Friday, July 31, 2009

Humming bird feeders

Humming birds are tiny creatures and it is the only bird which can fly backwards. The native from where humming birds originated is America. Many people are fascinated to know about these birds and would like to see them very frequently, mainly because of its beauty. What can be done them to see these tiny ones? Present hummingbird feeders as gifts to your loved ones. These feeders can be given on any occasion and are available even in a traditional form. The rates of these humming bird feeders are very much affordable and worth buying one. So when you present these humming bird feeders to your loved ones you can see these small birds come and feed the nectar on the flowers. Enjoy these small birds at your home.

Surya and KV Anand joint venture

The successful Ayan team of Surya and K.V.Anand is back with a bang.The successful duo are going to do another film together.This film will see Surya in a science fiction role.Chiranjeevi will be producing this movie.Surya is right now very busy with handful of movies in Tamil and is debut in Hindi.So the shooting of this movie will start only after all the present commitments of Surya is over.

The tentative date for the project to start is given as mid of 2010.Surya has also confirmed that he will do the movie with K.V.Anand under Chiranjeevi production.Lot of expectations are pinned since Surya is there,more over due to the huge success in of the movie Ayan in the box office.

Worlds biggest dog-Hercules

Mr. Flynn is the owner of the Hercules the Worlds biggest Dog.The Guinness World Records recently awarded this dog as the Worlds biggest dog.This dog belongs to the breed of English Mastiff and it is originated from England.

English Mastiff are one of the most powerful breed and they are very big in size.The normal weight of a English Mastiff male breed is 150 to 250 pounds.Hercules weight is 282 pounds.

Flynn the owner of the dog was very happy for his dog to bag the most prestigious award of entering the Guinness World Records books.The press people inquired him whether he used some medicines to make his dog grow so drastically he replies he just fed Hercules with normal diet.

Trendy Eye glasses

Hi friends this post is for the people who are generally reluctant to wear glasses since you all think that you may get an aged appearance if you wear a glass. So what you do you generally prefer to wear is an optical lens. Well there are so many disadvantages in using lens and to start with it is highly expensive and generally many people forget to remove them in the evening and go to bed and end up the next day with sore eyes. So I would suggest you all to wear trendy eyeglasses. The best place to look for trendy eyeglasses Zenni Opticals.

Zenni Opticals have such a great variety that when you purchase them you don’t stop with one. The latest trend is to wear fashionable trendy glasses based on the attire that you wear. Each type of costume is different and so they emphasis us to get different glasses so that we look highly fashionable and trendy. The prices at which they provide these glasses are very much with our reach. The 4559 Stainless Steel with Half-Rim Frame is my favorite glass since it looks trendy and even gives a sports look. You have it in two colors one is black and the other is brown. Well I was bamboozled to select which one, so I would like to buy both. No more thinking about whether they are really worth a try or not. Peep in to get a look at the best eyeglasses and grab your favorite one.

Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife Linda's divorce settlement

Hulk Hogan the famous retired wrestler and American actor end all ties with his wife Linda legally.The divorcee was agreed on the basis of some settlement which is not been disclosed public.Fox News have predicted that the settlement would be very high since the Hulk Hogan and his wife Linda's net worth was 26 million and 32 million in the year 2008.

Linda is extremely happy with the settlement.Hulk Hogan termed that he is also extremely happy with everything and he is a free man now.Hulk Hogan is expected to start his new life with his girl friend Jennifer McDaniel

Sharuk Khan and Ajith in Asal ?

SRK to do a cameo role in Ajith's Asal

Just think of Hindhi Don SRK with Ajith in the movie Asal.Ya there is a huge buzz in the film industry that SRK is in for cameo in Ajith's latest flick Asal.The film source have already confirmed that Sharuk Khan has been approached for a very important role in Asal,but the role happens to be a cameo.

SRK has not given any confirmation about this and he has still not recovered from his shoulder injury.This could be a gossip but I still have some hopes left in me to see the two style icons together in the movie Asal.The last time Ajith and SRK acted together was in the movie Ashoka in the year 2001.

