Sunday, January 17, 2010

Appropriate ways of Internet advertising

Internet advertising

Buying media space is an exercise of visiting directly to the market place and trading. The advertiser has to approach media who is providing internet advertising placements. This kind of buying is called advertiser buying direct. As there is no agency is used and there is no commission is offered but still the advertiser opt the above method especially for London based as it is considered cheaper. Most of the advertisers choose internet advertising agencies for buying media space. The agency offers expertise guidance and better payment terms. But from media if contacted direct may ask the dues within 14 to 30 days and in the case of agencies the time for payment is up to 30 days and allow another 30 days credit after wards. The media independent who are operating with experts doing buying and selling the media. They order the required media space and offer rebate to the customer. Media independent will do central buying for larger companies and the agency provide product promotion work.

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