Monday, July 13, 2009

Top five most expensive houses in the world

This post contains the list of the Top five most expensive houses in the world.The list is topped by Bill Gates which goes without saying.He is the world's most wealthiest person.

1) Bill Gates

2) Founder of Renco Group, Ira Rennert has a house in Sagaponack, New York which is world's second most expensive villa.

3) Elton John and the Queen of England won the world's third most expensive house.

4) Donald Trump has the world's fourth most expensive house.Donald Trump's house is located in Florida.

5) Three Ponds in New york is the world's fifth most expensive place.


Sanujitha said...

Ira Rennert's house has cost him more than $100 million to construct and I'm sure its the most expensive house till the Ambani building is finished in Mumbai. Bill Gate's house construction cost is only $55 million

Dave said...

when you say the Queen of the United Kingdom's home which one do you mean? i mean you could probably put a price on Balmoral but Windsor Castle or the palace? the land alone is probably worth more than Bill Gates' $55million then add in the hand carved walls, ceilings, gate posts and columns let alone the giant crystal chandeleers and huge quantity of gold that festoons every fixture and fitting, the only lived in building i can think of that comes close is the Vatican. If either were to be valued i doubt any individual in the world would have the money to actually buy one. and thats before you take their historical and cultural significances.