Can we expect the style icons SRK of Bollywood and Ajith of Kollywood to combine and give a box office hit.Well I still remind you the whole Asal unit seems to be waiting for the confirmation from Sharukh Khan

Tips to help your business survie the recession

Self employment is the best way to beat the recession .Start your own business to earn money. Well many people are scared whether a business will really work for them to save their lives and pay their debts? You need have positive attitude and be proactive in order to start your own business. Let us assume that you have started your own business but not able to create a reputation for yourself, so in turn you business is running in loss. This is a very common scenario for each person who is new to a business.

Tele Marketing is the best way to build contacts. Let me first suggest you certain tips to start a successful business. Target your customers and create a niche for yourself. Then be confident and proactive and always have a positive attitude. The next most important thing is to build contacts and I would suggest you Blueberry Marketing Solutions since they offer you the best possible strategy called lead generation.They understand your product and eliminate the flaws in our business strategies. Generally the problem with any unsuccessful business is a scatter gun approach which means treating each and every customer with the same approach.

Blueberry Marketing Solutions have a very simple process to help your business to grow in the right direction. They spend time with you to identify the key customers and devices strategies based on that. They give you all the needed contacts which helps you to take yourself and your business in the right direction.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shilpa Shetty new business

Famous Actress Shilpa Shetty last week launched medispa. Sources said that she will launch in to hotel business in the next month. This is not a new idea. From Cine Industry Mithun Chakraborthy’s Hotel at Ooty is a famous one. Bobby Doel and Dharmendra and his friends started Hotels in Mumbai. There is rumor going round that glamour queen Katrina Kaif is also going to open a Hotel soon.

Few years back Sachin Tendulkar opened chain of hotels in co-ordination with Mars Hospitality. Kaptain’s Retreat Hotel at Chandigarh is owned by Kapil Dev. Saurav’s-Food Pavillion in Kolkata you can get Mughal and Kashmiri foods. Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsele also in the business and their restaurants are at Kuwait and Dubai.

Student credit card

Hi friends,do you all know what is a credit card? Credit card is plastic card given by leading companies that is used by the card holder to buy necessary goods. The benefit is you need not carry money wherever you go. Simply purchase goods and show the credit card the sellers. The money you spend may be collected from you in easy installments. Go through this and then go ahead. Here is a great news for students.Are you in need of a credit card and decided to get one just wait for few minutes to have a better knowledge about how to get a credit card.

Credit Card is not free money that you can use. First you should decide what is your budget and use it with responsibility. There are many credit cards available. So first decide what you need and what are all the various varieties of credit cards available and what are all the benefits you get from these credit cards. Have look at this site student credit card offers. In this site you get information about various credit cards. Every credit card has some advantages like some cards gives you 5% cash back, unlimited cash rewards, no annual and activation charges, 5-20 % cash back bonus through online purchase, etc. This site also has information about all leading companies credit card applications and information here. First look at this site and decided what your requirement is and apply online for your student credit card.

Five Important things that need to be done

If you follow these things it will give you good health.
1. Do not drink coffee twice a day
2. Do not take pills with cool water
3. Do not have huge meals after 5 p.m.
4. Reduce the amount of oily food you consume
5. Drink more water in the morning less at night

Try to follow this.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sleep well to get fresh

Hi friends are you tired and bored living in the same old house. Here is great news for you all. You can change the face of your house by adding some new furniture that will enhance your status and your mood.

In market there are so many showrooms available for furniture sales. But the best one is Modern bedroom furniture. They have the best furniture designed by European designers from Italy. For example if you go to purchase bedroom furniture for your bedroom you will be mesmerized with the great variety i.e. platform beds, leather beds, modern bedroom sets, Night stands, Mirrors, Dressers, Armoires, etc they have. In each category they have a lot of varieties and at affordable rates. It is not necessary to go to the Shop. Simply sit in front of your computer and go to this site European bedroom . You will find the photos , price, availability, shipping charges, when you will get your product. All things will be available in the computer with just a click. You can choose from the wide variety and compare with other products and order it from your home.

Picture of Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie

ADT to protect your house

Robbery is so much in these days that everybody should take care of themselves and protect their belongings. So it is high time and it is very much necessary for a person to protect himself and also his family and his house. If people don’t do these they will have to pay the price and the suffering they will undergo will be very high. Burglars are finding new hi-tech ways and people are clueless about this. Hey wait, I am here to tell you what can be done to avoid this and how to catch these burglars and so no need to panic. Here is the solution that you have been looking for.

