Monday, July 20, 2009

Abdul Kalam to act in Mein Kalam Hoon a Bollywood film

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam enters the film world and is going to act in the a Bollywood movie "Mein Kalam Hoon".The former president Abdul Kalam has agreed to do this film because he has got the opportunity to work with kids.Abdul Kalam is very much fond of children just like Nehru.The movie is directed Madhav Pandeya and the produced by the SMILE organization.

Cannes Film Festival would get the chance to have a first look at the film.The story is very similar to the ideology of Abdul Kalam which goes like this..."Everyone is free to dream,So dream big".They are looking for a new face and the hunt is on in the Rajasathan Slums.This is some what similar to Slumdog Millionaire sine in that movie they had a new face hunt in Mumbai slums.

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