Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sarathkumar in Malayalam film

Tamil Super hero Sarathkumar is going act in Malayalam film. This is going to be a multilingual project. The name of the film is “Pazhassi Raja”. This is a historical subject and Mammoty is going to play the role of Pazhasi Raja and Sarath is going to act as Raja’s Commander. Pazhasi Raja was a brave warrior and prince of Wayanad.

Director Sanjai Ram’s new film “Lingam” is going to be made with Sarathkumar and Mamoty. This is a big-budget movie. Earlier the director is engaged in medium budget movies and his current film is “Surula” shooting will be over in few months. In Surula, Ajay Krishna is the hero and Radha Ravi, Ramesh Kahana, are doing in important roles.

Kamal's Golden Jubilee Year Celebration

On September 12th, Kollywood is going to celebrate Ulaganayagan Kamalhassan’s Golden Jubilee year( 50th year in Film Industry). The Telugu film industry is also going to celebrate this and they have arranged the function on September 10th. Kamal who attended the function at New Delhi said that direction is more interesting to him and he likes it because the all are under the Director’s control. He added that he watched film along with the audience and based on the response he decide the next film.

Kamal is very happy about his daughter Shruthi’s music in the film “Unnaipol Oruvan”. He added that the film is a remake of “A Wednesday”, the movie is a different one and you can name it Thursday or Friday.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite game fantasy football

Fantasy football season is going to start and you can get all the updates of the different teams and players from the fantasy football research site. The layout of the site is very refreshing and here they provide all the updates about each player and team standings. You can sign up an account with them to get all the latest news and also to use their forums. The best thing about this site is they provide un-biased player rankings. The rankings are totally based on performance of the players in the league matches. The players are rated based on their performances.

Fantasy football analysis is done and they are the most comprehensive source to know about the each team’s strength and performance and at times even their game plan. They have a Guru Zone weekly Challenge game which is gaining a lot of popularity. You can play this game only if you sign up and create an account for yourself. They also provide injury update of players and NFL player rankings too. Enjoy their updates and you will not miss anything and the rates at which they provide this offer to you is very reasonable. The live scoreboard is the best feature according to me along with player rankings.

Wedding bells : Shilpa Shetty getting married

Bollywood famous and beautiful heroine Shilpa’s is getting ready for her marriage. In d2007, she met the business man Mr.Raj Kundra in London. Sources said that they became friends and now they decided to marry.

Sources said that the marriage of Shilpa would take place in the month of December. Shipa Shetty won the “Big Brother” celebrity show in London, and his fiancĂ© Mr.Raj Kundra is also a UK based business man so she desired her marriage would take place in London. Some told that the wedding would take place at the famous city Udaipur. This wedding going to be a grand one in Bollywood.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

SNDT University, Mumbai

SNDT University is most popularly known by its initials was founded at Pune in 1916 by Bharat Ratna Dr.D.K.Karve, one of the Maharastra’s veterans in the cause of women’s education. Originally, this university was known as the Indian Women’s University but changed its name, in 1920, through a donation of Rs.15 lakh where in giving this donations, one of the conditions made by the donor – Sir Vithaldas Thackerey, an industrialist from Mumbai – it was stipulated that the university should be named after his mother, Sreemathi Nathibai. In 1936, this university shifted to Mumbai. One of the more important features of this University is that it imparts knowledge to women students in modern Indian languages and, in its management, women also play an important role.

Among the various subjects taught at this University, the more important ones are : literature, sciene, economics, music, cooking, painting, nursing and home science. This university has several faculties such as Arts, Science, Home Science, Nursing, Library Science, Technology, commerce and Education.

How to avoid Insomnia ?

The fast world is urging man to work at a faster pace and he has to put a lot of efforts even in his day to day activities. Hence, the life of a simple man has turned out to be extremely mechanical. So the outcome of this nothing but extreme stress. Well this is a common problem which everyone face in their life and here I come with the simple solution to tackle the complex problem. The solution is nothing but you need atleast six to eight hours of sound sleep. In order to get a sound sleep you need to sleep in a very good bed. To purchase a very good bed this is the best time because beds are sold at discount rates. The best place to purchase beds you can view this site. Here you will find numerous varieties of beds and their rates. Each bed is unique. The variety of beds in their site is so abundant that you will be clueless to pick the right one.

