Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mobile Maniac

Science and Technology development that enables the mankind to discover newer things which are ultimately essential for life. In older days people were able to contact their friends, relatives, parents, brothers and sisters etc. through postal letters only. Of course after some period of time the advent of phones made it much more easier and faster way of communication but the major disadvantages were mobility and cost.Satellite and its development all over the World enabling the all walks of life to reach out to people and communicate in a much cheaper and better way.

Nowadays almost it is common sight to see people using mobile phones. When during a business trip away from house to U.K., I was browsing with my laptop and I came across a site and was amazed to find the collection of cell phones. This is really astonishing and worth visiting and buying. The items we find with varieties like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, L.G., Black Berry, Apple, Motorola and so on. All types of electronic goods like Headphones, MP3 players, I-pods, VSB Gadgets, etc.The blackberry case is the most sought business edition phone and it is my favorite since it has a bluetooth Headset. Some of the other models which are worth mentioning are listed below.

The Nokia models ranging have great variety and you will be really mesmerized in their collections. Sony Erickson W995 Black is gorgeous and outstanding features. This phone has a great feature of kick stand which is used to view movies. By shaking the phone, the screen changes to the next mode. 8 Mega Pixel Camera with LED Flash and also face recognition are also available in this model. It has 8 GB memory too. The W995 Walkman phone provides excellent music which is so entertaining. The battery is with unbelievable capacity for two full movies.

Bluetooth technology usage is on a raise and mobiles with bluetooth gps receiver we can track our mobiles if we loose them. The mobile mania has started for me I hope after reading this post it should be the same for you. So friends get your favorite mobile from here since the price too is affordable.

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