Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chance Pe Dance movie review

Chance Pe Dance stills

Chance Pa Dance has a nice cast with Shaid Kappor has the male lead and Genelia as the female lead.How many Hindi movies you have seen in which a hero is moving from his hometown to Mumbai chasing his huge dreams in order to become the number one star in the B-town.Chance Pe Dance is no different in which the Shahid Kapoor moves from Delhi leaving his dad in order to seek his dreams.The story line is extremely weak but the acting of Shahid Kapoor and Genelia is adding some color to the scene or else the movie would have been a big let down.

The music of the movie is a big disappointment according to me especially with 4 music directors but none of the songs are really a big hit.The predictable plot is a big let down especially not much of twist or turns in the movie.

Shahid Kappor dance makes us dazzle and Genelia has been at her usual best and she brings some life to the movie.The movie is watchable once and could have been a better one if the plot had contained some unexpected twists.

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