Here I like the Limelight Orion Bed because the stylish look of the bed is very graceful and it adds a new look to my bedroom. The rate of bed is also affordable and they are selling the bed at a discount rate and it is possible for me to choose the size of the bed also. Generally people who purchase their say that they were mesmerized by the quality and variety of beds. Delivery of the product is also fast and selected beds have a discount up to 45%. They are also master in bed room furniture and other accessories.

Vijay's Vettaikaran releasing date December 18

Vijay's Vettaikaran is all set to release on December 18th. This film is produced by A.V.M. Balasubraminam. Anuksha is the heroine in the film. Ilayathalapathy Vijay says that the film is almost in the complete form. The progress of the movie got struck as one of the AVM Studios room caught fire recently. But the hero is very eager to release it on the Deepavali Day.

During the month of the September 2nd week the audio by the Music Director Vijay Antony will go air. The actor's son Sanjay also danced for a song. Sources said that the film will satisfy Vijay fans. Let us wait see.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ten best web hosting sites

The process of choosing a web hosting company is a daunting task since there are so many web hosting companies who provide space in their servers but when viewed in detail they have only limited features. In general web hosting is a process of allowing an organization or an individual to start their own web site. The features provided by web hosting companies differ from company to company. Hence it is up to us to decide what kind of site we are going to start and based on that requirement we have to select the respective web hosting service. This process of identifying the best suited webhosts is an easy task for a person who knows everything about web hosting. Generally people who start a site are not an expert, in the subject of web hosting. So for them I have made the task much more simpler by giving you the additional information about the best hosting sites. Here you have all the information about the money you need to spend, the up time of the server, in addition the disk space they provide you and many more things. What else do you need to know to host a site. These sites not only provide best hosting services but also if you are not satisfied with their service, you have option of getting your money back.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kanthaswamy story / Review

Kanthaswamy is released in theaters and started racing. This is a heavy budget movie. The stoy revolves among a group of friends searching for a decent job decided to go to Chennai. All the guys are intelligent and ready for any type of profession. The hero Kanthaswamy is engaged in solving the problems of poverty-stricken.

As this was seen in many films, the Hero the Samaritan corners the millionaires to thwart money from them and help the needy. Here the hero in a form of domestic foul (Cock) doing all the tricks and helping the people.

The heroine Shriya act as as a rich man's daughter wanted to condemn hero as the latter out smarted her father to decamp with a huge amount of Rs.1000 crores. The movie is so lengthy one. Vikram did a good job in the film with his fluent acting. The rest of the story to be watched in theaters.

Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai

Pillaiyar Chathurthi festival is celebrated with installation of earthen images of Lord Ganesh in each household. Preparations for the festival devolve around fetching flowers duva grass Shoots and tips of leaves. Apart from individual worship, this is celebrated as a public festival also. Tilak in 1893 introduced public Ganesh festivals so that public attention was also created and drawn towards political consciousness. There are public discourses, pictures, elocution contests etc.

During this festival processions are also taken out and Lord Ganesh is worshiped in public places. This festival is celebrated in a very big way in Maharashtra and the public participation is the unique feature of the festival amongs the Hindus in this area.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Beauty Tips for Women

Beauty and skin care is, and has been, the subject of some very basic misconceptions. It is in order, therefore, to deal with some of these and clear certain doubts and apprehensions before dealing with the specific aids and techniques of beauty and skin care, which is the major purpose of this post.

Everyone wants to have an amazing and stunning look. For some people beauty is natural and for others to certain amount of extent you can make a person beautiful by using cosmetics and facials. I mention the word “to certain amount of extent” seems beauty is basically natural. Don’t worry here comes the solution for that too. Plastic Surgery is the best option to make you charming and beautiful. People generally do not like to travel to a long distance for a surgery to be done unless it is critical and life saving. This attitude is very wrong and people must be willing to travel to any extent for any kind of surgery say in this case a plastic surgery. MYA are the best in business for any type of Cosmetic Surgery They provide you consultation for free and they have experts for all type of surgeries. To know more about them log on to the site. They provide you the detailed information about the surgery timings, benefits and the duration you need to take rest after the surgery.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shruthi Haasan new film ?

