Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Most powerful car: Get the new look of Gelato TuLesto

Gelato TuLesto has released the limited edition 788PS high-end sports car.The looks of the car are really cool and amazing.The highlight of this car is that it will reach the speed of 100 kms within 3.4 seconds and has a record top speed of 350 km/hr.the weight of the car is said to be 1260 kg.I guess this one of the most powerful cars in the modern days

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trendy Bags

Travel is quite common these days. In this fast moving world travel is indispensable. So if you are such a person take a look at these people. They offer all kind of baggage’s so that we can have a Luxury Luggage travel to whatever place we go. The bags that they provide are mostly made up of the leather and they have high quality.
The best features about these bags are they are durable. They are the best in the business. I would like to give a very small example for that. They are doing business from 1977. This shows how good they are in this field .They are the pioneers of this field. So there is no worry we can get the items for sure from them.

The types of luggages that they provide are wheeled luggage, carry-on luggage, garment bags, business case and even some flashy and fancy bags. These bags are big at the same time compact. The trendy bags that are fast moving in the market are leather desk accessories.Have a close look at them. These leather bags look very nice and at the same time they are very compact. wheeled luggage bags are my favorite because they look so cool and you can use the wheels to good effect.

Still thinking of visiting to the site. Stop thinking and do shopping. For more details visit this site.

India to host more matches in World Cup 2011

It has been officially declared that India will host more matches in this edition of the World Cup.After the terrorist attacks in Pakistan all the matches which was supposed to be held in Pakistan have been canceled.So the venue for all the 49 mathces of the 2011 World Cup are

India will host 29 Matches
SriLanka will host 12 Matches
Bangladesh will host 8 Matches.

There is a talk that the Pakistan players may totally skip the Matches that are to be played in India.But the ICC is not concerned about that and they have declared that Pakistan is not a safe country to play the World Cup.

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Hi girls tired of being single ? Want a change or do you badly need a makeover ? Tired of seeing your same old physique and what not? Drop in at Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon clinic and get yourself transformed with a completely new look. Gordon being a diplomat from American board of surgery and board of plastic surgery he is simply the best out of the lot. Recently I took my friend to Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon for a liposuction and a tummy tuck and trust he had completely transformed her and she looked absolutely stunning. As a matter of fact I myself envied her. So if you want the best person to work on you they are the one.

Ten Rupee Coin in India

Hi friends RBI ( Reserve Bank of India) are ready to issue bimetallic 10 Rupee coin for circulation. The coins where minted mainly in two places. One is Noida and another is Mumbai. The weight of the coin is 8 grams and diameter is 28 mm. So friends are you ready to replace the 10 Rupee note with the a slightly weight 10 Rupee coins.

Some of the other facts about this coin is the design was prepared by National Institute for Design , Ahmedabad. One side of the coin has double line cross with a dot in each pellet of cross and denomination written in Hindi as well as English. The other side of the coin has the lion capitol with numeral 10 and year of manufacture

Punk Chat city

If you are a Punk and looking for date then you are in the right place.Punk chat is a free website where you can meet all the single punks. The greatest advantage of this is that they don't charge you even a dollar. The punk personals that you meet here are very friendly and live.Don't hesitate.Have your first date. I wish you best of luck.

Asin bags ITFA award for Dasavatharam

Asin bags International Tamil Film Award for her character as a Brahmin girl in ‘DASAVATHARAM’. The award will be presented to her on May 16 in Singapore. ITFA (International Tamil Film Award ) is a very prestigious award. This award is given in under different categories to the best in Kollywood actors.

Asin’s Hindi film with Aamir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’ she becomes very famous in Hindi. It is learnt that Asin is being considered for the female lead opposite King Khan in an untitled Hindi film by Yash Raj Films. Now she is busy in her shooting for ‘London Dreams’ which is going to hit theatres by the end of August 2009.

Awesome Remodeling website

Hello people do you have plans for renovation your house. Friend no worries then you are in the right place my friend. People’s general idea of remodeling an old house is mainly for money . These people provide excellent services and give great customer satisfaction. Once these people finish the work that is once they re-model the house you will feel like staying there forever instead of selling the house to some unkown person are a third party. The name of these people is Denver Remodeling. They are the best people when it comes to business. The services that they provide are at affordable rates. They maintain time and finish all projects within the specified date. They are pretty famous and are specialized in all types of remodeling. They also educate you to plan your budget for a new project with Denver Remodeling Contractor
There are so many Remodeling companies in an around Denver Colorado but the reasons why I suggest you Denver Remodeling Contractor are


1) They provide you timely services and they are the best in an around Denver Colorado.

