Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rambha Engagement News/stills

Rambha Engagement stills
Ramba marriage
Beautiful actress Ramba engagement took place at Chennai on 27th January. Rambha is going to marry Indran, who is doing business in Canada. Earlier Indran’s –Magic Woods company’s brand ambassador was Rambha. A new BMW car was presented by Indran to Rambha. The engagement took place at Hotel Park Sheraton and many film artists and close relatives and friends attended the function. The marriage will took place at Tirupathi on 27th March.

Rambha acted in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada. Her first film in Tamil with Karthik “Ullaithai Allitha” directed by Sundar C. is a super hit movie. Then she acted with all heroes Rajini, Kamal, etc. Vijaya Laxmi was Rambha’s original name and her first film name was Amritha and then changed to Rambha.

Prospective ways of doing business

Viddler’s ad works is a place to contemplate and indulge for online video for small business. This site is a type of encouraging phenomena to those self motivated and providing suitable platform to them. Customers can chalk out programme fixtures through videos and earning attractive income within short span of time. The customers organizing their videos for their clients at a reasonable rate at cost per mile (CPM) can also be called as cost per thousand pages or impressions. The Viddlers ad work comes in handy to those vying for high class publishers releasing the best possible campaigns.

A video hosting service enables individuals to upload video clippings to web site. Generally the above video site is called as video sharing web site. There are varieties of codes to be used so as to enable others to view the shows that are stored in the server. The video hosting service is becoming so popular as many customers may not have unlimited space in the web and also due to the emerging popularity of blogs and many interactive pages thus forcing the customers to video content hosting. AOL Video has been providing videos of high class definition quality pictures. Here includes music videos, news items and various TV shows. This AOL definitely a worth watching.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Festivals and seasonal events of US

Atlanta Festival of Trees

In winter the Atlanta Festival of Trees celebrates the Christmas season with a parade and exhibit of elaborately decorated trees and wreaths. In January Art Deco Weekend spotlights Miami Beach’s historic district with a street fair, a gala and live entertainment. The Cloister Food and Wine Classic on Sea Island, Georgia has enjoyed an international reputation for quality classes and tasting. Black History Month is observed throughout the South, with special events at many bookstores, universities and other cultural venues including Tuskegee University in February.

The best time to visit the South States of US is spring and fall, when temperate are in the 70s and 80s. Over Memorial Day weekend Anderson, South Carolina celebrate Freedom Weekend Aloft in spring is one of the largest balloon rallies in the country. Spoleto Festival USA which draws world renowned performers and artists to Charleston, South Carolina, get global attention. In summer the Annual Highland Games and Gathering o the Scottish Clans held in the high meadows of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina, is one of the largest Scottish celebration in the World. In October, Gulf Shores celebrates Alabama’s National Shrimp Festival.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Naviya Nair marriage stills

Naviya Nair marriage stills

Naviya Nair marriage stills

Naviya Nair marriage stills are the most sought on thw eb now and Naviya Nair got married to Shankar Menon who is also a Keralite but right now he is doing business in Mumbai.The wedding took place near Naviya's home town in heppad Government School grounds near Haripad.

Naviya Nair is one of the leading female lead in Malayalam and the wedding was atteneded by all the leading starts like Mamooty, Mohan Lal and it was really a star studded affair.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Festivals in the Mississippi Valley, US Tourism

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
Mississippi Valley University
During winter season, Mardi Gras Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, caps several weeks of madness, street festivals, parades with fantastic floats, marching bands, and eye-popping costumes. In spring, during the months of March-April, in Mississippi, Spring pilgrimages to elegant antebellum mansions are held throughout the state with Natchez claiming Grande-dame status, followed by Columbus and Vicksburg. In the months of April, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival draws hundreds of thousands of musicians, fans and artisans for a 10 day all out jam session. In Louisville the Kentucky Derby, one of horse racing premier events, is preceded by a two week festival with parades, riverboat races and many a mint julep. April and October are the best time to visit Mississippi Valley and the climate is pleasant during the period.

In summer, the International Country Music Fan Fair, in Nashville, Tennessee, lets country music fans mix with their favorite stars in a week long celebration. In August, Memphis, Tennessee, pulls out all the stops for the Elvis International Tribute week.

