Incredible. The list is not ending with these three models. Consumermate site has a detailed listing of the models and their features and pricing in htc india category. I would suggest you all to have a look at them and decide which one suits you. It is high time to enter the world of smart phone.

Nanban 3 Idiots in Tamil

Nanban stills
Nanban movie is the remake of 3 Idiots in which we had vetran Aamir Khan in the lead role. The movie Nanban is expected to be released in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously on Diwali that is Octobor 26th. The cast in Tamil includes Vijay , Srikanth and Jeeva in main roles. Satyaraj and SJ.Surya are also part of this film. The film is directed by none other than the most dependable director Shankar.The movie has Ileena in the female role.

3 Idiots in tamil

The movie in Telugu has a slightly different cast. The cast is right now in Dehradun to shoot the college sequence. The movie is a big hit in Hindi. We have to wait and see whether the movie will make waves in Tamil and Telugu.

The movie 3Idiots is based on the story of Chetan Bhagat Five point someone. Chetan Bhagat is a very famous writer and I just love his stories. He always uses simple words and gives a feel good stories. Actor Vijay in the lead role and whether the movie will become a success in Tamil is a big question. It is very tough for someone to replicate the acting skills of Aamir Khan. Lets wait and watch what happens.