2) The services they provide are very customer friendly and they provide services to all type of customers.

3) The rates are very much affordable and their quality of work is very good.

4) You can contact them and write they give us very good guidance.

No need to think any more. They are one of the best and so you are in the right place go ahead and enjoy their services. Have a look at their web site and contact them for further details.


Recent Suriya’s film Ayan is well received by his fans. It is believed that the past five years records will be taken over by this Suriya starrer. With this film Suriya’s success is soaring and he has risen to be one of the most bankable stars in Kollywood. Now ‘Aadhavan’ which is directed by K.S.Ravikumar is Suriya’s 24th film. It is believed that in ‘Aadhavan’ Suriya is doing an Anti-Hero role. Sources added that nothing is yet to be confirmed. In ‘Singam’ with Hari is his 25th Venture. It is expected that he is going to do a dual role.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Best Cars

In this fast moving todays world almost all people need “CARS” and all of them are crazy about cars is well. I am no different and when I hear the word “CAR” it drives me crazy. The advent of technology is so great that we are getting so many amazing cars nowadays and in future it will be more fantastic. I was browsing the net to get a look at the best cars at affordable price available in net. I came across the best site which has all the information about cars and they provide Car Reviews which help us to know which are the best cars available today.

I was browsing all the categories of cars available in the market through this site. Believe me it is a virtual experience they have all the information including the interiors about each and every car. Moreover they have pictures and videos of each model. So you can have a good look at them and select the one which you the like the most. I personally have a great interest towards Sports Cars. To take a look at them visit Sports Car Gallery of this site.

When I was browsing that site I came across Rocket sports Jaguar XKR. This is a sports car and I have great affinity towards this car. This car has all the features and it is available at an affordable rate. According to my point of view this is the best car and I would buy this car very soon. To get more idea about the cars browse the Cars Blog section to know more about this car. I am going to get this car very soon. Your view may differ from that of mine. So it is better if you take a look at this website and decide which car you like the most. No time to think more. They are surely the best. So hurry up

Karunanidhi ends fast after Colombo’s decision

Tamil Nadu CM M. Karunanidhi went on an indefinite fast at the Anna Arivalayam which is on the Marina beach in behalf of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.After announcing the fast he was there for around 7 hours.He got a cal from Union Minister P. Chidambaram and so he called off the fast.

When Karunanidhi was asked about this he said he was ready to sacrifices himself for the people.But I personally feel that it is a gimmick and this strike weas mainly to get more votes in this selection.

National Phone Listing

Hi buddies getting prank or anonymous calls from some unknown number. Getting calls during late midnight and this makes you restless. Are you worried about this? Don’t worry here is a solution for all your problems.National Phone Listings are the best people in sorting these kind of problems with ease. They are very big network and they help us to find these prank or anonymous calls with ease. I think after hearing this your tension would have come down if are a victim of this problem.

This site is useful for normal people also. This site can be used to trace people and their locations. This site is of great help during times of needs. It is a very handy site. Use this you will know more about this great site. They have a search button where you need to enter their phone number which you need to trace. They give you almost all the details which are very valuable. The details that they provide are city name, owner name, owner address and the exact location. Hi guarantee you people you have very little sites like this which offer you such a reliable service and they are one of the best among them. Here after know worries who ever calls you because you can trace them very easily.

Shruthi Hassan launches her first production venture

Shruthi Haasan is the daughter of the most South Indian renowned Actor Kamal Haasan released her first venture of Studio 8 Production and Record at the Green Park Hotel in Chennai. Emcee Jesz and Heha’s gave live performance gripped the audience.

Emcee Jesz, a Malaysian Hip Hop artiste directed the song Album. Neha Bhasin, Yogi B and Benny Dayal were some of the notable singers.I sure that Shruthi Hassan will surely reach places very soon.

Shopping made easy

Hello people if you have just moved in to a new city and you are not quite familiar with the locality and you are in need to purchase new miniature furniture for doll houses, you need to gift someone with something special or need to gift your child something useful or antique articles this is the right place for you to drop in. This site provides you with a wide range of products to choose and gives you impressive offers every season. We have a specials zone where you get new products with new offers and shockingly low prices every month. We provide you the fastest shipment with minimum charges. And just in case you want to change your order you can do it before your shipment hasn’t made. All you have to do is just register your details at our site and start ordering things. The dollhouse furniture nursery which is in this site is my favorite. Believe me no other shop provides you with so much variety. They give us what we need. I am just listing here the reasons why I prefer this site and what fascinated me about this site


1) They are very reliable and provide the best services

2) They are customer friendly and their products are of great quality.

