Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sarathkumar in Malayalam film

Tamil Super hero Sarathkumar is going act in Malayalam film. This is going to be a multilingual project. The name of the film is “Pazhassi Raja”. This is a historical subject and Mammoty is going to play the role of Pazhasi Raja and Sarath is going to act as Raja’s Commander. Pazhasi Raja was a brave warrior and prince of Wayanad.

Director Sanjai Ram’s new film “Lingam” is going to be made with Sarathkumar and Mamoty. This is a big-budget movie. Earlier the director is engaged in medium budget movies and his current film is “Surula” shooting will be over in few months. In Surula, Ajay Krishna is the hero and Radha Ravi, Ramesh Kahana, are doing in important roles.

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