Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Health Tips

Hi friends here is a good news for all the parents. If your children are in the age group of seven to twelve years and they have a problem in their studies and also their behavior you need to read this post. This is a big problem, don’t worry I have solution here. The main reason is that children don’t take balanced diet. All you need to do to get a balanced diet is add the essential fatty acids in their diet. The best choice in the market is Omega-3 fatty acid. You can give this to your children for at least four months and you can notice the difference and you will enjoy your children’s progress. What I mean by progress here is it will improve your children’s memory power and even improve their immunity power. So obviously it will help them to fare better in their studies.

Omega-3 fatty acid tablets taken regularly will reduce the risk of heart disease. The another benefit is it reduces the prostate tumor growth and also it reduce the risk of cancer occurring in breast, Prostate and colon.

Omega-3 fatty acid tablets are available plenty in the market. Out of all these, the best one is Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids. How can you know this is the best in the market. You can do a test in your home itself. If you are having any other Omega-3 fatty acid tablet, you can place it in the Fridge for 24 hours (they will change into white and cloudy) and also place the Omax 3 in the same way(it will not change). After 24 hours you can see the difference.