3) Free shipping is provided

4) Rates are affordable and very competitive.

5) The biggest advantage with them is that you can change your order before shipping is been done. This kind of facility is not provided by any site.

6) There is flexibility in payment of amount also. You can use PayPal or MasterCard or even Visa Card.

7) They have a search button which helps us to search an item based on name o even price. This is a very cool feature.

I can go on writing pages and pages about them since I find them to be simply “The Best “.Finally who makes shopping so easier and cheaper? Stop thinking start shopping.

Slumdog star Rubina's father case closed

Slumdog star Rubina's father case has been closed stating that he is innocent.There was no guilt found against him and so the police have released him.The reason that they give is that he has got any money from anyone for and moreover the daughter is safe.

Thus the police who thought Rafiq Qureshi was the accused was found to be innocent.Rahim Shaikh a senior police officer said that everything is fine and they find Rafiq Qureshi to be an innocent person after the interrogation.He also added that that is the reason for releasing him.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wilmington NC Real Estate

People if you are in search of some real estate then Wilmington NC Real Estate is the right place. This website allows you with the facility of using their real estate search system to exactly locate a real estate listing in a particular area by specifying all your search criteria such as property location, price range, beds, baths, schools, and etc. The system will then search through their database for positive matches and you’ll be able to view the results instantaneously.

On the other hand, Coastal Carolina Properties also supports Columbus Humane Society for homeless animals and if you are particularly interested in participating with this humane society, make visit their web portal at to see in what way you can provide help to them. Remember your each and every contribution is very vital on the whole.

Rajini 's Sultan to be released in July

Sultan – The Warrior, the animation flick that has Rajinikanth in the lead role is expected release by this July.The heroine for the film is Vijayalakshmi the heroine of Anjathee fame.Ileeyana was first suggested for the role.She demanded so much that the finally they had to fix Vijayalakshmi.

Still some important fight sequence and some important scenes need to be shot for the completion of the movie.The movie his expected to make some big impact in the animation filed of Tamil industry.We have to wait and see whether the film is a hit

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is a creative organization founded by three people Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman. They provide all kinds of entertainment right from dance to comedy. Music is their best feature and they are getting pretty famous now. Now they are providing show for twice a day and on all seven days. They are simply the best and they entertain us a lot.

You all can take a chill pill by seeing their shows. The shows are very entertaining and colorful. You have to see at least once. I recommend them because such is the quality of their shows. Still thinking of whether to view their show are not. Take a look at them once and you will join the club of big fan following which they already have. In this site you get Blue Man Group Tickets. Don’t miss this opportunity. I would rather say it is a golden opportunity to see such a nice show. The tickets booked online are confirmed within 3 to 5 days via E-mail. Seating arrangement for the show is well organized. Availability of the tickets is based on the demand and the tickets are sold on first come first serve. You have a calendar in this site using which you can select any particular day and check for the availability of tickets. If tickets are available watch the show and have a nice time. In short I would say you people will have a blast.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Australia pull out from Davis Cup

Australian team has pulled out of th Davis Cup which was scheduled to be held in Chennai from May 8 to May 10th.The main reason for this could be the security concern that is prevailing in India.IPL which was to be scheduled in Indian mainly moved outside India because of security concerns.Is IPL showing a wrong signal to all other country people that India is not a safe place.We have to wait and see how all other countries behave and what opinion they have about India and other Asian countries.

Dancing Legend Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson "The King of Pop Music" is back this time with a live show. Michael Jackson has said that he will play his final 10 shows ever in London. The craze for Jackson has not come down even a bit. He started performing at the age of 8 and still he is going strong. The entertainment that he provides to the crowd with his dance steps is really amazing. If you have not seen his dance then you are really missing something in your life. Here is a chance to see Jackson’s program for live. Book your michael-jackson-tickets now. The price at which the tickets are sold are affordable since this is going to be one of his last 10 performances. He is surely a "Living Legend" in the field of dance.

