Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kurt Bush won Coca-Cola 600 race at Charlotte

Coca-Cola 600 race
Kurt Bush won Coca-Cola 600 race at Charlotte on Sunday. The race started in the Day time (in Sunlight) and ended at Night (under flood lights). After winning the race Kurt Bush said that “This was a race for the ages” and he also said that the car was good in the day time and he was afraid of the car during night and he played it well and won the Coca-Cola race 600.

All the teams in the country will visit the Charlotte Motor Speed Way during the Memorial Day weekend to participate in one of most prestigious motor sports, the Coca Cola 600. This is a memorable experience for the fans to enjoy the show and salute the Armed Forces of America. Tickets are available at the gates 1-4 and 7, 9, 1, 20, 26 and 30 also.

Effective ways to manage project

People in today’s world want to earn money and most of them want to start their own business. I like this positive attitude that people have developed, so I thought I would provide some tips and guidance to all young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Project management is the most important thing in order to become a successful business man.

The project management approach and the project scope and milestone list are very much important in order to become more successful and create a reputation for your company. The cost management plan is very important to scale a growth since cost management plays a vital role in each company’s profit.

Project Management Templates would play the most important part to maintain each and every project effectively. This site provides free templates which can be used by all, without violating any copyright laws. The template contains “meeting agenda” which helps us to know what are all the topics that needs to be discussed in the meeting. The project documents are based on PMBOK and so you can use them worldwide.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sri Kalahasthi Temple Gopuram

Sri Kalahasthi Temple Gopuram
Sri Kalahasthi Temple, Kali Gopuram situated at Kalahasti, Chittor District, Andhara Pradesh collapsed on 26th May, 2010 around 8 p.m. Sri Kalahasthi temple is located about 35 kms from the famous Tirupathi temple. The temple was built by Raja Sri Krishna Devarayar 500 years ago. Earlier the temple authorities noticed the huge cracks in the gopuram and they tightened it with wire mesh to prevent further cracks. The main temple gopuram was not affected. On Tuesday, the temple authorities noticed further cracks in the gopuram and with the help of Police, they evacuated all the people and shopkeepers and announced that 150 m. radius area as Danger Zone. So the major disaster has been prevented. It is said that the Cyclone “Laila” and the heavy rains weakened the temple structure. It is said that the Gopuram was built using only clay.

The entire Andhra Pradesh is celebration the 500th year of the coronation of the emperor Krishna Devarayar, the dream structure of the emperor was collapsed. But the interesting news is last year a statue of Krishna Devarayar was erected at the base of the gopuram. The statue was not affected, but the debris lies in the feet of the emperor.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ignition Energy Booster

Hi friends, nowadays everybody is giving importance to their health. They are interested to know about new products and its nutritional value, benefits of the products, other health related news, etc. Here I am going to give you some details about a product which works as Energy Booster to you and your family. Exercising makes your body to lose electrolytes. If you take NO Explode the ingredients present in it supply the electrolytes to the body and maintains the optimum level of electrolyte. This product is BSN’s award wining energy booster. They come in many flavors such as Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Lemonade, orange and Blue Raz. These energy boosters with 2.25 lbs original price is $ 66.99 comes with a discount of $30.02 and you will get at the price of $ 36.97.

In the beginning consume one scoop of NO Xplode with five to six oz (you can increase or decrease according to your taste) of cold water. After assessing your tolerance, you can consume one to three scoops of No Xplode with 5 to 18 oz of cold water and take it 30 to 45 minutes before your training. If you want to achieve maximum benefit consume it in the empty stomach. During non-training days you can consume one scoop of No Xplode with 5 to 6 oz of cold water in empty stomach. This is just a tip and you can change according to your need.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SSLC 10th Exam Results

Hi friends, SSLC 10th Std. Exam (for Tamil Nadu State Board Students, Matriculation students, Anglo Indian Students) Results coming today by 9 a.m.(26.5.2010). All the very best for the students. You can view the results in the following web sites.

In the following websites the first two are very fast.

Chennai telephones (bsnl) has also made arrangements for releasing the 10th results. If you want to get results in your mobile, dial 1255596 and enter your register number and send sms they will inform you, your marks, charge is Rs.5/-. In case if you got low marks (fail), don't worry, instant exams are available, you can write the exams for one to three subjects in the month of June and you can continue your higher studies.

New ways to earn money

Hi friends, usually the candle wax burn with a wick and flame. The innovative idea that has become popular now was first suggested by Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell , the founders of Scentsy. The idea is that the candle will not burn on wick and flame but they use bulb heat to burn the candle. The sweet smell comes from the candles and warmers brings happiness to the family. In 1st July, 2004, Scentsy became the “Partly Plan” Company and they have signed their first consultant. After five successful years, they got the Award from the Direct Selling Association, which the highest honor to this young and energetic companies.