The adt security system understands your problem and helps you to protect your house and safe guard your family. The adt information is that they have an alarm system that is fascinating and this the latest technology available. The adt home alarm is used to monitor the house 24 hours a day. The system sends an alert to the ADT monitor and it in turn calls the owner via phone. So no problem you can catch the thief with ease.

Kambli apologized to Sachin Tendulkar

Vinod Kambli the former Indian Cricketer and long time friend of Sachin, had some golden days in domestic cricket, before he was a big time flop when he played for Indian Cricket. Vinod Kambli I remember playing in the India vs Srilanka semi-finals in 1996 where he cried like small baby when it was exit for Indian from the World Cup. My hunch says that Vinod Kambli might have cried for his own exit from International Cricket rather than the teams exit.

Vinod Kambli recently in a real time show spoke about Sachin it seems, and the reports from the media suggest that Kambli had stated in the interview that Sachin did not stand by me during my tough times and as a friend he could have done more to me. The reports suggest this but Kambli refuted strongly that he did not make these alleged comments.

Vinod Kambli has also apologized to Sachin and told that how is family and he would feel when he hears about this comment. Kambli also added that Sachin is very close to him and he knows what he would have said, but still he feels sad for media creating bogus statements.

Dental Care

Dental care is very important for every person. So I though I would better give a Free Dental care advise so that you people can get a better idea of what should be done during the Dental emergencies. All you need to do during a Dental emergency is keep ice on the teeth if bleeding occurs, apart from this the most important thing to be done is you need to meet a doctor. Well this reason is very obvious but most people don’t do this since they think meeting a doctor is not so important. Only when you meet a doctor thy can diagnose what problem you have and what is the cause for this problem and treat you accordingly. Most people think that the entire tooth related problem is not so serious, but friends any problem when left carelessly can cause serious damage. So what you need to do is met the doctor’s immediately. The doctor I would suggest you is Katy Dentist since they are the best people in proving guidance to our tooth.

Achamundu Achamundu

Sneha and Prasanna are staring in Achamundu and Achamundu and the movie is a thriller and it has a great response from the audience.The thriller is well taken and people who view the movie a have a breath taking experience.I would suggest you all to bettre see th movie and enjoy all the thrills and spills.

Improve Economy

Economy is the most important thing and we need to work hard to secure our economy. Every countries growth depends on their economic growth. The more our economic growth is we can capitalize more on that and that country will achieve the status of Developed country from the tag of developing country. What is the difference between developed country and developing country? A country which is “developed will have all the required resources but a developing country will be is shortage of resources.

Marion CANDO was started in 1993 and there mission is to secure Marion County’s economic future of every country by creating more jobs. Marion Ohio Economic Development is a potential resource that I would like to share with you so that you can know how to improve countries economy. They know importance of creating jobs since that is the main objective to show a drastic growth in the countries environment. They also help the government to improve their resources and in turn help the countries economy.

Aishwarya's new dancing skills

Aishwarya's dancing skills in the movie Robo has improved a lot.This is because she is working vigorously for the movie with Rajni sir.Shankar has made the movie go in full swing.This is the movie which the people expect but the director is taking his own time foe the release of the movie

Health Tips

Hi friends here is a good news for all the parents. If your children are in the age group of seven to twelve years and they have a problem in their studies and also their behavior you need to read this post. This is a big problem, don’t worry I have solution here. The main reason is that children don’t take balanced diet. All you need to do to get a balanced diet is add the essential fatty acids in their diet. The best choice in the market is Omega-3 fatty acid. You can give this to your children for at least four months and you can notice the difference and you will enjoy your children’s progress. What I mean by progress here is it will improve your children’s memory power and even improve their immunity power. So obviously it will help them to fare better in their studies.

Omega-3 fatty acid tablets taken regularly will reduce the risk of heart disease. The another benefit is it reduces the prostate tumor growth and also it reduce the risk of cancer occurring in breast, Prostate and colon.