IPL : Chennai Superb Kings badly needs a win

M.S.Dhoni the captain of Chennai Superb Kings and Stephen Fleming the coach of Stephen Fleming seen a thoughtful discussion as Chennai badly needs a win in the IPL to keep its hopes of making to the next round.Chennai has played 3 matches and won only 1 out of it.Other to matches Chennai did not loose badly.They gave a tough fight but that is not enough to beat the other teams.Will Chennai play well this time under the leadership of Dhoni and reach the semi-finals of th cup at least.We have to wait and see.

Home Improvement Ideas

Everybody needs a house to live. After a day’s work we return home. The house should give us comfort and peace of mind. I am bored to live in the same house for a long time. When I was thinking of how to make my ordinary home into a luxury home I came to know about this site. In this site Home Improvement tips are very useful. They are providing house improvement ideas for example floor tiles, bathroom tiles, furnishings, ceiling light fixtures, etc. Hanging flower pots or planters are attractive to a covered deck, porch, or balcony. They have plenty of options to choose the items made from recycled materials such as tires. I purchased a tropical bird planter which is made from recycled tires. It gives a new look to my home. If you are in need to improve your house then it is better to have a look at this site to get some innovative ideas.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Rose is my favorite flower. There are many varieties of Roses. The colour of Roses are very attractive. The Rose is said to be one of the most ancient flowers in existence. Roses, the traditional flower of Valentine’s Day and love, come from a Roman legend of a woman, named Rodanthe. Many florist encourage you to ‘say it with flowers’. India is exporting Roses to others countries. For any occasion ie. Birthday, Wedding Day, Anniversary, you can send flowers as gift.

BBW Chat City

Hi dudes looking to spend some valuable time and want to make some new exciting friends online then this is the right place for you all.This site has chat rooms called BBW chat rooms where you can meet people of all kind chat with them and share your ideas. This site is totally free and does not even charge you with a single dollar.This site is absolutely free and doesn’t even charge you a single dollar.News users need to register to get access to chat rooms.The process by which a new user registers is very simple.There is a column called Browse where you can get connected to all users who have availed this chat rooms .

The time for creating the new account is very less. Hardly a minute will be the time take to register. You have to visit this free bbw chat website and fill in your details and choose a valid e-mail Id and password. You can chat with all the users and even select the users who you wish to have a chat based on age. This site has a search tab using which you can search for any one using Punk chat. There are other tabs which are commonly used are Most Recent, Most Favorite, Most Times Online. You can contact them and send any message that you want. This site is very interactive and user friendly when compared to other chat sites. All these features make the site very exciting

So friends, don’t look back or hesitate, visit this site immediately and get a free membership and start making new friends and spend some useful time.

Happy birthday Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar the living legend and the God of Cricket turned 36 . As days are getting progressed Sachin turns younger. He has been so supportive to the Indian team.He is such an asset to th eIndian team.

I wish him all success in his life and he should prosper in what ever he does.Sachin you really rock and we need your services more.Thank you are simply the best.Right now Sachin is in South Africa for IPL matches and he celebrated his birthday their with his team mates.

Home furniture

Hi dude looking for home furniture. Want to replace old ones. Tired of using them. No worries dude you are in the right place. This site has everything and they are surely the best in the business. These people are very customer friendly and the customer services provided are exceptional. The rates at which most of the furniture’s are offered are very reasonable. Pricing is so apt that for each item they compare the item price with the retail showroom price. They have clearance days offers. We need to find those days to save 45 to 75 %. The main reasons why I suggest you this site are they provide risk-free shopping, timely and dependable delivery and most importantly outstanding customer services. Generally you don’t get all these from a same site. This is the reason that makes it special when compared to all other sites. They have very attractive free shipping offers and moreover products are categorised based on price which helps the users to shop in a more effective way. Off late I purchased bathroom vanity and bedroom furniture from this site through online and all the above testimonials for this site fitted very well. You can purchase using your Pay Pal account or using your VISA , MASTER , AMEX card. You can contact them through their email id or through their phone number. To contact them and know further details visit their website.

Successful Indian Captain Azhar

Mohammed Azharuddin is undoubtedly is one of India’s greatest finds. One can hardly forget his style of batting like legside flicks, ondrives which make onlookers batting look so easy and also one cannot compete with his fielding skills especially in the gully region. He is so competent in catching, fielding the ball and throwing back to the keeper in a flash ofmoment. The only Indian England in 1984-85 to have scored 3 consecutive hundreds in his first three Test matches against moment.Surely he has an exalted place in the annals of Indian Cricket.

