Friday, July 17, 2009

Ratan Tata gives away first three Nano Cars to customers

The People's Car Nano has been delivered to its customers.Ashok Vichare a person from Mumbai who is aged 55 received the car keys for silver colored Nano.He was a very happy man and looked to be a proud owner of his car.Ratan Tata was present at the event and he was the one who gave away the keys to Ashok Vichare.

Ashok Vichare was the customer who was selected based on the lottery system. The number of bookings exceeded the production capacity and so they had to introduce the lottery system.Ratan Tata said that they are planning to give away the first 1 lakh cars by the end of December 2010.Rata Tata told that this would be the safest and the best mode of transport for th middle class.


addicted to life said...

how much does tata nano cost? when are they comming to europe?
do you know?

DrJobinsp said...

nano cost about 100,000 rupees.
tata is planning to bring more powerful and larger version of nano to Europe by 2011

Balaji said...

thanks for d ans...The cost of the Nano car is 100,000 rupees only for the first set of registered customers.We are not exactly sure what the rates of the basic Nano model would be for the forth coming customers.Hope it remains the same