Thursday, June 18, 2009

Latest Gossip : Sreesanth is dating actress Minissha Lamba

sreesanth dating minnisha lamba

The latest gossip that is created by the media is that Sreesanth is dating actress Minissha Lamba.This is making quite some rounds.The two were reported to have kissed in a night club.Actress Minissha has totally ignored this and told that the media are very smart in creating hoax rumors.Sreesanth and Minissha Lamba where first spotted together in the IIFA awards.They started to move well with each other and now both are in the dating process and will soon give a open statement about their relationship.This is the story that the media has created.

Sreesanth was invited to Macau to attend the IIFA awards.It is here that they became close and reports from media suggest that they both stayed in the same hotel and shared many personal things with each other.This might just normal friendship but this media is making it a big news to increase their TRP rating.This is what I feel,but who knows the media might also be right.Lets wait and see what happens.Mr.Tension Party Sreesanth is unpredictable.

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