Ulaganayagan Kamalahassan’s daughter’s debut film in Bollywood “Luck” was released recently. Everyone praised her acting talents in the film. She looks very beautiful. After the release of “Luck” she was approached by many producers for their new films.

Sources said that now she got the offer from Silambarasan. Silambarasan is going to direct the film “Valiban”. For this film they are asking Shruthi Haasan to act as heroine. Earlier Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar was offered to that role. Let us wait and see who will act in the film.

Cheran's Pokkisham Story

Director Cheran is now happy with the latest movie Pokkisham is well received by audience. Though the film as many would think another Autograph, the real story pf Pokkisham is not entirely matching which according to the actor cum Director will be mind throbbing. The story is certainly revolves around true love of two but living at far away from each other. The only contact they make by reading each others letter. The script is not written live in the movie where the sequences happened before are visually shown latter. A young man accidentally found his father's love letters and promised the wishes are completed for his late father.

The photography by Rajesh Yadav is excellent. Cheran has approached a leading star for his next project and hopes for the best. The Director is very confident about his Pokkisham which will be admired and appreciated by all.

Best Exterior Shutters

When I was thinking for a good shutters for the office, I came to know about exterior shutters site. As I went through the site, I am extremely pleased with the varieties of shutters they manufacture and that too with so many colors and quality wise they are simply the best. I finally decided and installed Atlantic Premium Shutters which is made from stainless steel and so strong and longstanding.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jayam Ravi and Tamanna in Thillalangadi

Director Shankar is going to direct Jayam Ravi on August 19th(first shot). The famous Telugu film Kick is going to remade in Tamil. The name of the film is ‘Thillalangadi’. The film will be directed by Jayam Raja. Hero is Jayam Ravi and Heroine is Tamanna. Vadivel is going to do the comedy role.

Sources said that the Pooja will take place at AVM Studio and Vijay will also attend the function and he is going to give the inaugural clap. The shooting will take place in Malaysia and many other foreign places.

Suicide attempt by Sonia ?

Today (18.8.2009) there is a rumor that Kadal Konden, 7G Rainbow Colony famous heroine Sonia Agarwal attempted for suicide. The divorce case of Director Selvaraghan and Sonia Agarwal is pending in the Court. This is the reason behind this rumor.

But Sonia denied this rumor and told that she will come out successful from any hardship. Now she is staying in Chandigarh. She is going to act in movies and she has decided to give full importance to her career in films and T.V. Serial.

Chairs to relax

There is famous proverb called “Health is Wealth”. So it is very important to stay hale and healthy. People should take care of themselves. This mechanical world expects people to work like Robots and henceforth people get a lot of body pain and in general they are prone to arthritis, heart disease and high blood pressure etc. Well the solution to all these problems is Massage Chairs which enables you to relax and feel fresh. Regular massages have so many benefits like lower blood pressure, relieves stress, improve your concentration, etc. So don’t hesitate to get this product. Since we must give first priority to health. So I would conclude this post by saying that it is a worthy expenditure.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sonia and Selvaraghavan Divorce ?

Director Selvaraghavan introduced Sonia Agarwal in Tamil Cinema in his Kadhan Konden and she is the heroine for his next film 7G Rainbow Colony. Nearly four years they love each other and married 15th December 2006. After three years, they feel that they have different opinion in each and every thing and they want to part as friends.

The bonding between them got worsened when the actress came to know about the Director is having a soft corner towards Andrea who is a second heroine of "Aayirathil Oruvan". The problem aggrevated during the shooting of the film where once Sonia suddenly went to the sets and in a bit of anger she beat Andrea.