Quick Service. Birmingham Plumber

Construction of a house means a lot of work has to be done by Experts in every field. Plumbing is one of the works to be done by Experts. Plumbing is the skilled trade of working with pipes and drainage system .The money that you spent on plumbing with a help of a good plumber can make a big difference to the looks of your house. When I searched for an Expert Plumber I came to know about Birmingham Plumbing They generally do their work efficiently and within the time allotted to them. Their rates are competitive. They are not only providing best service but also, they are always there for you in the time of emergency. They also allow you to bid on the plumbers. You can select 2 or 3 best plumbers and place a bid among them for the work and for the spare parts and also time limit. From these bids you can compare and decide to whom you can give the work. This is very good idea and gives you satisfaction that the work is given to a Expert that suits your needs. So if you are in Birmingham, Alabama and you need plumbing assistance, don’t look any further, they are the best in business. Birmingham Plumber means high quality work at reasonable price. For further details just log on to Birmingham Plumber Plumbing Website. If you have any problem in plumbing i.e. for a planned project, repair or emergency go to Birmingham plumber they will give you 100 percent satisfaction with Peace of mind.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Botha misses IPL due to suspect action

South African off spinner Botha who was the main element for SA 's victory over Australia misses IPL due to his suspect action.He has been already reported for his suspect action.This is the second time he is reported.

One or two IPL teams are interested in picking up Botha.But due to his controversial action they have decided it is better to live Botha.Can Botha prove that he is not guilt of throwing.He has to undergo a test very soon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Compare Electronics Item Prices

Hi people are you looking for some electronic gadgets like Computers, Cameras, softwares, Cameras, Jewelry, books, etc. then you are in the right place. This site provides you with all the electronic gadgets at a reasonable price which is affordable by all of us. The name of the site is They have a Directory in their web site. You can choose many varieties of a particular item and their prize and many other details. You can compare the price and decide quickly. It provides you all the information that a purchaser required. In this site you get a regular up date of all the electronic gadgets. The only requirement for this you must be a registered user. Registration is absolutely free, and takes less than one minute to create a new account.

In this site you can Compare Electronics products prices with other sites. The layout of this site looks very simple when compared to all other sites. This is main reason why users are inclined towards site. Compare Electronics item prices is not alone done here but review of each and every product is also given in this site which helps the user to decide to go for which product. So have a look at this site and select the item which you like the most.

ICC celebrates 100 years of Cricket

Cricket has become a famous sports almost in all countries and with the advent of T20 I am sure cricket will soon be added in Olympics. This game of Cricket was started in the year 1909. It has lasted till 2009, and grace for the game has not come down even a bit. This is the biggest achievement for the Sports.

I personally feel there is going to be a everlasting grace for this game. Over the past 100 years there are some legends we have got from this "Game of Cricket". One of the Legend who is still playing today is Sachin.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chat rooms

People who want to spend a some valuable time and make some new exciting friends online then this is the right place.This site has chat rooms called interracial chat rooms where you can meet people of all kind chat with them and share your ideas. This site does not even charge you even a dollar. This site is absolutely free. This site is absolutely free and doesn’t even charge you a single dollar.News users have a very simple process to get instant access to the Chat rooms. There is a column called Browse where you can get connected to all users.

The creation of a new account is very simply and it takes very little time. I would say less than a minute. You have to visit this Punk chat city website and fill in your details and choose a valid e-mail Id and password. You can chat with all the users and even select the users who you wish to have a chat based on age. This site has a search tab using which you can search for any one using Punk chat. There are other tabs which are commonly used are Most Recent, Most Favorite, Most Times Online. You can contact them and send any message that you want. This site is very interactive and user friendly when compared to other chat sites. All these features make the site very exciting

So friends, don’t look back or hesitate, visit this site immediately and get a free membership and start making new friends and spend some useful time.

Ash and Bachan celebrated their second wedding

Ash and Bachan celebrated their second wedding anniversary.According the to the sources th two spend some nice time in Europe.Actually the pair was shooting for Ravana.But since Mani Rathnam was not well there was a unexpected break in the shooting.this lead to teh enjoyment for the two.

Actually Mani told them to take 2 days of.but the dedicated pair refused to do so because they wanted to finish the project on time.But this sudden illness helped them to have a nice fun.They must have enjoyed a lot.


Hi people looking for new Shoes. Then you are in the right place. This site has all variety of shoes for all person, from a small kid to old age man. There are special shoes for sports persons. The top selling shoes in this site is adidas shoe. The categories of shoes in this site are Baby shoes, boys, girls, unisex, causal shoes. They provide the best services to the people in Canada for the cheapest rates. Take a look at them you will know what all services that they provide. Mens Shoes are both of formal type as well as sporty type. Bostonian Shoes are the best and they are my favorite. Take a look at this site to know more about the services that they provide and I mentioning the reasons why I prefer this site.


