Monday, June 22, 2009

Saina Nehwal wins Indonesian Open title

<br />Saina Nehwal wins Indonesian open
Saina Nehwal has brought laurels to the country.She looks to be a complete player.She was outplayed in the first set and she got only 12 points but in the second and third set she bounced back to win the title.Wang her opponent is ranked as World No 3 was totally shocked by this defeat admitted that Saina Nehwal looks to be a very complete player.

Saina Nehwal is just 19 years and she is already making big rounds in the Badminton circuit.India's badminton authorities are very happy by this victory and they announced a prize money of 200,000 rupees as reward for her.

Padukone had a word of praise for Saina Nehwal.The laurels and accolades should not drive her away from her focus and hard work.If she can concentrate on her game she will surely become No1 in the near future, considering her age there is a lot of chances for this to happen

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