First Sonia didn't want to move to Court but as the situation is going out of hands, she forced herself for the worse. Their marital life lasted about three years and now the actress is going to try for a re-entry in Tamil Cinema.

Aadhavan audio release date confirmed as August 19

Hi friends, Great news Suriya’s Aadhavan audio release is going to be held in a grand function at Sathyam Theatre complex. The date of the function is 19th August at 6.30 pm. Hero of the film is Suriya and heroine is Nayanthara. Music Director of the film is Harris Jayaraj. K.S. Ravikumar is the Director of the film. Aadhavn is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin.

On 19th August, in the audio launch function, Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal is going to be the Chief Guest.
Famous Producer Rama Narayanan is going to receive the first audio CD. Sources said that Suriya and Nayanthara will grace the function.

Tips to kill termite

House keeping is very important to stay healthy and so one fine day I decided to clean my bookshelf. I was bewilder to see a lot of termite in my bookshelf. There was a panic situation and I did not know how to react immediately. Then I called my friend he suggested me termite bait station site. All my worries came to an end when I visited the site.

Kandasamy releasing theatres on August 21

Hi friends finally the film Kandasamy is releasing on August 21. Today I have seen the posters that the Vikram's "Kandasamy" is going release in "Abirami" complex on August 21.

The much expected film is directed by Susi Ganesan. In this film Vikram come in different makeups. The one he comes in a lady make up is very beautiful. The film is going to be a very stylish one and you cannot forget the stunt scenes because it is like a Hollywood movie. Shriya is very gorgeous in the film. Let us wish the team the a "Grand Success".

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Watch Usian Bolt 9.58 sec Video | Usain Bolt New World Record

Usain Bolt the Jamican sprinting sensation broke is own world record to set a New World record of 9.58 seconds.Click the picture to see the video of Usain Bolt 9.58 seconds World record.Tyson Gay the defending champion from United States was at his personal best to mark 9.71 seconds to get silver.

The 100m race was so important and it was mainly between Usain Bolt vs Tyson Gay. Tyson Gay in the post press conference told the media person that he had given his best but Bolt was lightning fast.The result of 100 m is


1) Usian Bolt ( Jamaican ) 9.58 seconds ( New World Record )

2) Tyson Gay (American ) 9.71 seconds ( Personal best )

3) Asafa Powell ( Jamaican ) 9.84 seconds.

The race was very intense since all the top five finishers ran within 9.94 seconds. Usian Bolt was vey happy with his performance and he celebrated his victory in his usual style.Click the picture above to watch Usian Bolt 9.58 video.

Aishwarya Rai Swine Flu symptoms

Aishwarya Rai sad

Aishwarya Rai
has Swine Flu symptoms and she is down with a chest infection with flu like symptoms. Amitabh Bachan the father in law of Aishwarya Rai is a a very worried person and he wrote about this in his blog. Amitabh Bachan's blog is very famous and there is a buzz that it is going to get converted in to a book very soon.

Aishwarya Rai and her husband Abishek Bachan are right now in Ooty and are shooting for Ravanan with Mani Ratnam sir. Amitabh Bachan said that he feels very sad becuase he is so far away from them and he is not in a position to hep them when they are in need of him.All these are mentioned in Amitabh Bachan's blog. Amitabh Bachan is right now in Singapore from where he wrote about this in his blog.

Aishwarya Rai is 35 years old now and I guess this is just a buzz that she has got Swine Flu.Even Amitab Bachan in his blog has mentioned that Aishwarya Rai has "flue like symptoms " and so this is not a confirmed news.We have to wait and watch hope that it is just a normal chest infection and Aishwarya Rai is not down with Swine Flu.

Traits of successful business man

This post is to provide solution for the people who are basically lack planning and execution in their work. First let me give you a piece of advice even though I know generally people don’t like advice. I would rather tell these two qualities is the trait of a successful business man. Plan what ever work you do and act accordingly. The most important thing to be done is to plan your budget and have a methodical execution of your plan. The other most important thing to be done is to have back up plans if your original ones fail, since “Man proposes God disposes “. Well what I mean from this is keep your mind open and do not get into any preoccupied state.