1) They provide excellent services and they are the best in business

2) The rates are very economical and affordable by all the people .

3) They have all variety of shoes with them.

4) They have a 75 days money back guarantee.

5) They don’t charge as with sales tax.

6) Free shipping in almost all occasions.

These are some of the features which I found exciting in this site. Just visit this site to know more about them.

Nadal crowned King of Monte Carlo five times in a row

Rafael Nadal became the first man to win the Monte Carlo Masters five times in a row.He defaeted Novak Djokovic to win the title.Now he can be seriously called the "King of Clay court".

Nadal was defending his title against Novak Djokovic.The match started and Nadal clinched the first set in style and won th set with 6-3.Novak Djokovic played some fierce shots to win the second set 6-2.Nadal the champion of clay increased his skills and clinched the third set and the match in style.

Phoneix Remodeling Website

Hello people looking for a renovation of your house. Then you are in the right place my friend. People generally have the idea of remodeling an old house mainly for financial benefits that is by means of selling the house. Once these people re-model the house you will feel like staying there forever instead of selling the house to some one else. The name of these people is Phoenix Remodeling. These people do reliable business. The services that they provide are at affordable rates. They maintain time and finish all projects within the due date. They are very famous and are specialized on kitchen and bathroom remodeling. They also do plumbing and electrical work of all kinds. They also educate you to plan your budget for a new project with Phoenix Remodeling Contractor
There are so many Remodeling companies in an around Phoenix, Arizona
but the reasons why I suggest you Phoenix Remodeling Contractor are


1) They provide you the best and timely services.

3) The provide services to all type of customers, both commercial and residential

4) The rates are most affordable when compared to other sites.

5) You can contact them and write about the queries that you have.

Still thinking? No worries. You are in the right place go ahead and enjoy there services. View there web site and contact them for further details.

Angelina Jolie named modern Helen of Troy

Angelina Jolie adds another feather to her cap.Recently she has been named modern "Helen of Troy".This means that she is a geek princess.Age is never been a bar for her.No one can stop her from winning awards.To select who is the winner of the modern Helen of Troy a poll was conducted in which Angelina Jolie overtook others by gaining 58 % of the votes and to secure a thumping win

Father of Slumdog star Rubina Ali arrested

Rafiq Qureshi, the father of Slumdog Millionaire kid star Rubina Ali, has been arrested when he tried to sell his own daughter for 200 pounds.The money minded guy was always crazy about the money and he proved that by trying to sell his own daughter

However he was arrested when his ex-wife lodged a complaint against him stating the incident.When she was inquired about this she said that she came to know this from her sister but she did not believe this.But when she came to know that serious plans where being made to sell Rubina Ali to a Dubai Sheik she lodged a complaint to the police and they are taking the necessary action

Monday, April 20, 2009

Need for Web Hosting

A Blog is very common and almost most of the people maintain there own blogs nowadays. Actually Blog is a type of web site maintained by an individual in which he or she generally write their ideas comments about anything from personal to day to day happenings. A web hosting is a company which will upload your site in their servers, so that any one in the world trying to connect to your site will get access immediately. Generally Blogging sites only provide you limited amount of space so if we approach some Web hosting company then we will get a lot of storage of space. While selecting a web hosting company three things are very important. The first and the foremost importance go to the reliability of the site then comes customer service and finally at what cost do they provide this.

There are so many sites which do webhost as a business. So it is up to you to decide which site is best for us and in what way.

Reasons to visit Web Hosting Report site are

1) They provide cheap and reliable web hosting services
2) They provide services based on the blogger needs.
3) They provide the Top 10 Blog Web Hosting companies and compare pricing, disk space, bandwidth, and have given review about each and every site. So if you are going to host a domain. Better view this site to know more details.

New Kanthasamy Stills

Best tourist spot Okinawa Japan

Okinawa Japan which is located southwest of mainland Japan and it is the southern most part of the country .This is one of the hottest tourist parts available in Japan. If you are a person interested in traveling and if you miss this place you are missing something in your life. That is what I would say. So I suggest you all to go to this place. Okinawa Japan is well known for its cultural heritage and the sports that are played there are really awesome. Okinawa consists of four sub islands Miyako Island, Kerema Island Yaeyma Island and Ishigaki Island. Okinawa Travel is about a 2.5 hour ride from the Naha airport which is Tokyo.

