Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sudeep Tyagi in the Indian squad

Sudeep Tyagi gets is chance to play in national colors for the Indian team against the Australians in the on going series.Tyagi plays for Uttar Pradesh in the first class level and he bowled exceptionally well in the Rajini season and got more than 40 wickets and his performance was indeed a stellar one.

Sudeep Tyagi also plays for Chennai Superb Kings in th IPL and he bowled really well in the IPL season 2 is well.Hence Tyagi gets a nod ahead of most players who are performing well.I feel since Dhoni is the captain of CSK ( Chennai Superb Kings ) Dhoni might be impressed with him and that is the reason why Tyagi is in the squad.

The media people asked Sudeep Tyagi and he told that he want to perform like Zahher Khan for India. This is a tribute for Zack and I personally like the way Zack has bowled in the past two years.

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