Friday, January 15, 2010

New York Tourism


Many Tourists visit New York during August to watch the US Open Tennis Tournament live. The region was historically, defined by the coastline, where the Pilgrims first established a toehold in the New World. Until it veers inland north of Vermouth, Maine, 1-95 skirts the inlets and harbors that sheltered the whaling and trading vessels of 17th - 19th century settlers. Every season brings its own recreations - fishing in New York, skiing in Vermont, briking along Marine's rocky coast.

Spring blooms start in April along the southern coastal regions and being later the farther north you go. This tends to be the quietest period throughout the region. Summer,which ranges from an average monthly high of 85 degree F in the southern region to an average monthly low of 59 degree F in the north, attracts beach lovers to the islands and coastal regions; those preferring cooler climes head to the lakes in New York State, the mists of Maine, or the mountains. Autumn is a kaleidoscope of colors as leaves change from green to burning gold. Temperatures remain around 55 degree F into October in many places. Winter brings snow and skiers to the mountain slopes of most states in the region.

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