Friday, January 15, 2010

Expert advice for mobiles and laptops

Internet is so vast that the resource you are looking for are generally scattered. So in order to zero in on any information on the web, that you are looking for, is little tedious and definitely time consuming process. Actually thanks to Google which has made life easier without which life would have been miserable for almost all people. Once I decided to buy a new laptop and a mobile and so I made an intensive search on Google and finally drilled down on Consumer mate site.

Consumer mate provides you with a feature using which you can compare 2 laptop prices and their features. They also provide Laptop Prices in India so that we can get a clear picture of what to look for and what not to. The site also gives a virtual experience and the mobile section has almost all the collections that would make you interested. The site is very interactive, and to cite this with an instance I will share my personal experience. The site has sidebar and you can select the price that is suitable for you and click the “View Now link” to get the mobile user and expert ratings. The price of each mobile is also listed along with which you have a compare button which enables you to compare the features of the mobiles that you would be interested in buying. The collection has almost all the latest mobile phones and so life is made easier with a single click. The site has added another interesting feature using which a non techie can get a laptop or a mobile. Well actually to elaborate more they have an Ask Me Section where a user can get unbiased reviews about the models that he or she is interested. Finally to sum it up after much of a research and help from consumer mate experts I finalized haier mobile phone and got one for me.

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