Omega-3 fatty acid tablets are available plenty in the market. Out of all these, the best one is Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids. How can you know this is the best in the market. You can do a test in your home itself. If you are having any other Omega-3 fatty acid tablet, you can place it in the Fridge for 24 hours (they will change into white and cloudy) and also place the Omax 3 in the same way(it will not change). After 24 hours you can see the difference.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bill Gates daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates

Jennifer Katharine Gates.Is this picture real or is it someone else who is Bill Gates daughter.There is a huge speculation that this is the picture of Bill Gates daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates. Some of the pictures have amused me by saying that this is the best Microsoft Product,well this is the lighter side,but who this women is actually is?

The answer to this question the women in the picture is Rachael Leigh Cook.She is a American actress and she is best known for her acting in the movie She's All That.Then who is Bill Gates daughter.Here is the picture of Jennifer Katharine Gates .Jennifer Katharine was born in th year 1996 and so she just 13.The above photograph of Gates with his daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates reveals the truth.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MTV Stunt Mania | Bikers World | Pulsar Stunt Mania

MTV Stunt Mania is India's biggest stunt biking reality show.India's first ever biking reality show is already aired from July 26th.This will have all the thrills and spills and the action does not unfold here.The person who is being crowned th winner gets the title as "Stunt God of India".The winner will also get a customized Pulsar bike and a cash prize of 5 lakhs.He also gets a chance to feature in the Pulsar Stunt Mania ads.

Alan Amin is the mentor and judge for this show.He is a very trained and skillful person who gave training to the Bollywood heroes including John Abraham,Abishek Bachan and all others for the films which features biking stunts.Dhoom ,Dhoom ,Luck are some of the movies which had some daring stunts perfomed by heroes.The show is expected to be a big hit and the auditions for the show are done in all the major cities in India.Most of the contestants are from Delhi,Bombay,Pune and Chennai.

The show has been already aired and in every episode there will be 1 skill based stunt which will teach how to do a wheelie, burnout,stoppie,tank stand and all the stunts.Youngsters are very eagerly waiting for this show to kick off and the organizers are very happy for the response that they are starting to receive.


The winner will get a cash prize of 5 lakhs.


Every Sunday 7pm.So friends don't miss the thrills and spills and all the action is waiting for you.A special thanks to Pulsar Stunt Mania team and MTV to unleash the most expected biking show of all time.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Web Hosting made easy

Individuals and companies can host their own web sites on Internet which are accessible by all the people, world wide. This is not as complicated as you think and is done with the help of a simple technique called Web Hosting. This service is provided by the companies which give space on their servers using which clients can share and save their data in to these servers. This article will be very useful to you, if you are looking to start your own website then here comes all the details of the various web hosting techniques and the problems associated with them. Free Web hosting servers are used by very few people since it is not so effective. Well I would suggest you the same since nothing comes for free. I would just give you a small preview of green web hosting sites which provide best services at ultimately affordable rates. So go for either shared or dedicated servers so that you can share your data world wide. People generally go for dedicated servers if the traffic of their website will be very high.So it is up to you to decide what type of server are you going to take based on your needs.

Roger Federer's wife Mirka gives birth to twin girls

Roger Federer wife Mirka gave birth to twins.The twins are the first children for the famous couple and Roger Federer said that this was the most happiest moment in their lives.Federer shared is joy with his fans through his Facebook account.Mirka gave birth to the twins in Switzerland.Both the girl babies are hale and healthy along with the mother.

Roger Federer has named the girl babies.Myla Rose and Charlene Riva are the names of the two cute tiny little tots.Mirka was also a tennis player,but she had to quit tennis due to injury very early in her career.We have to wait and see what is in store from these two little ones who are from a strong tennis background.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bill Gates to visit India

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has planned to come to India this week.The philanthropic organization started by Gates is running in full swing especially to help the HIV affected people in India.The "Avahan" is the name given for this and they have invested $330 million for this project.Bill Gates is alos going to addresss a gathering organized by National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom).

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the one of the largest private foundations in the world,who do complete philanthropist activities.the motto of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is to enhance health and reduce the poverty.The foundation is a very good step and a great try to eliminate poverty.Thanks a lot for you effort Mr.Bill Gates.

