Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cheran's Pokkisham Story

Director Cheran is now happy with the latest movie Pokkisham is well received by audience. Though the film as many would think another Autograph, the real story pf Pokkisham is not entirely matching which according to the actor cum Director will be mind throbbing. The story is certainly revolves around true love of two but living at far away from each other. The only contact they make by reading each others letter. The script is not written live in the movie where the sequences happened before are visually shown latter. A young man accidentally found his father's love letters and promised the wishes are completed for his late father.

The photography by Rajesh Yadav is excellent. Cheran has approached a leading star for his next project and hopes for the best. The Director is very confident about his Pokkisham which will be admired and appreciated by all.

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