Monday, December 14, 2009

10 Tips to main good health

10 Tips to main good health
Everybody should know the value of nutritional food. If you are taking proper nutritional food it will reflect in your personality i.e. Shiny hair, clear eyes, smooth skin, well-developed structure and his mental and physical responses should be normal. Good nutritional status is well balanced diet of a particular person is also reflected by resistance to diseases. Good nutrition also supplies all essential nutrients that a body requires and it helps a person have regular sound sleep.
1) Eat foods which contain fiber
2) Eat raw foods such as fruits and vegetables.
3) Eat at a fixed time
4) Eat all varieties of food
5) Avoid over eating
6) Avoid salt, sweet, ghee and spicy food
7) Regular exercise like walking, swimming is necessary.
8) Seasonal fruits and vegetables are best
9) Avoid eating similar food
10) Maintain your weight and watch it.

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