Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sania Mirza Engagement Photos

Sania Mirza, got engaged to her childhood friend Mohammed Sohrab Mirza.Sohrab Mirza's father is a business man and he is also a very good family friend of Mirza's family.The engagement ceremony took place in the Friday evening where the couples exchanged ring and the rest was mere formalities.There was some buzz created before the eve of the engagement when an youngster claimed that he was in love with Sania Mirza.Later he was arrested by police for creating nuisance in front of her house.

Sania Mirza was earlier linked to Shaid Kapoor but later they to split.Sohrab is a business man and he is currently going to peruse his higher studies in MBA.Sania Mirza will continue to play tennis till she gets married,but her family says that she might also continue to play tennis even after her marriage.This is more unlikely to happen.

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