Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ten Rupee Coin in India

Hi friends RBI ( Reserve Bank of India) are ready to issue bimetallic 10 Rupee coin for circulation. The coins where minted mainly in two places. One is Noida and another is Mumbai. The weight of the coin is 8 grams and diameter is 28 mm. So friends are you ready to replace the 10 Rupee note with the a slightly weight 10 Rupee coins.

Some of the other facts about this coin is the design was prepared by National Institute for Design , Ahmedabad. One side of the coin has double line cross with a dot in each pellet of cross and denomination written in Hindi as well as English. The other side of the coin has the lion capitol with numeral 10 and year of manufacture


ammuthalib said...

this is a great news to hear. I guess this is one of the results of recession and economic crisis.

ashwin said...

ya you are right ...Great news