Sunday, December 27, 2009

History of Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a public holiday and it is celebrated in Australia,UK,Canada,Germany and even in Greece.This particular day in South Africa is called the "Day of GoodWill". People from USA celebrated the next day of Christmas as Boxing Day.USA does not have an official holiday for this particular day but it is one of those days where the shop sales goes to peak especially due to their low rates.

Boxing day was basically a day where the servants had a day off from their usual work. Many families have a buffet lunch to celebrate this day.Boxing day is celebarted mainly in countries which have majority of Christian population.even this year the merchants have experienced great revenue and the sales has reached its peak.Happy Boxing day to one and all.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thekkadi, Kerala Tourism

Thekkadi, Kerala

In Kerala, Thekkadi is one of the best Tourist place. Nature keeps away some of her most precious possessions amidst the mountains and forests. Thekkadi is such a place, about 110 kms. from Kottayam. A fine road - winding through enchanting country sides, flourishing plantations and forests takes one to Thekkadi.

Here in the heights of sahya mountains is the vast Periyar lake formed by damming the Periyar river. Around this lake is one of the most fascinating wild life sanctuaries of the World. A cruise in the lake by motor launch is an incredibly pleasant experience. One bathes one's soul in nature's beauty as if the whole nature, the herds of elephants taking their bath, the bisons, the wild squirrel, the fish, the water all become a part of one own aesthetic being. Go enjoy the nature's beauty at Thekkadi.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tips to come out of Financial crisis

credit repair
Financial crisis is very common and each and every one has to face that in our life during different situations. The idea of this post is to enlighten you how to come out of such a situation by solving the financial crisis. The solution for financial crisis is credit repair that is to erase all your bad credit history so that you have a very good credit history. Ovation is a company where there is no initial fee all you need to do is just create an account with them and there are two types of credit repair programs one is The Essentials and the next one is Essential plus . The Essential plus provides the additional features apart from the features that are already present in The Essentials like letter of recommendation customer validation etc. Credit repair is completely legal and in fact it is your right to set right your past credit. I would highly recommend you to start an account with them and have a good credit history so that it will help you during financial crisis times.

Vishu Festival in Kerala

Vishu Festival in Kerala
Vishu is the important festival celebrated in Kerala. Vishu is on the first day of Medam (April-May). This is the day of beginning of the astronomical New year and all Hindus celebrate this festival. They believe that what meets the eye first on that day determines the nature of the fortunes that year. On the basis of this belief, the important ritual that is celebrated in connection with Vishu is Kanikanal.

Several auspicious things are kept ready in the previous night so that every member of a family is woken up in the early hours of the day to see the kani. One special feature of Vishu is the distributions of coins to children and poor people by the eldest male member of the family. A usual accompaniment will be a fest.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Web hosting explained

Web hosting Logo
Everyone in this world would like to express their ideas and blogging is the right platform for that. Yes friends you can feel free to express your interest and disinterest and you really have the freedom to express your thoughts. All you need to do is start a new website for this and post your ideas and thought there and make it public so that all can view that. The real problem starts when you are going to start a new site and you are looking for a hosting company who can provide hosting space. This is mainly because there are so many Web Hosting companies who offer hosting at very nominal rates and there are some web hosting companies who offer hosting services for free but the quality at which their service is provided is not up to our expectation.

A web hosting service in Chicago called SingleHop have more than 2000 dedicated services and they are the present leaders in the market and the singlehop review in the major web hosting sites suggest that they are the one who are going to rule the market in the near future.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Key to success

Key to success
Every individual has own formation of ideas and converting them to become successful in life. The inner existing personality will show strength and weakness that attribute to part of every ones life. The normal tendency of human thoughts is too stuck to someone’s ability that prompted him to stand successful. Most of us will have long standing following precedent person or hero worship in our mind. Due to the questions arising out of the self thinking one must be able to differentiate the value of success lies on what we have been learnt or what we consider by ourselves is highly valuable .instead of following others accomplishments and relish as a goal one may better have self belief to attain victory path.

People will have different opinion on solving various situations. This clearly shows the character cannot be equal on all occasions. So we agree to the way of conducting by the people, we may find some finer points that can be taken note of. Basically people try to learn the behavioral aspects of others and one should use the knowledge to evaluate and stay out from misbehaving (rudely) even when situation forces to do so. Usually a personality attained tends to attend the dominant purpose more than the other requirements will probably land up in imbalance situations. In a very much affected type of personality owing to the above situation the weakness might be well apparent to the onlookers. Ultimately this will affect the man’s original strength of various inborn qualities that have been further developed over a period. To conclude we find balance is directly related to success which is a key for aspiring growth.

Enjoyable moments

Television viewing is becoming a common aspect of everybody’s life. It plays a major role for day today proceedings. There are different Satellite Television networks to choose from. One of the most enjoyable networks is Direct TV. They are one of the leading authorized leaders in the business. The attractive packages are at galore like sports channels, movies and local channels. Regarding Sports channels you find enormous varieties and it is very difficult to select one. There are NFL Sunday ticket, Sports pack, NASCAR Hot pass, ESPN Game plan, Cricket Ticket, NBA League pass and so on.

