Friday, December 10, 2010

Magnificent Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Al Khobar
Dhahran and Dammam the busiest trading locations in Al Khobar, one would be very happy to find the extravaganza of the hotel called Holiday Inn Al Khobar. The Inn is situated very near to the exuberant Dhahran Shopping Complex and Alrashed Mall and the Khobar Corniche. The above Holiday Inn Al Khobar is the best suitable place for conducting various get-together meetings and business conferences. The dinner halls are so elegant with extraordinary facilities. There is also provision for video meetings. The meeting Hall can fill up to thousand persons so conveniently.

The customer who joins the business club in the above Inn will be gaining reward points whether he actually participates in the meeting or not. The loyalty programme enables the customer to secure points so that eventually he can win some wonderful articles through earning such points one can win ipod, DVD player and with better luck even attractive necklace. In the above hotel the customer can stay using the business club vouchers. After gaining business points the same can be used for comfortable stay in hotels anywhere in the World or even claim air miles. Before booking the above holiday Inn the general advice to the customers is to plan the travel chart, the touring spots and the connected events and the main aspect the weather. For the convenience they provide separate collection links on tour management.

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