Friday, April 17, 2009

Fancy dress Costumes

A lot of importance should be given for the way we dress. We have to dress very well for each and every place that we go. Dressing according to the occasion is very important and carries a lot of weight age of how a person is seen in the society. A guy who is having a very good dressing sense is said to be smart and a girl who has a great dressing sense is called as "she looks pretty "or "she is very cool" in this outfit. I am telling you this so that you will realize the importance of dressing.
To stress more about importance I would like to add some more points.

1) As you enter a room, have you ever noticed there are always individual people that stand out in a crowd, the ones that catch your attention? This is because the way they dress

2) There is nothing great in fashion. Fashion is defined by an individual.

So I would suggest you people to wear the costume is really good and redefines fashion in your own way. This costume is mainly for children

3) Boys can try Batman costume.

4) Girls can try he princess, witch are the most famous costumes.

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