Tips to maintain business web directories

web directories
Hi friends, in this post I am going to give you some tips to main business web directories. Nowadays people have started to join business web directories. In business web directories all information about your company will be provided. Nowadays people are well accustomed in using Google search engine. If your site is indexed in Google it is a great boon to your business.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

AR Rahman meeting with Michael Jackson

AR Rahman revived his memories about his meeting with Michael Jackson just two months before the demise of Michael Jackson. AR Rahman the Oscar winner and the King of POP Michael Jackson shared similar thoughts and had liking towards similar ideas.Michael Jackson was interested to work with AR Rahman and MJ asked Jackson to compose music for "Thriller'' in O2 concert.
AR Rahman and Michael Jackson
AR Rahman was very happy that he got a chance to work with the King of Pop and Michael Jackson asked Rahman to compose music for the lines as "We are the World".Rahman had written this in his blog in a way so that it will be a tribute to Michael Jackson the King of Pop.

Appropriate ways of Internet advertising

Internet advertising

Buying media space is an exercise of visiting directly to the market place and trading. The advertiser has to approach media who is providing internet advertising placements. This kind of buying is called advertiser buying direct. As there is no agency is used and there is no commission is offered but still the advertiser opt the above method especially for London based as it is considered cheaper. Most of the advertisers choose internet advertising agencies for buying media space. The agency offers expertise guidance and better payment terms. But from media if contacted direct may ask the dues within 14 to 30 days and in the case of agencies the time for payment is up to 30 days and allow another 30 days credit after wards. The media independent who are operating with experts doing buying and selling the media. They order the required media space and offer rebate to the customer. Media independent will do central buying for larger companies and the agency provide product promotion work.

Sculptures in Kerala

Kerala sculpture has attained a high degree of excellence both in stone and wood carving. Perhaps the earliest stone sculptural pieces were discovered from Edakkal Mala near Sultan’s Battery. The figures are those of animals and humans. So far the date of these sculptures has not been determined.

The next strata of sculptural arts are seen in the rock-cut post-Sangam temples. Two distinct stains are noticed, the southern representing the Pandyan influence and the northern the Pallava influence. The Kaviyur temple, the Kottukal temple and the Irunilakkode are examples of rock-cut temples. Many of the specimens of sculpture found here are life-like. Several images of the Buddha were discovered from several parts of Kerala. Images of the Buddha in Yogasana were discovered from places like Karumadi, and Pallikal. These are by far the finest representations of stone sculptures of Kerala.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tips to maintain a successful website

Keeping more websites is not considered as a huge task, but maintaining the website needs lot of caring as the site has to be got in line with latest update. It is more or less like looking after our garden. The technology boon with the help of satellites is reaching to everyone’s drawing room by the name of internet. The websites are to be kept clean by the sense not over traffic with over dose of unwanted online information. The sites are to be accessed on email and care should be taken if all the email connection is perfect both input and output. Using the keywords we have to find the websites position for engine ranking. Backup file processing must be made every year.

A web creator may check number of browsers and new visitors and by knowing this information through analytical grounds. After collecting details, the web site can be redesigned according to the people’s usage and interest. Many servers have some time or the other cannot be able to contain the data when a browser uses the web. To avoid such happenings, the web site can be developed with the help of analytic. If the service provider is hard to get you the information it is always an easy approach to have from Google statistics. Some of the analytic are about the visitors addresses who visit the site, count of file information downloaded, and if we have PDF it will be easy to get the total, the time spent by a visitor and the list goes on.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New York Tourism


Many Tourists visit New York during August to watch the US Open Tennis Tournament live. The region was historically, defined by the coastline, where the Pilgrims first established a toehold in the New World. Until it veers inland north of Vermouth, Maine, 1-95 skirts the inlets and harbors that sheltered the whaling and trading vessels of 17th - 19th century settlers. Every season brings its own recreations - fishing in New York, skiing in Vermont, briking along Marine's rocky coast.