Preserve your art work

Certain possessions in life are so important and valuable that we cannot compromise on them. So when you are shifting your house to a new location certain treasured items especially antiques, art galleries and glass items need to be handled with utmost care. There are so many packers and movers in this world but do they provide reliable service? That is a million dollar question that needs to be answered. The art storage is one of the toughest jobs and very few experts are available in the market who do the job with utmost perfection. You need to spend a lot of time to find the right person who does this job at affordable rates. Don’t worry I have already done a research and found out, who are the best people available in the market right now. Take a look at this site to get a better idea of what all services they provide. I was fascinated to see this site and the information here are very well organized and you can fill in your doubts and request information from this site. They care for our products and provide the most reliable services. They have climate controlled trucks so that any type of article can be transported.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Abdul Kalam to act in Mein Kalam Hoon a Bollywood film

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam enters the film world and is going to act in the a Bollywood movie "Mein Kalam Hoon".The former president Abdul Kalam has agreed to do this film because he has got the opportunity to work with kids.Abdul Kalam is very much fond of children just like Nehru.The movie is directed Madhav Pandeya and the produced by the SMILE organization.

Cannes Film Festival would get the chance to have a first look at the film.The story is very similar to the ideology of Abdul Kalam which goes like this..."Everyone is free to dream,So dream big".They are looking for a new face and the hunt is on in the Rajasathan Slums.This is some what similar to Slumdog Millionaire sine in that movie they had a new face hunt in Mumbai slums.

Green Jobs | Green Collar Jobs Green for all

The Green jobs are also called as Green Collar jobs is any job in which an organization or firms work for the betterment of the environment.People who work here care about the environment and thy would like to save energy for future enhancements.

Environmental consultants,renewable energy engineers like solar and wind energy,biological system engineers are some of th very common Green Collar jobs.You can get a bettr insight of green collar jobs from this site

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to host a website ?

Individuals and companies are allowed to have their own web sites which are accessible with the help of Internet. This is done with Web Hosting technology. There are a lot of companies which provide space on their servers which can be used by the clients to share and save their data in these servers. Internet is the mode of connectivity for the clients and the web hosting companies. Well if you are looking to have your own website then here is an insight of the various web hosting techniques and the problems associated with them. Free Web hosting servers are there which are offered by so many companies. The next is the shared web hosting servers where many companies share the same servers. If your data is most important and non sharable like account user names, account passwords and other confidential data then you need a dedicated web hosting servers.

People generally are confused to select which service is best suited for them based on the data that they have, and even cost wise. Affordable Web Hosting techniques are nothing but to know which service can best suit you based on your needs. This site has unbiased ratings on each and every web hosting site. They also allow you to find out sites which provide hosting services based on your cost and data estimations. So take a look at the site and host your own site today. Its now are never.

TVS Flame SR 125 released

The latest TVS Flame model is released.TVS Flame SR 125 is the 2009 TVS model.The bike has Noise vibration handling technique(NVH).The TVS Flame SR is a 125cc bike and it weighs 123 kg approximately.The bike has Electric starter in it.The top speed of TVS Flame SR 125 is 95 kms.The CC-VTi technology helps to give a better mileage than the earlier version of TVS Flame.The most visible change with this bike is the change in the rear tyre.The tyre is widened which enables to get better grip on the roads,and they have worked on the graphics making the look of the vehicle refreshing.

The graphics and the work done on the head lamps give a very astonishing look and the bike has a nice sports finish.TVS Flame SR 125 is the only Indian motorcycle to which has the facility of on-tank storage.This is really a nice idea and in the near future all the bikes will have the same features.The TVS Flame SR125 is available with both disc brakes and drum brakes.The colour of the vehicle is red and blue.The only problem that generally TVS bikes users have is the gear box gets repaired very quickly.Well can this bike be "The new style icon" which rules the roads !!!

TVS FLAME SR-125 PRICE : Rs 47,550/- ( with disk brake)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ratan Tata gives away first three Nano Cars to customers

The People's Car Nano has been delivered to its customers.Ashok Vichare a person from Mumbai who is aged 55 received the car keys for silver colored Nano.He was a very happy man and looked to be a proud owner of his car.Ratan Tata was present at the event and he was the one who gave away the keys to Ashok Vichare.