Satellite Directv is at our doors knocking and offering attractive channels and at affordable rates. You can have this prestigious package at $1 per day. They also offer as holiday special by giving Visa pre-paid cards free. Direct Satellite TV is the sole authority for directv and one of the most familiar groups in the field. The above direct satellite TV can be had at reasonable prices with excellent package offers. Their experienced working staff and sales persons are always providing best services to the customers when asked for. The above system opened in the year 1994 is the most sought after TV in US. This is a multi-programming television service provider which is a worthwhile venturing into.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Anjaneyar Temple, Nanganallur

Anjaneyar Temple, Nanganallur
In Chennai Anjaneyar Temple at Nanganallur has a 32 foot Anjaneyar idol. In 1989,the idol was installed and in 1995 it was consecrated. Many people come here to workship and get relief from all worries. Anjaneyar symbolizes bravery and he relieves the fear of his devotees.

Anjaneyar showing the path of devotion to people in today’s self-serving World and he is guiding the devotees on the path to God. In the Naganallur Anjaneyar temple all theses things are highlighted very well. Anjaneyar Jayanthi and Sri Rama Navami are the festivals celebrated in the temple. Leading Carnatic musicians concerts are organized here during the festival times. On 16.12.2009 Hanumar Jayanthi is celebrated in this temple in a very grand manner. Many devotes attended the festival.

Tips to overcome financial crisis

This post is for people who are in need of money and here is the best way to get immediate money and solve the financial trap that you are held in. There is a concept called cash advance where you get money as loan when you are in extreme need. Then you need to repay the amount later with interest for it. There are certain requirements that needs be met in order for you to be eligible for applying for advance cash. The most important requirements are for applying for cash advance loans is you must be working in a company and should fill the form provided in the site.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

10 Tips to main good health

10 Tips to main good health
Everybody should know the value of nutritional food. If you are taking proper nutritional food it will reflect in your personality i.e. Shiny hair, clear eyes, smooth skin, well-developed structure and his mental and physical responses should be normal. Good nutritional status is well balanced diet of a particular person is also reflected by resistance to diseases. Good nutrition also supplies all essential nutrients that a body requires and it helps a person have regular sound sleep.
1) Eat foods which contain fiber
2) Eat raw foods such as fruits and vegetables.
3) Eat at a fixed time
4) Eat all varieties of food
5) Avoid over eating
6) Avoid salt, sweet, ghee and spicy food
7) Regular exercise like walking, swimming is necessary.
8) Seasonal fruits and vegetables are best
9) Avoid eating similar food
10) Maintain your weight and watch it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Astalakshmi Temple, Chennai Tourism

Astalakshmi Temple, Chennai Tourism
Astalakshmi Temple in Chennai is a beautiful temple on the shores of Bay of Bengal, enshrines the eight forms of Godess Lakshmi (Dhaanya Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi, Vidya Lakshmi, Sowbagya Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi, Karunya Lakshmi, Santhana Lakshmi, Mahalakshmi). The temple is built in tiers and as we climb up the winding stairs, each of the eight Lakshmi idols appears enshrined before our eyes. The temple being a contemporary one, it is built with brick and cement and the exterior is pained with multi-colors. The temple was established in the year 1976 mainly from devotees’ donations.

Chennai is well connected by road with major cities and you can reach Chennai by air, rail or road. Many tourist taxis, auto rickshaws, public buses are available to reach this temple. For accommodation you can choose from budget hotels to deluxe hotels which are available in Chennai.

Velankanni Church is another important place near Astalakshmi temple. Lapped by the incessant waves of Bay of Bengal, the church is popular not only for Christians but also people of other religions also. The annual church festival begins in August and ends on September is very popular and many people visit this place during this time.

The natural playing areas

The natural ability by the people will be definitely to stand smart in whatever type of career they choose. Suppose any person as a marketing executive in an industrial organization manufacturing cars, he should be able to achieve sales requirements. To stay fit in the market the more and more new design of cars with smooth driving and improved fuel consumption and so on are being introduced. Even the marketing person is allocating some time to cherish certain things. Many will choose online games, a way of relaxation away from office. When any person interested in online casino the foremost requirements would be to find out the concerned sites, fast service information and its credibility in the public. In common there are many online gaming centers indulging illegal way of conducting the games and fraudulent activities taking place. The better way to gather information about a particular site is to discuss with the experienced players. Another way of getting clear picture to arrange a get-to-gather with senior partners of the game.

There are many games which are so popular and black jack is one among them. In this game the player opens with two card hand. Hence the person aims at getting better aggregate near to 21 but not more than 21. In other words, the opponent cross that 21 making you winner. The cards from 2 and 9 are giving their actual count. In the pack of cards, jacks, queens and kings each awarded 10. The ace card some times count as one and the next moment may be 11 which are judged by the player. Before the dealer could finish, the challenger (player) will play the hand. The real winner is who touches less and near to 21.