People are generally very bad when it comes to planning the budget and finally land in trouble. If such a situation arise let us see how to get out of that without much of a trouble. Cash Advance loans offer you the solution since they provide you instant money up to 500$. It takes just 2 minutes to click and within 24 hours you get the money to your account. They help you the most when there is a need for you. You can get more details from the site.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sridevi Birthday Celebration

The Dream Girl of South Indian Actress “Sridevi” celebrated her 46th Birthday today. She ruled the Tamil Cinema first then she went to act in Bollywood. She ruled the film industry for 15 years with her beautiful look and dancing and acting skills. Everybody knows that her husband is Bonykapoor and she enjoyed her life with her two children.

Her famous movies in Tamil are: Moonram Pirai, Varumaiyin Niram Sikappu, Sikappu Rojakkal with Kamal, Adutha Varisu, Pokkiri Raja, Ranuva Veeran with Rajini. Her debut film in Hindi is Julie. Her famous movies are Judaai, Laadla, Santhippu, Gurudev, Lamhe, Kshana Kshanam, Chor Ke Ghar Chorni, etc. Let us wish her “Many Many Happy Returns of the Day”.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mobile Maniac

Science and Technology development that enables the mankind to discover newer things which are ultimately essential for life. In older days people were able to contact their friends, relatives, parents, brothers and sisters etc. through postal letters only. Of course after some period of time the advent of phones made it much more easier and faster way of communication but the major disadvantages were mobility and cost.Satellite and its development all over the World enabling the all walks of life to reach out to people and communicate in a much cheaper and better way.

Nowadays almost it is common sight to see people using mobile phones. When during a business trip away from house to U.K., I was browsing with my laptop and I came across a site and was amazed to find the collection of cell phones. This is really astonishing and worth visiting and buying. The items we find with varieties like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, L.G., Black Berry, Apple, Motorola and so on. All types of electronic goods like Headphones, MP3 players, I-pods, VSB Gadgets, etc.The blackberry case is the most sought business edition phone and it is my favorite since it has a bluetooth Headset. Some of the other models which are worth mentioning are listed below.

The Nokia models ranging have great variety and you will be really mesmerized in their collections. Sony Erickson W995 Black is gorgeous and outstanding features. This phone has a great feature of kick stand which is used to view movies. By shaking the phone, the screen changes to the next mode. 8 Mega Pixel Camera with LED Flash and also face recognition are also available in this model. It has 8 GB memory too. The W995 Walkman phone provides excellent music which is so entertaining. The battery is with unbelievable capacity for two full movies.

Bluetooth technology usage is on a raise and mobiles with bluetooth gps receiver we can track our mobiles if we loose them. The mobile mania has started for me I hope after reading this post it should be the same for you. So friends get your favorite mobile from here since the price too is affordable.

India - Unity in diversity

India is known for its unity in diversity. With its kaleidoscopic variety, it emerges as a wonderful nation. One of the oldest civilization in the world, this country has a rich cultural heritage.

After independence, through 62 years, India has achieved multifaceted socio-economic progress,in addition to creating a niche in the International Community and the new world order.

various Indian States have shown an all round advancement and stupendous progress in political, cultural, economic and social areas. India is a vast country. All the States enjoy autonomy to a great extent and flourish in their own manner.

Mahatma Gandhi Birth Place Porbander

During Janmashtami festivals that is celebrated between August 13 and 17 in Porbander, no lepers are allowed within 8 km. of this town declared by the local officials. Mahatma Gandhi's affinity towards Lepers and disabled was completely sidelined that too in his birth place. Gandhiji always used to treat them in his Ashram and later Babu Amite followed his foot steps.

Once way back in 1939 Parchure Shastri a Sanskrit Scholar was ailing from leprosy and to his dismay his family did not want him any more. It was Mahatma who had taken all the care for Shastri and even served the person cleaning the wounds assisting every help he needed.