Ashok Vichare was the customer who was selected based on the lottery system. The number of bookings exceeded the production capacity and so they had to introduce the lottery system.Ratan Tata said that they are planning to give away the first 1 lakh cars by the end of December 2010.Rata Tata told that this would be the safest and the best mode of transport for th middle class.

Best holiday location

Guys if you are looking to spend some quality time with your family or girlfriend then the right place to hit on is the Prince Resort located the entrance of Cherry Grove Pier. Myrtle Beach Resort is located in such a way that it gives perfect water front location for relaxing yourself with other leisure activities and dining options to suit everyone. If you are planning for a meeting, party or wedding then Myrtle Beach Resorts are the best, which offers you excellent banquet facilities for everything.

Myrtle Beach Accomodations are the perfect and the hospitality is excellent and they take extreme care of their customers to make them feel at home. And once you visit this place you will surely love their service and facilities they provide you with. They have exciting packages for customers and they make sure that they meet the preferences of the customer. So what else are you waiting for? Plan a holiday trip with your family and have fun.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meena Reception Photos

Everybody knows that Tamil Film beauty Meena got married with Vidyasagar at Tirupathi. On 14th July the marriage reception took place in Chennai at May Ramanathan Hall. Vidyasagar is a Software Engineer from Bangaore.

The Tamil film industry's famous heroes and heroines attended the marriage reception. This is one of the star studded function. Meena acted with Rajini, Kamal, Sarath, Ajith, etc. Most of her films are super hit. Her movie with Superstar "Muthu" is well received in Japan.

After marriage she is going to act films. This is a great news to her fans. Now she is acting "Vengamamba" a devotional film. We wish the couple "HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS LIFE".

Complete Look on Furniture

Hi buddy here is the tips for a change over of look in your house, want to make your house look trendy. The best idea is to change the furniture in the house instead of re-modeling or renovating the house since the latter one is cost wise very high. So if you are looking for furniture where can you get one which has high quality but low when it comes to pricing? Never ever try to get items which are of low price, rather go for affordable price to get best articles. Same is the case here. is site which offers top quality furniture at affordable rates. In this site they provide Contemporary Furniture at discount rates. Generally people doubt about the quality of the product when they get something in discount, but this site provides 100% money back offer if you are not satisfied with the quality with time limit of 14 days. This feature makes this site a stand out when compared to his competitors in the market. Change is the one thing which is permanent in this world. So don’t hesitate change the furniture in your house to get a new look to your house.

Indra Nooyi named CEO of the Year

The prestigious CEO of the year award has been bagged by Indra Nooyi.Global Supply Chain Leaders Group (GSCLG) have given this prestigious award to Indra Nooyi for the year 2009.The American based company said that the award is given to person who excels in developing the company and also who has social responsibility.The award is presented to one individual who has the highest aggregate ratings in all the business oriented operation.

Indra Nooyi told that she is very happy to receive such a prestigious award and is very thankful to GSCLG for selecting her for this award.Indra Nooyi is the Pepsi-Co CEO and she is in fourth position in the list of Most Powerful Women CEO by Forbes.

Tips to be safe from hackers

Hacking is quite a common word these days and more and more hackers or in the Internet who try to get our personal data. The anonymity is a big advantage for these hackers and so they go to any extend to get our personal data. What can be done to avoid this and to have privacy and security in Internet? I was worried and for many days I could not get an answer for this. Then I searched in sites and came to know about Phishing and I was shocked to know such a technology exists. The concept is they will create a fake site which would very much similar to the original and tell us to enter our personal details. What should be checked before entering our details? Even while entering username and password check whether the site has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which helps us to identify the original site from the phishing site. The other problem is that generally all our personal details are being sold in internet and that is the reason we get a lot of spam in our mail box. What can be done to avoid this? Strike deals on internet with sites and get assurance from them that your personal details are not sold. This is one such site. Have a look at that.

Flintoff will recover : England team

Flintoff might miss second Ashes test with injury. The pace attack already looks to be a very weak one with Freddie the only bowler who looked threatening in the first Ashes Test is out of the tournament. This is not a confirmed news but the recall of Steve Harmison for the second Test gives some indication that this might be well on the cards.

