Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mahatma Gandhi Birth Place Porbander

During Janmashtami festivals that is celebrated between August 13 and 17 in Porbander, no lepers are allowed within 8 km. of this town declared by the local officials. Mahatma Gandhi's affinity towards Lepers and disabled was completely sidelined that too in his birth place. Gandhiji always used to treat them in his Ashram and later Babu Amite followed his foot steps.

Once way back in 1939 Parchure Shastri a Sanskrit Scholar was ailing from leprosy and to his dismay his family did not want him any more. It was Mahatma who had taken all the care for Shastri and even served the person cleaning the wounds assisting every help he needed.

The authoriities say this is only preventive steps towards any disease especially swine flu hovering around. But Suresh Soni a true Gandhian dedicated his life to leprosy prevention is very much upset about the attitude of authorities. Soni reminded about the postal stamp in which Gandhiji dressing Shastri, the stamp portraying the words Leprosy is curable.

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