Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dhoni and Harbhajan skip Padma Shree awards

Dhoni and Harbhajan did not attend the Padma awrads though they where in the country.Harbhajan especially was in New Delhi for a ad shooting.But he did not go to collect the award.Criminal case has been filed on Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh with hurting fans and staying away from Padma Shree awards.

When Harbhajan was asked about this he said that he had some family issue which he had to attend.That was the reason for him missing the prestigious award from Pratibha Patil.

I personally feel that these players could have attended the function.Than such a prestigious award acting in ad shoot and earning money was more important for them

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Kurniadi Bulhani said...

they have their owns skill for money...!!!!