The authoriities say this is only preventive steps towards any disease especially swine flu hovering around. But Suresh Soni a true Gandhian dedicated his life to leprosy prevention is very much upset about the attitude of authorities. Soni reminded about the postal stamp in which Gandhiji dressing Shastri, the stamp portraying the words Leprosy is curable.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pets problem solution

It is a common feature for those who own to have pet animals like dogs, cats. Growing these pets is not such an easy thing as it would look like so. In our house, we have a pet dog but the problem it faces is the rashes due to the flea bites. So often we used to treat the dog by a veterinary doctor but the problem continues. Of late when I came across the site natural ways to kill fleas regarding flea control. We had decided to use the products Frontline, Advantage and to the greatest relief of us and especially our pet.

Delhi University

In 1922, the Delhi University was established. Now, more than one hundred and twenty two courses of study under eight faculties are available in the University. The eight faculties are
1) Ats and Social Sciences (66)
2) Science (13)
3) Law (5)
4) Medical Sciences (17)
5) Education (4)
6) Technology (3)
7) Music and Fine Arts (6)
8) Mathematics (8)

The medium of instruction is English. But the students of undergraduate can answer questions in B.A.(Pas) and qualifying examinations in Hindi. (This is optional). In July 1962, the School of Correspondence Courses and Continuing Education was established by the Delhi University to provide an efficient and less expensive method of education at the University level. The employed persons can join the courses and get their degree through correspondence course. This is a very useful programme.

Reema Sen acting in Raavan ?

Director Manirthnam’s Raavan shooting is progressing very well. After the incident of elephant killed its Mahout at Athirappali Forest Kerala, Director decided to change the shooting spot. Now the shooting is going on at Ooty.

Now Manirathnam is in need of a heroine to do the role of Mandodari for his film Raavan. When Suhasini contacted Nayanthara earlier, she was unable to accept the offer, due to preoccupation in the film Aadhavan. Now it is Reema Sen’s turn. She also refused to act in Manirathnam’s film. She is busy in her film directed by Selvaraghavan. Now the biggest question is who is going to act in Manirathanm’s film “Raavan” in the character of Mandodari. Let us wait and see.

Best Toaster Ovens

Hi friends if you have a toaster in your home, it is easy to toast the bread quickly and you will finish your breakfast preparation in minutes. If you want the bread to be cooked evenly it is best to buy Toaster Ovens. The prices are also affordable. So I thought it would be a better idea to review toaster ovens and came to the conclusion that this site is the best.

Swine Flu Symptoms and Precautions

Hi friends don't panic about Swine Flu. If you know the symptoms better consult Doctor and get the treatment. The symptoms of Swine Flu are as follows:

1. High Fever

2. Running Nose

3. Sore throat

4. Diarrhea

5. Vomiting

6. Cough

7. Nausea

Precautions of Swine Flu:

1. Everyone maintain six feet distance from the swine flue affected persons is good for all.

2. Using Face masks are good precaution to keep away from Swine Flu

Cosmetic solutions

Everybody in the World either men or women like beauty and everyone wants to look beautiful. This is natural. But unfortunately if anyone has a broad nose and lips of abnormal size, etc. will give them an ugly look. They feel very shy. If they want to correct it and look like a normal person they can consult a Doctor for Plastic Surgery. Dr.R.Morgan Davoudi is one of the best Doctors in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Atlanta. He is a friendly person and he discusses with patients about their problem and providing them the possible best solutions. His staff and office are very down to earth to the patients. If any one has such kind of deficiencies one need not wait but visit this site Atlanta Plastic Surgeon and you find all answers for your questions. The cost for each surgery is also affordable. One should not waste time and money by taking some other treatment. So don’t wait. Go ahead. Fix your appointment with Doctor and you will get excellent results in improving your general appearance. Enjoy your life.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mercy Me Bus crash : Two killed

Mercy Me the Christian rock band
canceled the show on Saturday in St. Louis area when the their bus collided with a on coming vehicle.All th members of the band were injured slightly but the people in the car lost their lives.the accident turned out to be fatal killing two passengers and pregnant car drivers baby.