The England Team no the importance of Flintoff and so they badly need the all rounder to recover from the injury so that they can perform really well and win the second Test and take a 1-0 lead in the five match Ashes series

Direct TV

Hi people are watching TV more and more nowadays and people love to get better picture and sound quality. Is there a easy solution for this so that people can enjoy high quality sound and picture from there home. The answer for this is very simple. Direct TV Deals is a site who provide you the high quality of picture you are looking for .You can select from there packages the list of channels that you would prefer to watch. This is a very good feature that generally wont come with Cable TV operators. They also provide un interrupted connection even during climatic changes like heavy winds or heavy rain lashes. The rain in India is so high now. Especially Mumbai is a worst hit place by this rain. I am user from this place who has availed their connection. I am very proud and happy to say that I enjoy their connection while the rest of Mumbai cant see TV. So avail their connection and enjoy their offers.

Mumbai hit by heavy rains

Mumbai is affected from its normal life due to heavy down pour.The people in Mumbai are completely drenched in water.Colaba and Santacruz stations in Mumbai recorded very high amount of rain. The stats are 73.7 mm and 32.2 mm rain has been recorded in these places respectively. Trains and flights were also delayed because of heavy rain.

Mumbai weather forecast is that heavy showers are likely to occur in the next 24 hours which may further hamper the normal living of the people in Mumbai. An unique slogan that Mumbai people utter now his "Rain Rain Go Away,Come Again another Day!!! "

Will the Rain Gods listen to plea of Mumbai and stop this rain.I don't think so.Fingers crossed.Any way lets wait and see.

Tips to look beautiful

Beauty is the one word that every person adores about. A beautiful person is an incredible sight to behold. Self belief, smiling face are the best ways to become a mirror cracking material. Women are the more concern about beauty and the amount of time they spend to look pretty is un-explainable. There are so many people to provide general tips and knowledge about beauty care, but people are reluctant to speak about the topic breasts.

A woman looks really beautiful and sexy only when she is completely fit. So here are the tips for all the women who want to look like Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie. Breast Implants help women to get the might look that they would love to attain. Saline breast implant is the most commonly used and preferred by women world wide. There are some of other methods to. Just take a look at the site to know more about how to look beautiful. There are some disadvantages in each method which is clear it stated in that site. So have a look at that to get a clear picture.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Top five most expensive houses in the world

This post contains the list of the Top five most expensive houses in the world.The list is topped by Bill Gates which goes without saying.He is the world's most wealthiest person.

1) Bill Gates

2) Founder of Renco Group, Ira Rennert has a house in Sagaponack, New York which is world's second most expensive villa.

3) Elton John and the Queen of England won the world's third most expensive house.

4) Donald Trump has the world's fourth most expensive house.Donald Trump's house is located in Florida.

5) Three Ponds in New york is the world's fifth most expensive place.

My favorite Peugeot cars

Cars are very common nowadays and in this fast moving world it has become an affordable luxury. The word affordable luxury is not the same for all and every one cannot get a car. Some people can get bikes but the danger is more with the speeds people travel these days. So what could be the solution if you don’t have the funds to get a car but you are in very much need of one? All you need to do is go for a second hand car, but be very careful while you select a second hand car. You need to be either a expert of cars or need the assistance of a car expert.

Perrys is one of the most famous sites which was launched in 1908 and it completed 100 years of successful service to its customers in 2008.Here you can search all the vehicles both used and new. This site is a complete database for all the cars available in the market. I was fascinated to see the models of Peugeot since they were relatively at affordable price and the interior design of all the models is simple mind blowing. If you are looking for a small car which is ideally suitable for place where there is heavy traffic buzz then you should go for this model Peugeot 107. The fuel capacity of Peugeot 107 is 35 liters and vehicle is extremely comfortable for a family of four or five. There is an offer available now and so you can save up to £1,095.

The next in the list is Peugeot 308 and it is my all time favorite. This is the car which I m planning to get in the near future . I am especially amazed with the performance of this car since it can reach 62 miles per hour in just 10.8 seconds. There are so many other cars which can clock more speed when compared to this one, but they are more often used in racing tracks.Peugeot 308 has a fuel capacity of 60 liters. If you find this information is too little and you want more details about these cars you can contact Peugeot Dealer and they give you more details about both the used and new cars. You can contact Peugeot Dealers either by e-mail or phone. Decide your car. Don’t hesitate it is now or never.