Spring blooms start in April along the southern coastal regions and being later the farther north you go. This tends to be the quietest period throughout the region. Summer,which ranges from an average monthly high of 85 degree F in the southern region to an average monthly low of 59 degree F in the north, attracts beach lovers to the islands and coastal regions; those preferring cooler climes head to the lakes in New York State, the mists of Maine, or the mountains. Autumn is a kaleidoscope of colors as leaves change from green to burning gold. Temperatures remain around 55 degree F into October in many places. Winter brings snow and skiers to the mountain slopes of most states in the region.

Expert advice for mobiles and laptops

Internet is so vast that the resource you are looking for are generally scattered. So in order to zero in on any information on the web, that you are looking for, is little tedious and definitely time consuming process. Actually thanks to Google which has made life easier without which life would have been miserable for almost all people. Once I decided to buy a new laptop and a mobile and so I made an intensive search on Google and finally drilled down on Consumer mate site.

Consumer mate provides you with a feature using which you can compare 2 laptop prices and their features. They also provide Laptop Prices in India so that we can get a clear picture of what to look for and what not to. The site also gives a virtual experience and the mobile section has almost all the collections that would make you interested. The site is very interactive, and to cite this with an instance I will share my personal experience. The site has sidebar and you can select the price that is suitable for you and click the “View Now link” to get the mobile user and expert ratings. The price of each mobile is also listed along with which you have a compare button which enables you to compare the features of the mobiles that you would be interested in buying. The collection has almost all the latest mobile phones and so life is made easier with a single click. The site has added another interesting feature using which a non techie can get a laptop or a mobile. Well actually to elaborate more they have an Ask Me Section where a user can get unbiased reviews about the models that he or she is interested. Finally to sum it up after much of a research and help from consumer mate experts I finalized haier mobile phone and got one for me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chance Pe Dance movie review

Chance Pe Dance stills

Chance Pa Dance has a nice cast with Shaid Kappor has the male lead and Genelia as the female lead.How many Hindi movies you have seen in which a hero is moving from his hometown to Mumbai chasing his huge dreams in order to become the number one star in the B-town.Chance Pe Dance is no different in which the Shahid Kapoor moves from Delhi leaving his dad in order to seek his dreams.The story line is extremely weak but the acting of Shahid Kapoor and Genelia is adding some color to the scene or else the movie would have been a big let down.

The music of the movie is a big disappointment according to me especially with 4 music directors but none of the songs are really a big hit.The predictable plot is a big let down especially not much of twist or turns in the movie.

Shahid Kappor dance makes us dazzle and Genelia has been at her usual best and she brings some life to the movie.The movie is watchable once and could have been a better one if the plot had contained some unexpected twists.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Elaborate Internet advertising

Internet advertising

The usage of internet by more people has risen to greater extent. By doing so more often the system user is getting the niece experience about blogs. Every year, there are many new comers venturing into online business through exploring blogs. The blogs not only very educative but also make the Bolgger particularly happier through his / her writings. There is also self satisfaction on being able to make some money. The social site marketing has been doing advertising works for many years. Many bloggers are most welcoming the above marketing sites and started writing posts from home and earning quite money. In the quite coming years, one is assured that this social media is benefiting more bloggers and thus got benefited also. Doing online trading, it is always better to spread the information to other sites of social status. As a matter of fact, if a Blog is linked to say some four or five sites and in turn it spreads to many, and bountiful advertisements to highlight the world.

We can get online friendship and enhance the personal growth individually by showing constant content of oneself. These blogging methods where monitory growth is well achieved and those willing to surge and do better by opening new sites are well acclaimed through online.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Finger Lakes Wine Festival, New York

The Finger Lakes Wine Festival, New York
The Finger Lakes Wine Festival, New York

Every year during late July, the Finger Lakes Wine Festival is held in Watkins Glen New York State. Forty wineries will take part in this Festival. In this Great Food and Wine Festival, you will find all food products like cheeses, sauces, syrups, candy, cookies and ice cream, etc. This is designed for the Farmers to exhibit their product, you can taste some samples foods and buy them.

In early August the Marine Lobster Festival is a public feat held on the first weekend of the month in Rock land. Ben and Jerry’s Folk Festival held in Newport, Rhode Island, books top names like the Indigo Girls and Joan Baez. In the mid August Newport Rhode Island’s Fort Adams State Park is host to the JVC Jazz Festival, formerly the Newport Jazz Festival one of the nation’s premier jazz events.