The Mercy Me band members felt very sorry for the incident and have added in the website a picture taken after the incident and have expressed a deep concern and grievance to the 2 dead passengers.They have updated in the web site that their hearts are heavy and expect people all over the world to pray for these people.

Information about Credit Loans

People who have suffered from debts are mainly because due to their lack of planning. There are times when unexpected bankruptcy occurs but people generally take loans to improve their financial status immediately, but down the lane they suffer more problems. This is mainly because the interest rates are very high for loans and also due to lack of planning and execution. Credit card is other alternative people tend to take which give temporary solution. I am not totally against credit cards but people must learn to avoid from the traps of Bad Credit Loans.

Credit cards use is on a raise and the latest news is that the rates of credit cards have sky rocketed. The basic idea is credit card companies believe that you will pay the amount little later than expected so that they can have higher rates. A bad credit card offers you many options. The most common are

1) Flexible Loan Payment.

2) Insurance programs.

So friends better choose the credit cards which have low interests and high credit points. Generally the credit points are very low for cards. Plan the work ahead and have sufficient amount of financial back up so that you would not end up in to financial crisis.

Swine Flue

The talk of the town today is Swine flu. In India 6 persons died because of Swine Flu fever, the latest news is that a four year boy died in hospital. According to sources there are 800 people died due to this virus all over the World. In India around 800 persons are affected by Swine Flu. The other name for Swine flu is Pig Plague.

The symptoms of Swine flu disease are : 1. Fever, 2. throat infection, 3. running nose, 4. cold problems. First if you find any one of these problem consult your Dr. and take tests in Government Hospitals. If they find any results positive, they will give medicines i.e. drug for swine flu is Tamiflu. No problem at all.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mallanna (Kanthasamy in Tamil) release date August 15

Kalaipuli S.Thanu’s film “Mallanna” is going to hit the theatres on Independence Day (August 15th ) all over the World. Mallanna is the Telugu version of Kandasamy. Everyone knows that Vikram is the hero and Shriya is the heroine, Devi Sri Prasad is the Music Director for the film. Susi Ganesan is written the story and he is the Director for the much expected film.

Sources said that the film will be released in 600 theatres in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Kalaipuli S.Thanu is planning to release the film throughout World in other languages also. During the final dubbing, Vikram was very much impressed by the film and he congratulate the Director for taking this movie like Hollywood film.

Actress Chaya Singh 's marriage date ?

“Thiruda Thirudi” heroine Chaya Singh is getting ready for her marriage. She is going to marry a Hyderabad Businessman. Sources said that he is a hardware Engineer. She will announce her marriage date and venue shortly.

Chaya Singh’s dance movements in the song “Manmatha Rasa” is superb. She became famous in that song. She acted many films in Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil. Her recent film with Parthiban “Vallamai Tharayo” is well received by audience. Chaya Singh’s “Ananathapurathu Veedu” shooting is in progrees. S Pictures is producing this film Naga is the Director.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tips for Web Hosting

Feel free to come up with new ideas. The best way to know new things and to get more information about any topic is to use Internet. Internet is the best way you can keep yourself up to date and create a reputation for yourself by coming up with new ideas. All you need to do is publish your ideas on net, for that all you need to do is start your own site. Many people think that only computer geeks can start their own web site. This is a very wrong idea and now I will give you a better insight about what Web Hosting is all about.

Host your own site, but before that you need a clear idea about Web Hosting. Organizations are individuals use web hosting services to maintain their own websites. The Internet is the access medium for the users and the companies. Now I would give a site where you can find web hosting reviews
about the various sites. Here you get all the information about the different servers that are available. Some of the commonly used servers are dedicated shared servers. they charge $10 per month and thy provide you a money back guarantee if you don’t like their services. They are highly reliable and they also teach you how to make money with web hosting.

Ashes Australia takes first Day honours

After 1st test of Ashes series where the Aussies almost tasted victory but for thanks to England Tailenders, the visitors are trying to prove a point. This time at Headringley Leeds grounds this Aussies got some pride back in the Fourth Test on the opening day. After winning the toss the England Captain Strauss took the batting. The English innings withstood only 33.5 overs before getting all out for 102.

