Friday, July 31, 2009

Worlds biggest dog-Hercules

Mr. Flynn is the owner of the Hercules the Worlds biggest Dog.The Guinness World Records recently awarded this dog as the Worlds biggest dog.This dog belongs to the breed of English Mastiff and it is originated from England.

English Mastiff are one of the most powerful breed and they are very big in size.The normal weight of a English Mastiff male breed is 150 to 250 pounds.Hercules weight is 282 pounds.

Flynn the owner of the dog was very happy for his dog to bag the most prestigious award of entering the Guinness World Records books.The press people inquired him whether he used some medicines to make his dog grow so drastically he replies he just fed Hercules with normal diet.

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Able said...

remind me the monster in Harry potter film...I forget the name..