Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Samsung Laptops and their prices

Laptops have become very common and people need them in this fast moving world. In the near future laptops will become lynch pin and people would need laptops for performing even a very basic task. The most common question people get is what laptop should I buy? Some people juts don’t stop with a single question. They ask what size should I go for, what about the so called configuration and do I need that and finally what about the rate. Sometimes discussing too much of tech stuff might confuse people. So I would like to give some jargon free tips based on my personal experience. There are so many laptops in the market but not all are worth to buy. I am generally fond of gadgets and my affinity towards them is so high that I can’t explain that with words. Fine when it comes to laptop I would suggest my personal experience with you all. Samsung R470 is the laptop is would suggest you to go for. Initially even I was reluctant to for this model, but it was my friend who insisted that I get this model. I am generally a person who asks a lot of questions. The questions that I have written at the starting of the post are what that came to my mind. So I finally decided to do a ground work and started to read Samsung R470 Review and finally decided to get the model.

Guys believe me this is worth a buy. This laptop looks cool and it is weight less and so it is easily portable. The most important thing that fascinates me about this Samsung model is they have excellent battery life. The price is also reasonable. No more hesitation. You can get this model for guarantee. Samsung Laptop N110 has long lasting Battery up to 10 hrs/ SRS sound with 2.1 channel speakers/ultra portable/Easy typing – full keyboard, this is another model which is as good as Samsung R470.What makes Samsung 470 better than this model is it has additional features when compared to this model.

If you people are not still convinced you can take a look of the some of the other sites which have written a Review about Samsung laptops to get a better idea. If you still think that this review can contain more information feel free to share your thoughts as comments, and more over if you had got the same model and feel that I had left out something in this post about R470 please feel free to share it as a comment. Thanks in advance.

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