Friday, August 7, 2009

Vikram's Kandasamy release date

The Tamil and Telugu shooting of the film "Kandasamy" are complete and all preparations are being made to release the film on August 15. Vikram is cent percent confident this stylish movie will create waves among all kinds of audiences. The movie has got all ingredients like actions, songs and grand photography. Recently his hit film Dhil was dubbed in Hindi.

Vikram has now decided to do not only in Tamil films but also to go and mingle across the country. Especially the evergreen hero acts very closely with heroins to bring the portrays looks so natural. This very well proved in the films Seethu (Abitha is the heroine)and Trisha in Saamy and Bheema and in Kanthasamy also the heroine Shriya addresses the actor singularly to influence the viewers.

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Omkarnath said...

Is it really true that kadasamy is realised on AUG 15 cuz in many websites like wikepedia is posted that its ganna release on june or AUG 21