Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kambli apologized to Sachin Tendulkar

Vinod Kambli the former Indian Cricketer and long time friend of Sachin, had some golden days in domestic cricket, before he was a big time flop when he played for Indian Cricket. Vinod Kambli I remember playing in the India vs Srilanka semi-finals in 1996 where he cried like small baby when it was exit for Indian from the World Cup. My hunch says that Vinod Kambli might have cried for his own exit from International Cricket rather than the teams exit.

Vinod Kambli recently in a real time show spoke about Sachin it seems, and the reports from the media suggest that Kambli had stated in the interview that Sachin did not stand by me during my tough times and as a friend he could have done more to me. The reports suggest this but Kambli refuted strongly that he did not make these alleged comments.

Vinod Kambli has also apologized to Sachin and told that how is family and he would feel when he hears about this comment. Kambli also added that Sachin is very close to him and he knows what he would have said, but still he feels sad for media creating bogus statements.

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