The successful bowlers were Siddle whitewashing them with 5 wickets for 21 runs and Stuart Clark took 3 in a rapid aggression. Only Mattprior who made 37 runs unbeaten showed some patience.

Ricky Ponting the captain was in a punishing mood played brilliantly for his 78 along with Watson showed excellent timing in contributing 51 of 67 balls. At the end the visitors were 196/4 - Clark on 34 North on 7.

Jeevan's new film "Krishnaleelai"

Jeevan is acting in a new dimension for his forthcoming movie Krishnaleelai. Here he performs as a sincere Officer who eradicates the anti-social elements and errant persons and providing awakening information though the film.

Jeevan after doing so many anti roles like ever terrorising "Kaakha Kaakha"-Pandia and the roughness element in "Naan Avan Illai", it is time for turning as a good Samaritan. According to the actor all the roles he did so far not predetermined. Whenever he was approached with a new story he looks into it as if he himself is one of the audiences. In his new film "Krishnaleelai" he does lot of nerve tingling fights.

Remedy for Bed bugs bites

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Genelia acting talent

Director Shankar’s film “Boys” heroine Genelia is now very happy. The reason behind this is her films Santhosh Subramaniayam in Tamil, Satya in Kannadam, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa in Hindi, Ready in Telugu are super hits. She told this she is the only heroine has super hits films in one year in four languages.

Genelia’s performance in Santosh Subramniyam is superb. At that time everyone praised her acting talent in the film. She also said that she selects the film based on the role and a good team and also added that language has no barrier to her.

Prakash Raj married Shobha Rani ?

There is a rumor going round that Prakash Raj married Shobha Rani. In the Internet the photo was circulated widely. This is because the divorce case filed by Prakash Raj is pending. Shobha Rani declared that Prakash Raj is a good friend for her.

Sources said that Prakash Raj announced that the rumors hurt his feelings and his case is pending in the court how can he marry? He also said that the photos circulated in the Internet are morphed photos.

T Shirt screen printing

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Vikram's Kandasamy release date

The Tamil and Telugu shooting of the film "Kandasamy" are complete and all preparations are being made to release the film on August 15. Vikram is cent percent confident this stylish movie will create waves among all kinds of audiences. The movie has got all ingredients like actions, songs and grand photography. Recently his hit film Dhil was dubbed in Hindi.

Vikram has now decided to do not only in Tamil films but also to go and mingle across the country. Especially the evergreen hero acts very closely with heroins to bring the portrays looks so natural. This very well proved in the films Seethu (Abitha is the heroine)and Trisha in Saamy and Bheema and in Kanthasamy also the heroine Shriya addresses the actor singularly to influence the viewers.

Most Important Tips to look young

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

SRK and Kajol in My Name is Khan

Sharuk Khan's "My Name is Khan" has been sold out for a whopping amount of 100 Crore.The famous FOX Star studious have brought the rights for the film.SRK and Kajol are back on screen after a gap of 8 years.The last time the two acted in a film was way in 2001 and the name of the movie is Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

The movie has surely topped the list and it has been released that this the most expected release of this year.The FOX Start Studious second deal is My Name is Khan .The first one off course being the famous "Slumdog Millionare".It is said that SRK will act as a father of a teenager.The other details are yet to be revealed.

The movie My Name is Khan is can is expected to become a huge box office hit and to prove that alreay the movie is the biggest deal in the film industry surpassing Aamir Khan's movie of Ghajini.The movie My Name is Khan is set to be about the 9/11 terror attacks and there after effects and how do Muslims in U.S live.

Miss Kerala 2009 Winner is Archana Nair

The Miss Kerela for the yera 2009 has been announced and Archana Nair emerged as the winner.The competion was a stiff one with Geethu Christie the runner up performing very well. Bonny Mary was the second runner up.the initial contestant where around fifty out of ehich 5 of them where selected.

Shruti Satyan and Priyanka Rao where the other two finalist but they were eliminated from the final round.Competiotn was quite tough but Archana Nair with stood the pressure and emerged as the winner.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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