Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dipika Pallika vs Joshna Chinappa


Dipika Pallika after giving a stiff fight lost to Joshna Chinappa. The natch was evenly poised at one stage with 8-8 in the first set but Dipika Pallika lost from there one and Joshna won the first set 11-8.WISPA Challenger-2 event was very much eager to see the match but the match lasted only for 25 minutes with Dipika Pallika losing the game in straight set's.

Joshna Chinappa showed her class and experience with her game and Dipika Pallika was no match to her and now Dipika Pallika has to wait to take her revenge back on Joshna.The finals will be tough for Joshna since she herself admitted that if she add to win match she must be more fit.Well the above image is just a mismatch to this post but I still dreamt that she could have won the match!!!

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