Friday, July 31, 2009

Surya and KV Anand joint venture

The successful Ayan team of Surya and K.V.Anand is back with a bang.The successful duo are going to do another film together.This film will see Surya in a science fiction role.Chiranjeevi will be producing this movie.Surya is right now very busy with handful of movies in Tamil and is debut in Hindi.So the shooting of this movie will start only after all the present commitments of Surya is over.

The tentative date for the project to start is given as mid of 2010.Surya has also confirmed that he will do the movie with K.V.Anand under Chiranjeevi production.Lot of expectations are pinned since Surya is there,more over due to the huge success in of the movie Ayan in the box office.

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