Okinawa Travel will give you people a lot of pleasure and you people will feel like visiting that place again. Okinawa is well known for it is rich heritage, excellent weather through out the year. These people have unique culture which makes them special. Their culture is entirely different from that of what the Japanese people have. This place is mainly known for the awesome beaches. I was browsing this site to know more information about Okinawa Japan. This site has

- Vast information about Okinawa Japan
- All travel related information is very great
- The heritage and culture of this place is well explained in this site.

Take a look at this site .You will surely miss something in your life you are going to see this place.

IPL Match 5 : Chennai Superb Kings win by 92 in runs against Royal Challengers Bangalore

Chennai Superb Kings won the toss and elected to bat.It was power hitting all the way by Hayden and Parthiv Patel.The first wicket of Patel fell only when the score was 106-1.Hayden scored 65 runs of 43 balls and this set the natch for CSK.Then some lusty hitting by Dhoni,Raina and Flintoff of at the end managed CSK to reach 179 in 20 overs.

Chasing this total Bangalore batted hopelessly.They last wickets in heaps.The pattern was to wickets at a time.Kallis who looked threatening went in 20's.Dravid played well but he ran out of partners.Murali bowled very well.So Bangalore could not ace the heat where all out for 87 runs.Thus CSK won the match by 92 runs.The man of the match was Murali for his splendid bowling performance.

Dental Marketing

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kamal and Asin in Walt Disney Movie 19 Steps

Kamal and Asin pair to act in 19 steps which is produced by Walt Disney. The music for the film is by Ar.Rahaman (Oscar Winner). Sound engineer for the film is Resul (Oscar Winner).Asin will be playing as a princess in the film. Kamal who is supposed to a power packed cameo is the martial arts tutor for Asin.

Asin will be paired opposite to Japanese superstar Tadanobu Asanno who is an internationally acclaimed star. If this film becomes a hit Asin who is already going places will fly sky high.

I personally feel that with so many Indian stars in an International movie, Indians are making huge impact world wide. JAI HO for all the Indians…

Importance of Gardening

Gardening is very common hobby nowadays. Gardening is the practice of growing ornamental or useful plants. There are many types of gardening like residential gardening, impact gardening water gardening etc. Gardening which was one of the oldest options is now considered as a hobby. People love to do gardening in their house to make the house look green and to get some fresh air. Organic fertilizers are very important to prevent the plants from insects and worms.

1) Lawn needs to maintain very regularly. If you don’t do that you will face many problems.
2) Your lawn which should give a great feel to your house will look very bad.
3) Generally gardening which is done to relish your free time you need to spend more time if you don’t use organic fertilizers.


1) The benefits offered by organic products for gardening are like it prevents your house from insects and worms.
2) Gives a great feel to your house.
3) In a way you’re serving the environment by reducing the pollution.
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Big set back for Venkat Prabhu's Goa

Warner Bros. who were the major production have withdrew from Venkat Prabhu’s Goa project. The production for the film was combined by Soundarya Rajinikanth’s Ocher studios Ocher studios and Warner Bros. But now, suddenly Warner Bros opted out of the project.

Warner Bros asked for all the particulars like script production cost to be submitted before the start of the shooting. Since the Goa team was running out of actors call sheets and time they started the shooting without submitting these documents . So Warner Bros have pulled out of the Goa venture. Now Ocher Studios are the lone producers for the team

How to earn online

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A cute baby

Child is God’s gift. After a day’s work, when you return home when you see your child’s face all your worries are vanished within a second. Parents must take care of their children. Becoming a good parent means much more than knowing a lot about babies. Pediatric doctors or nurses will tell you that all their knowledge about babies was not enough to keep them from being over whelmed by their own babies. All new parents feel the same way. This is the process of attachment-the work that parents and babies do together to form a deep and lasting love. It is what becoming a family is all about. Desire to be a good parent will together be a great source of energy.

Youngsters must see

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Madona injured in horse tumble

Pop star Madona suffered minor injuries when she tumbled from the horse which she was riding. This is the second accident for the 50 year old Pop Singer Madona. The first accident took place in the year 2005, in which she suffered major injuries. During that time she was hospitalized.

Even after the two accidents she tells that her passion for horse riding has not come down a bit.This time she was hospitalized in Southampton and was later released.This time Madonna escaped with minor injuries because she was wearing a helmet which saved her.