If you want to earn money in your free time, join scentsy, every Scentsy Consultant will be provided with a starter kit which includes demo products, tester fragrances, etc. They will give you 20% to 30% commission on your sales. If you work hard and spend more time and energy you can earn six digit incomes every year. You will get a free web site for the first three months and you will be charged $10 for every month after the initiall three months. If your order for $150 or more you will be provided with a free shipping. If you want to join scentsy, visit their website or call the Scentsy Consultant and sign up in their site. This is very simple. It is not necessary to have any sales experience all you need to do is join scentsy and start earning.

Laetitia Casta hot pictures

Laetitia Casta  hot

Laetitia Casta
Laetitia Casta  hot pic

Laetitia Casta a French fashion model born in 1978.The best feature that I like in her is her hair and blue eyes. I feel her eyes are so attractive and I am very much attracted towards her. I should a thank a photographer who identified her at the age 15 and that is how Laetitia Casta's career started.She is also well known for Francophone film in which she acted.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts, USA Tourism

The Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts,  USA

The Pioneer Valley, a string of historic settlements along the Connecticut River from Springfield in the south up to the Vermont border, formed the western frontier of New England from the early 1600s until the late 18th century. The northern regions of the Pioneer Valley remain rural and tranquil; farms and small towns have typical New England architecture. Farther south, the cities of Holyoke and Springfield are more industrial. Educational pioneers came to this region as well to form major colleges and some well known prep schools.

Six Flags New England, outside Springfield, is New England’s largest theme park and water park with more than 160 rides and shows, including the tallest and fastest steel coaster on the East Coast. This theme park is closed during November to April.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion trends

Fashion is a term which generally refers to style and used for costume style that people keep on changing. People of all age now give more importance to fashion and the latest trend is stylish clothes in summer. The teenagers have a variety of costume to select and the accessories make the dresses completely unique and adorable. People these days don’t prefer to go to shops instead they like to shop online since it saves considerable amount of time and also they can select the type of dress they want just from a click and pay the money.

Great Universal is a site who provide excellent service to their customers since they have a vast knowledge in the field of fashion hence making trendy clothes as well as all the associates they have are very well trained people, and have a considerable amount experience in the field of fashion. The price at which they provide these services is very affordable. The products are of huge variety and the colors are also of a wide range, hence the customers can enjoy a virtual experience before they buy their favorite ones. They aptly call it Shop smart. Yes this is the most affordable way of shopping where you can save your time, money and effort.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kites release date is May 21

kite movie stills
Kites image

Kites the much expected movie of Hrithik Roshan is releasing world wide on May 21.The preview show will be on special theaters on May 20.The movie Kites is being produced by his father and distributed by Reliance BIG Pictures.The Kites story line is about an Indian man affair with a Latin women and the movie will have sequence of scenes where both of them don't understand other persons language and their love journey and some unexpected betrayal is all that you have in the story.So everyone can expect some twist and turns and the suspense is the element you will surely enjoy in the movie apart from the lead pair romance scenes

Mexican actress Barbara Mori has got so many fans even before the release of the movie and Hrithik Roshan is very happy with his on screen chemistry with Barbara Mori.They both have looked so comfortable with each other and this movie is surely the block buster hit for this year.

Use Internet effectively

Hi one and all good morning everybody and today I am going to discuss about lighting and its importance in each and everyone’s house. Lighting in each and everyone’s house is most important and nice lighting makes your house very much colorful and most people don’t realize this and are not ready to spend money on this.

Well my suggestion to most of you is never hesitate to send some penny because it is the lighting which is surely which is going to make your house colorful. The fast moving world is so demanding that people hardly find any time to go to shops and purchase what they require. So I am providing you all an alternate solutions which makes life easy for you and the suggestion is online shopping which helps you to buy products just from a click of the mouse. This is the latest trend and most effective and time saving option. Use this to buy lights online from this site where you have all the varieties of light at cheapest rates and the quality is top class. So what are you waiting for just start shopping and enjoy all the latest technology which makes our life quite easy and happy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rima Fakih Miss USA 2010

Rima Fakih Miss USA
Rima Fakih Miss USA stills

Rima Fakih has won the Miss USA 2010.There are a few controversies that have lit up after her win. The hottest topic is that she was a part of the of a stripping contest in 2007 and she won the contest. This contest was hosted by a famous radio station.Only women where allowed for this contest but the photos some how leaked in the Internet and they have become the talk of the town after she has won the Miss USA title.

Rima Fakih is the first American Arab to win the Miss USA title. The judges said that it is the attitude that matters.Rima Fakih almost tripped of her gown but she carried herself really well after the early hiccups and this incident happened to be a blessing in disguise for her.

Identify right marketing strategy

marketing strategy
Marketing is the order of the day and it used by all the companies to identify what are the changing customer needs. This strategy is used to connect the customer and the company and, it also helps to build a strong customer relationship. Marketing is done not only to identify the customers but also to do all that a customer needs, in order to retain their customers. The competition in the today’s world has made people to come with innovative ideas from no where. People are always looking for a change and so it is very much necessary to find what the order of the day is and deliver that kind of a product with the right flavor.