When selecting online gambling, the online casino spotlight site is sincerely guiding the customers in righteous way. The customer is well supported and advised on choosing a system. Here they provide toll free contact number which is very useful to clearing any doubts by calling over phone and speaking to the required person. During situation of dealing higher bidding amount and when contact is needed throughout the day is made possible by this phone facility.

The interactive gaming council, which is allowing online casino gambling are monitoring some rules and regulation. The site also welcomes customer who find some discomfort with any organizer or member to inform in the forum. The player can have complete check on the gambling site rules. Generally all the gambling systems allow customers to achieve some earnings by reasonable win overs. Rushmore, Golden Casino, Cherry Red, Slots Oasis, Millionaire are some of the topmost gambling centers in the filed. On Casino account where the players have to submit an agreement duly signed to enroll oneself. It is especially more informative on those lines of maintaining and also thereby crediting the winning amount credited. The player should make sure the betting amount does belong to the concerned player; in a sense the person does not have any right to bet using some other credit card. So it is individual taste that any player can choose to play any one of the above best online games.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Udayamperoor Church

Udayamperoor Church

The ancient church at Udyamperoor is an important land-mark both in its history of Christianity and in Kerala. It was here that the famous Synod of Diamper under the presidency of Archbishop Alexis de-Menezes was held in June 1599 during the time of Portuguese influence in Kerala.

The historical convention popularly known as Udayamperoor Sunnahados was a turning point in the history of Christianity in Kerala. It was a convention forced on the Syrian Christians by the Portuguese and its aim was to eradicate the Nestorian faith among them and to bring them under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church. Although the Portuguese succeeded in their effort, it did not have a lasting influence and in 1653 a very large number of Christians assembled before the Leaning Cross in Mattancherry and declared their independence from Pope, accepting again the Nestorian Patriatch of Babylon as their Universal Pastor.

Prospective ways of using leisure time

Hi friends, the popularity of drawing huge crowds towards popular sports events like cricket, football, tennis are famous high budgeted cinemas as never died down. Likewise there are always some section of people who would wish playing games both for getting some sort of relaxation and as well as to earning money through betting. When choosing to play these games one has to be selective on the credibility of the game sites which are at plenty to be found all around. It is always suggested to new players for better guidelines while keeping locked with these sites that must be the leaders and proving best in the system time and again. Some of the following favorable points that are so supportive to the players are the payments are arranged in short time, the officers working in these centers are so experienced and who can be approached through online any time and lastly the entry bonuses are very attractive. All the sites listed here are tested by them and they are reliable for their bonuses.

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Finally it is the customer who only has to decide the type of Casino and as explained earlier the Golden Casino stands among as the best. The variety games that most would want to play are Black Jack, Slots Video Poker, Craps and Baccarat always to the fore. Having joined this site, throughout the year the assurance of minimum guaranteed Bonus is sure. The qualitative customer service is an adding feather to the cap. One may feel like a safe custodian so player.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jain Pilgrim Center of Sravanbelagola

The Jain pilgrim center of Sravanbelagola is Hassan District is the scene of a big anointing ceremony once in twelve years. The 17 meter high monolithic state of Gomateswara on the Vindhagiri hill is the site of this ceremony. Jains from all over India participate is this. The Fair was last held on 19th December, 1993. "Mahamastakabhisheka", the head-anointing ceremony of the 17 meter tall monolith in the afternoon of the last day. In all there were 28 gold, 20 silver, 240 bronze pots that carried the water for the "Jalabhisheka". This over, devotional music chanting from the holy Jain scriptures and rituals took place.

Thousands of priests climbed up the scaffolding with pots of milk and poured more than 200 liters of milk on the head and shoulders of the statue. Then there was a second round of milk. The milk was washed down with coconut water. Next was poured sugarcane juice. Honey and sandal paste and then turmeric mix flowed down the statue. Devotees scrambled to the holy feet to taste the nectar. This was followed by a rose water and saffron bath. Of the 1008 pots used 900 were used for the first anointing, 103 for the second and five for the final stage of the ceremony in the presence of thousands.

Amusing ways of spending times

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World’s Largest Hotel Room, Broumana, Lebanon

World’s Largest Hotel Room, Broumana, Lebanon
The Grand Hills Hotel and Spa, in Lebanon is the World’s Largest Hotel Room (Suite) as per the Guinness Records. It is situated in the wonderful hills in the city of Broumana, Lebanon. The Royal Suite in the Hotel has 6 floors and it is bounded by gardens and terraces. It extends around 86,000 sq. feet which includes 2 swimming pools, 3 pavilions, garden and terrace. You can watch the Mediterranean Sea and the Superb Lebanon mountains from the hotel. The personalized room service is best in the industry and the stay in hotel is a memorable one and it gives you the feeling that you are in a paradise.