What is Online dating ?

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Computers in Banking and about ATM machine

Computers are extensively used in the field of banking and finance.

1) Online banking (or Internet banking) allows customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by their banks.

2) An automated teller machine (ATM) is a computerized telecommunications device which serves 24 hours a day.

3) ATM can be used for deposit and withdrawal of cash

Local Chat city

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Dhoni and Harbhajan skip Padma Shree awards

Dhoni and Harbhajan did not attend the Padma awrads though they where in the country.Harbhajan especially was in New Delhi for a ad shooting.But he did not go to collect the award.Criminal case has been filed on Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh with hurting fans and staying away from Padma Shree awards.

When Harbhajan was asked about this he said that he had some family issue which he had to attend.That was the reason for him missing the prestigious award from Pratibha Patil.

I personally feel that these players could have attended the function.Than such a prestigious award acting in ad shoot and earning money was more important for them

Importance of sleep

Sleep allows the brain to review and consolidate all the streams of information it gathered while awake. After a day’s work we need a good sleep. Six to eight hours sleep helps our body and brain develop and grow. So we will need to give importance to where we sleep. Sleeping in a comfortable Beds and pillows are necessary. The few hours of sound sleeping helps us to be fresh and work for the whole day. So I was searching in the net for a good website which provides excellent bed at reasonable price. To may surprise I found a site who provide excellent bed as I expected at the most affordable rates. They have lot of varieties of beds such as Wooden Beds, Leather Beds, Divan Beds; etc.The Savoy bed is the one which impressed me a lot. The price at which they provide the bed is reasonable. Reason why I suggest you this site is


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ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2009 schedule

The groups for the ICC Cricket World Cup 200p has been released.From the group stages India are the likely team to move to the next level with ease.There are totally 4 groups with 3 teams in each group.One team will go out of each group and then they will again form two groups.

Group A : India , Bangladesh and Ireland

Group B : Pakistan, England and Netherlands

Group C : Australia,SriLanka and West Indies

Group D : NewZealand,South Africa and Scotland



Group E : A1, B2, C1, D2

Group F : B1, A2, C2, D1


First Match : E1 vs F2

Second Match : F1 vs E2


The winners of these two matches will clash for the title

Then two teams will be select from each group and you will have the semi-finals and then the finals.Any prediction who will win this time.Post you prediction as a comment.My automatic choice is India ( King of T20 game)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fancy dress Costumes

A lot of importance should be given for the way we dress. We have to dress very well for each and every place that we go. Dressing according to the occasion is very important and carries a lot of weight age of how a person is seen in the society. A guy who is having a very good dressing sense is said to be smart and a girl who has a great dressing sense is called as "she looks pretty "or "she is very cool" in this outfit. I am telling you this so that you will realize the importance of dressing.
To stress more about importance I would like to add some more points.

1) As you enter a room, have you ever noticed there are always individual people that stand out in a crowd, the ones that catch your attention? This is because the way they dress

2) There is nothing great in fashion. Fashion is defined by an individual.

So I would suggest you people to wear the costume is really good and redefines fashion in your own way. This costume is mainly for children

3) Boys can try Batman costume.

4) Girls can try he princess, witch are the most famous costumes.

If you are more interested to know about this comment on this article .I will common up with the next update as soon as possible.

Sachin speaks about three pillars of his life

Sachin says that he has three gurus in life.They are his father, his elder brother and his coach Ramakant Achrekar. When asked in what way all these three people influenced him in his life he has few memories to share with us.Sachin's father gave him life by telling him to move in the right direction.The best advise he gave him was to be good always,only then you will be remembered by all.

Sachin's elder brother Ajit was the one who introduced him to cricket.Thanks to him or else we would have lost the India ,s run machine.Sachin 's coach Ramakant Achrekar has helped me achieve what I have. I surely feel he is th best player in World.Sachin you really rock !!!

Job assured :Post Your Resume

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Ganguly sacked and so fans burn SRK posters

Sourav Ganguly has been sacked from captaincy.This news will break the hearth of several Indians . The way it was done by SRK was very bad.He bowed to John Buchanan 's words and ditched Ganguly .the new captain for IPL 2 for Kolkata Knight Riders will be New Zealand wicket keeper batsman Brendon McCullum

Fans fumed and they burned the idol of SRK.They very so violent and told the reports that they never expected this will happen.When Ganguly was asked about this he refused to reply.The fans also said that Ganguly was a far better leader than Brendon McCullum