Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kanthaswamy story / Review

Kanthaswamy is released in theaters and started racing. This is a heavy budget movie. The stoy revolves among a group of friends searching for a decent job decided to go to Chennai. All the guys are intelligent and ready for any type of profession. The hero Kanthaswamy is engaged in solving the problems of poverty-stricken.

As this was seen in many films, the Hero the Samaritan corners the millionaires to thwart money from them and help the needy. Here the hero in a form of domestic foul (Cock) doing all the tricks and helping the people.

The heroine Shriya act as as a rich man's daughter wanted to condemn hero as the latter out smarted her father to decamp with a huge amount of Rs.1000 crores. The movie is so lengthy one. Vikram did a good job in the film with his fluent acting. The rest of the story to be watched in theaters.

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