Thursday, August 27, 2009

SNDT University, Mumbai

SNDT University is most popularly known by its initials was founded at Pune in 1916 by Bharat Ratna Dr.D.K.Karve, one of the Maharastra’s veterans in the cause of women’s education. Originally, this university was known as the Indian Women’s University but changed its name, in 1920, through a donation of Rs.15 lakh where in giving this donations, one of the conditions made by the donor – Sir Vithaldas Thackerey, an industrialist from Mumbai – it was stipulated that the university should be named after his mother, Sreemathi Nathibai. In 1936, this university shifted to Mumbai. One of the more important features of this University is that it imparts knowledge to women students in modern Indian languages and, in its management, women also play an important role.

Among the various subjects taught at this University, the more important ones are : literature, sciene, economics, music, cooking, painting, nursing and home science. This university has several faculties such as Arts, Science, Home Science, Nursing, Library Science, Technology, commerce and Education.

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