Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy birthday Ajith

Ajith the Ultimate star of Tamil Cinema is celebrating his birthday today. First I wish him on the behalf of all the fans. "Happy birthday Thala".Ajith who is turning 40 today is celebrating his birthday quietly in Europe. He has changed track and right now from cinema he is back to his favorite racing tracks. Ajith requested his fans not to come to his house since he was out of station and on his birthday he would be racing in Europe.

Ajith requested his fans to celebrate his birthday in a peaceful way such that it does not cause any nuisance to the public. Ajith told about this in a press release that this is a humble request that he makes to his fans. Ajith and Gautam Memon are teaming up for the next movie which should be a huge hit for Thala.Ajith also promised that he would be back to acting soon but will do only one movie for one year so that he can give quality product to his audience. I once again which Ajith , "Happy birthday Ajith".

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Tamilarasi said...

Happy birthday Ajith sir