Tips to get higher Google page rank

Google page rank

The network analytical calculation providing the important bonding and connections between many objects may be termed as link analysis. Most of the link analyses are computer based which are cleverly adopted in certain sectors like banks and insurance companies. This link analysis is more or less like a mathematical problem fed to a computer and getting an answer which can be called as page rank. If you want to know more about page rank you can see it in Wiki. In simple theory a page rank is so similar to the so called system of secret voting. The genuineness of the page is determined with comparing the other pages of World Wide Web. Generally, when the page is linked to more pages of higher ranks will definitely accolade good page rank. The traffic relates to the amount of data received and the total out put by the users of a particular website. Normally during the traffic we can ascertain the strength of the page which is more often visited by large people.

The web directories usually come along with computer data base. The term can be named as folder also. The directory is used in improving the information technology both hardware and software. It also plays major role in communicating telephony including variety aspects on the use of equipments by connecting telephones. Of late internet virtually revolves around networks and improving links but relying on page crawling web to complete the work. But considering the fact the speed with which new web sites are created one has been pushed to enroll the site into and as business web directory. By the way one is getting more number of visitors and enhances his reputation.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, D.C., US Tourism

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, D.C.
National Cherry Blossom Festival, Showtime, Washington, D.C.
National Cherry Blossom Festival takes place in Washington, D.C. every year with a parade, a marathon and a Japanese lantern-lighting ceremony which is held every year is a major tourist attraction festival. This 2 week long festival commemorates the gift of cherry trees from Japanese Mayor. You can watch many dance performances on the opening day. Many spectacular events took place on that day.

The Middle Atlantic States consists of Delaware,Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsyvania, Virginia, and Washington D.C. The best time to visit is in the cool early spring Washington’s pink cherry blossoms are at their peak for a few spectacular days. Summer is swampy in Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia with temperatures in the 80s, yet thousands flock to all three for monuments or baseball. The dazzling autum foliage in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and West Virginia’s Potomac Highlands draws hordes. In winter when temperatures average in the 40s, Maryland, Pennsyvania, Virgina offer down hill and cross-country skiing.

Accommodating usage of PN

PN indicates P class and N class of semi conductors i.e. that hold electrical conductivity between conductor and insulator. In modern electronics where we find radio, telephones, computers, these semi conductors are base materials for transistor, solar cells, and diodes. In most cases Silicon is used to manufacture commercial semi conductors. Several other materials silicon germanium, boron nitrate, aluminum arsenide, boron phosphate, zinc oxide with so many classes is also used.

In Digital electronics the PN connection consistently survives in all the wireless technology of present days. (Infra red, GPRS, blue tooth, WIFI, etc) For getting PN we require the person’s attached network called PAN which is an extension set of devices. The PN is arranged in such a way with some pattern design. The pattern designs are worked out at that time of setting the devices, but not planned for fixing the PN. For uses of same local PAN the PN connection is given with careful monitoring with easy accessibility. The communicating devices with different reachable techniques will be formed by the so called PN. Generally PAN has some restriction in global coverage due to various geographical conditions. But in the case of PN there is no limitation and no physical or weather restrictions for providing clean output. For instance any handset phone having own P-PAN will necessarily get into membership of locally detected PAN which is a must, as another person with same PAN then only can access in the network. There are more types of mechanism that will occupy with same technology.

This site has also has the provision for us to submit articles and I browse through the latest articles and found Debt consolidation article to be very informative and interesting.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, US Tourism

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Every year during autumn in the mid October, the Albuquerque international Balloon Fiesta will be held in US. In this festival more than 850 colorful hot air balloons rising in spectacular unison with the dawn. This is a beautiful sight to watch and many tourists visit US will attend the Festival. On the first weekend after Labor Day, Zozobra or Old Man Gloom is burned to open the annual Fiestas de Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A region that demands superlatives, the Southwest is the ruggedly beautiful, wide-open lands out of which America’s myths continue to emerge. Cowboys and Indians, old world conquistadors and new religions rising and falling fortunes in gold – all feed into the vision of an untamed territory with limitless horizons.