Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alaska Restaurants

Alaska Restaurants

Marx Brothers Café: The second oldest house in Anchorage was originally constructed for the engineers who built the Alaska Railroad; now it is a restaurant serving sophisticated fare such as macadamia crusted halibut and for dessert, wild berry crisp with Alaskan birch syrup. The Restaurant is also known for its Caesar salads and its wine list, with more than 500 selections.

Seven Glaciers Restaurant
Seven Glaciers Restaurant: A high speed tram transports you to this alpine Restaurant, perched on the side of Mt. Alyssa at 2,300 ft. You are assured a culinary adventure that emphasizes Alaska fish and grilled meats. This Restaurant is closed during November to April.

Double Musky: It’s worth of 40 mi trip south of town and the wait once you arrive. The little building set among spruce trees is casually decorated with Mardi gras memorabilia, the better to prepare you for the fine Cajun dishes and huge, tender steaks to come.

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