Marketing Company are the ones who can provide the best marketing strategy because they generally take survey in order to get people’s opinion and provide us the right idea to promote our products. . Brand Identity Guru Inc has all the latest technology and is one of the industries top leaders when it comes to strategy devising. They draft a plan and help us to work towards that and ultimately they satisfy the customer needs, which helps a company to build a long term relationship with the customer.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hayden Panettiere 'Heroes' cancelled by NBC

Hayden Panettiere pics
Hayden Panettiere

'Heroes' the show which made Hayden Panettiere very popular has finally been cancelled. The cancellation of the show is not a surprise for many since off late people are complaining about the story line. However the first season of the show which was started way back in 2006 was huge hit but the show has found decline in popularity meter.

Hayden Panettiere is very upset since when she was a part of this in 2006 the viewership was 14 million and with the fourth season it has gone drastically down and it is 3.9 million now.The NBC's move is a welcome to most of the fans but still some of them are deeply upset with this move from NBC. We would like you to share your views and thoughts about this and would like to know whether you support NBC's move or oppose it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Brooke Greenberg Always young

Brooke Greenberg

Brooke Greenberg stills

Brooke Greenberg stills

Brooke Greenberg

Brooke Greenberg a girl whose age is 16 but she does not grow. This means growth wise both physically and mentally she is still a baby. This is a very mysterious disease that she has got and doctors are bewildered by this and her clueless.Dr. Richard Walker said that they have observed Brooke Greenberg over the years and found very little changes in her brain or her body.

Brooke Greenberg is surely a unqiue birth in this world and the only person who will be young forever.

Hassle free shopping

Hi friends today I am going to share my thoughts about how to choose a best site in order to purchase any item online. Internet these days are loaded with a lot of sites and most of them being chunk so it is very important to identify the best site. According to me a site which provides price comparison, cash back deals and a overall hassle free shopping experience is the best site and eComparison is one such site which has all the attributes which I mentioned. They have a brand directory from A to Z and so we can select any brand that we like and compare the prices and this is what I call as hassle free shopping.

They also provide voucher codes which help us to get discount. Wickes is a Do it Yourself product which is very popular brand. When you use eCompariosn you can get the deals at the same price as in the shop which means you save your time and energy. They also provide attractive cash back offer. Especially for Wickes items the cash back is 1.5% of what ever you order. So friends start using this site for all the online comparison and get best deals and enjoy a hassle free shopping experience.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

+2 results 12th exam results - 14th May

Plus two results are yet to be released. The results are expected to release by 14th May 9 A.M. as per the media. BSNL is providing you a service which all the students and parents will cherish. If you enter your register number and send an SMS to BSNL they in turn send all your subject marks with respective subject codes.There are many sites where you can check your results. Will update you the list of sites once the results are out.

All the best for all the students since this is a critical phase in their career. Parents don't scold your children if they score low marks better encourage them and help them to correct their mistakes and make up for that in college.

Versatile web hosting

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rakta Charitra - Surya stills

Rakta Charitra - Suriya stills
Rakta Charitra - Surya stills
Today(4.5.2010)Press meet for the film Rakta Charitra held at Hotel Taj Coromandel Chennai. Rakta Charitra will be made in three languages (Tamil, Telugu and Hindi). Actor Suriya and Ram Gopal Varma the film maker were attended the press meet. In the function, Suriya said that Ram Gopal Varma appreciated his acting in the film "Khakka Khakka" and sent sms to him. In the press meet Ram Gopal Varma said that Suriya has powerful eyes and he has lot of scope for acting in the film. This film based on the real incident took place at Andhra Pradesh and life of Suri who is living in Andhra Pradesh.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street film

A Nightmare on Elm Street film still
Hi friends, 1984 blockbuster film A Nightmare on Elm Street – remake was released on 30th April. This horror movie’s running time is 95 minutes. This film is has strong blood horror scenes and it was rated as R. The serial killer Freddy Krueger who kills people in dreams consequential death in reality makes people sleepless. The casting for the film is great and the superb performance by the actors makes the film the best treat for this summer. Director of the film Bayer knows the taste of audience and done a wonderful job. Rooney Mara actress of the film steals the heart of the audience. Jannifer Robers cameo scenes are also nice. This is the fine example of fun-filled horror movie.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tips for relocating your house

Hi before shifting your house, you should list out what are the things to be done. Arrange all your items in different boxes. Mark in a diary what are the things kept in each boxes. Arrange them in order. Fragile items should be carefully packed.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy birthday Ajith

Ajith the Ultimate star of Tamil Cinema is celebrating his birthday today. First I wish him on the behalf of all the fans. "Happy birthday Thala".Ajith who is turning 40 today is celebrating his birthday quietly in Europe. He has changed track and right now from cinema he is back to his favorite racing tracks. Ajith requested his fans not to come to his house since he was out of station and on his birthday he would be racing in Europe.

Ajith requested his fans to celebrate his birthday in a peaceful way such that it does not cause any nuisance to the public. Ajith told about this in a press release that this is a humble request that he makes to his fans. Ajith and Gautam Memon are teaming up for the next movie which should be a huge hit for Thala.Ajith also promised that he would be back to acting soon but will do only one movie for one year so that he can give quality product to his audience. I once again which Ajith , "Happy birthday Ajith".