Saturday, July 11, 2009

Franklin Zoo closed ?

Franklin Zoo

The most famous Zoo in Boston is in a spot of bother and it might have to be closed very soon.Franklin Park Zoo attracts so many people and it is such a very famous place,but all these are in the danger of becoming history.Ya the reason is obvious recession has hit them is well.The Franklin Park Zoo confirmed that they are running out of funds and so they will be very soon forced to close both Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo located in Stoneham.

The Franklin Zoo officials feel that Governor Deval Patrick is the culprit.The reason is very simple.They had allocated 6.5 million dollars as funds for the Franklin Zoo which Governor Patrick has reduced to 2.5 million.The only ray of hope for Franklin Zoo is that they have faced the threat of closing down several times before and they have recovered remarkably.The latest was 2002 when the funding where reduced from $6 million to $3.5 million.Lets hope they stage a remarkable recovery once again and rewrite history books for doing that when ever they are down and out.

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