Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sculptures in Kerala

Kerala sculpture has attained a high degree of excellence both in stone and wood carving. Perhaps the earliest stone sculptural pieces were discovered from Edakkal Mala near Sultan’s Battery. The figures are those of animals and humans. So far the date of these sculptures has not been determined.

The next strata of sculptural arts are seen in the rock-cut post-Sangam temples. Two distinct stains are noticed, the southern representing the Pandyan influence and the northern the Pallava influence. The Kaviyur temple, the Kottukal temple and the Irunilakkode are examples of rock-cut temples. Many of the specimens of sculpture found here are life-like. Several images of the Buddha were discovered from several parts of Kerala. Images of the Buddha in Yogasana were discovered from places like Karumadi, and Pallikal. These are by far the finest representations of stone sculptures of Kerala.

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