Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome to smart phones world : HTC mania

htc phones
The evolution of technology growth is very evident, with more and more people opting for smart phones. The transition from mobile phones to smart phones is seen worldwide and hence I felt I would write an article about that. iPhone, Nokia and HTC are the predominant giants who are ruling the mobile industry. I am a person who likes to recommend the use of open source softwares since I have an aversion towards shareware. So this post is exclusively for people who are like me. HTC is our piece of cake since they use Android OS.

HTC Company is one of the pioneers in the industry and their growth is just phenomenal over the years.HTC operates worldwide and have made a trademark name for them in smart phone industry. HTC innovative smart phones are surely jaw dropping. HTC have now joined hands with Google to use Android OS which has made the mobile lovers go crazy. HTC is innovating and are trying out to build a separate mobile operating system. HTC Companies main aim is to become the leader in mobile and smart phone industry. Critics feel that HTC’s success is mainly due to its combination with Google and to use free and open source operating system “Android”.

HTC phones that are predominantly found in India are HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire and HTC Droid Incredible. The list is not ending with these three models. Consumermate site has a detailed listing of the models and their features and pricing in htc india category. I would suggest you all to have a look at them and decide which one suits you. It is high time to enter the world of smart phone.

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