Anna University B.E/B.Tech and Arrear Results Announced

Anna University B.E Results for all the students including arrear results have come.The buzz was that the results would come only after 15th.But this Anna university is always un-predictable.The results for all departments are announced.

1) ECE Results
2) CSE Results
3) IT Results
4) Mechanical Results
5)EEE Results
7) Civil Results.


This site the Anna University results are very fast.

Enter register number in that site and you wil get the results in minutes

SLOW SITE register number here

Replace the text Enter register number here with your number.All the best and I wish you get good results.

My Personal opinion Anna University correction sucks to the core and many of them including me and my friends have suffered in the past from the hands of their correction.Friends a personal point I would like to emphasis if you are applying for revaluation apply with Xerox .


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding bells : Meena wedding pictures | Meena marriage photos | stills | pics

Meena wedding stills
Meena marraige stills
Meena marriage photos

South Indian actress Meena finally ties the knot.Meena weds Vidyasagar a Bangalore based software Engineer.The engagement took place very secretly in Chennai and now Meena's Wedding has taken place with very close relatives and friends in Tirupathi.There will be a grand reception which will be start studded happening very soon in Chennai.

Meena's age is 31 now and it has been quite a long wait for her. The marriage took place in a very nice way and Meena has confirmed that she will continue to act in films.She has signed some Malayalam films and her last Tamil film was with Captain Vijayakanth in Maryathai.

Meena was once the most sought actress in Tamil Industry and she has acted with all the heroes including Rajin,Kamal,Ajith,Vijay,Vijayakanth,Sathyaraj,Karthi and PrabhuDeva.She started her career as a child actor and she acted very well in Anbula RajiniKanth and now she has acted more than 175 films.Wishing you a happy married life!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Franklin Zoo closed ?

Franklin Zoo

The most famous Zoo in Boston is in a spot of bother and it might have to be closed very soon.Franklin Park Zoo attracts so many people and it is such a very famous place,but all these are in the danger of becoming history.Ya the reason is obvious recession has hit them is well.The Franklin Park Zoo confirmed that they are running out of funds and so they will be very soon forced to close both Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo located in Stoneham.

The Franklin Zoo officials feel that Governor Deval Patrick is the culprit.The reason is very simple.They had allocated 6.5 million dollars as funds for the Franklin Zoo which Governor Patrick has reduced to 2.5 million.The only ray of hope for Franklin Zoo is that they have faced the threat of closing down several times before and they have recovered remarkably.The latest was 2002 when the funding where reduced from $6 million to $3.5 million.Lets hope they stage a remarkable recovery once again and rewrite history books for doing that when ever they are down and out.

Next generation TV

Hey guys tired of watching your favorite programs on your scrambled network. It is high time to change to Dish TV. This is considered as the next generation of the Dish TV network which has great innovations. It is the first one to use high definition satellite receiver which can deliver all your favorite channels with both SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) right at your home. The advantage of using HDTV is you have significant improvement in the picture quality and you are allowed to select your favorite channels as a package. Thus it serves as a double combo by giving you the channels that you want at the same time the picture clarity that you wouldn’t have dream off. The EPG (Electronic Program guide) has a feature which helps us to know the advanced schedule of the programs that are occurring for the next two days which helps us to plan our activities accordingly. They have owner manuals which instruct us in the right way. Enjoy their uninterrupted service with digital surround effects.

Sania Mirza Engagement Photos

Sania Mirza, got engaged to her childhood friend Mohammed Sohrab Mirza.Sohrab Mirza's father is a business man and he is also a very good family friend of Mirza's family.The engagement ceremony took place in the Friday evening where the couples exchanged ring and the rest was mere formalities.There was some buzz created before the eve of the engagement when an youngster claimed that he was in love with Sania Mirza.Later he was arrested by police for creating nuisance in front of her house.

Sania Mirza was earlier linked to Shaid Kapoor but later they to split.Sohrab is a business man and he is currently going to peruse his higher studies in MBA.Sania Mirza will continue to play tennis till she gets married,but her family says that she might also continue to play tennis even after her marriage.This is more unlikely to happen.